Seth MacFarlane Isn’t Thrilled With This ‘Family Guy’ Predicted The Boston Marathon Attack Business

April 17th, 2013 // 34 Comments
Family Guy Boston Marathon
WATCH: 'Family Guy' Boston Marathon Clip
Don't Forget This Bullshit
Dave Mustaine
InfoWars Claims Obama Staged Aurora Shooting Read More »

UPDATE: Clip’s been removed. The hand of Sauron moves quickly.

Before I even get into this, watch the clip above from a March 17 episode of Family Guy that really looks like a flashback happens where Peter wins the Boston Marathon by setting off two explosions with a cellphone. Pretty fucking insane, right? Except it was edited. The interview part with Bob Costa was about how Peter won the marathon by drunkenly plowing over the other runners in his car. The cellphone bomb scene was from a completely different part of the show where the gay was Peter made friends with a terrorist and borrowed his phone. But none of that matters, because Alex Jones’ brain trust over at InfoWars – The same fucking idiots who claimed Obama staged the Aurora shooting so he could sign a UN treaty circumventing the second amendment the next week which, naturally, didn’t happen. – picked it up and spread it so far across the Internet, Seth MacFarlane was forced to acknowledge this horseshit. THR reports:

Aside from the confusion prompted in people unaware that the clip is a hoax, it’s drawn criticism from those involved with the show.
“The edited Family Guy clip currently circulating is abhorrent,” creator Seth MacFarlane wrote on Twitter. “The event was a crime and a tragedy, and my thoughts are with the victims.”
MacFarlane was retweeted by other members of the Family Guy team, including Seth Green.

InfoWars has since responded with a YouTube video (below) where they, of course, call the whole thing a cover-up because here’s their argument which will literally make your mind bleed: Okay, we admit the video was selectively edited, but how can it be a hoax if that selectively edited video exists? *swigs scotch, rubs temples* THE EDITING IS THE HOAX, YOU CONSPIRACY SHIT-MONKEYS. So, setting aside the fact that every theory you nutjobs have come up with has been instantly discredited with two seconds of research, say this is true, what’s the play here? The government used a prime-time cartoon to announce the false flag terrorist attack it wanted to catch people off guard with so it can steal our civil liberties? That literally defeats the whole purpose. And before you start accusing me of being part of the shadow media because I apply logic and critical thinking to a thought before farting it out into the universe, keep in mind, I was one of the first to turn down the lizard people’s gold when they wanted us to cover up their cross-breeding with surface women. Their abominations still hide in plain sight as we speak.

I will say this, good call hiring a dude with a British accent because I almost believed all of this based on that alone. Tell me more of this Seth MacFarlane and his lust for terror, Professor England!


  1. Jay

    Well spoken fish, “and the truth will set them free”

  2. dumb knows little bounds.

    i tend to think those fuckers at infowars, cable news, or scientology brass are smart enough to know they are full of shit and it’s 100% about producing a product for idiots to consume. It’s not even a misguided and confused attempt to spread the truth.

    Overhead is minimal when you just make up shit as you go along and there is a massive customer base ready to gobble it up.

  3. Erika

    So….angry….at…shitty fake low-class British guy’s……enunciation. I’m so distracted by “ep-ee-sode” and “sep-uh-rut” and “sim-puwl” that my brain doesn’t even have the energy to go into blindhaterage mode over what he’s saying. How….what…..can’t…..*brain explodes*

  4. The stupidity of the general public knows no bounds, but Alex Jones is worse than that. He knows exactly what he’s doing. He’s a fear monger and an racist.

    his site debunks it even further.

  5. It’s going to be a cold day in Helen Hunt before I get my panties in a wad over something says.

  6. pascalecake

    This is why I love this website.

  7. cc

    The fact that ANYONE listens to Alex Jones makes me feel very pessimistic about the future of America.

  8. Cock Dr

    I’ve suspected for quite a long time that America is crammed full of crazy people….and those ready to exploit them for fun, profit and advancement of their own social & economic goals.

  9. MarkBraun

    It seems today, that all you see
    are Seth McFarlane cartoons and crap on TV
    and where are those good old human values on which we used to rely?
    Replaced by the FAMILY GUY.
    Paying for my cable; look for Betty Grable;
    stuck with all these cheap cartoons, I scream swear sky-high

  10. loose

    i really don’t care about any of this crap at all, i’m surprised a site like this wastes space perpetuating it.

  11. Jason Es

    So well done, even able to add in a touch of humor, thats what makes you awesome

  12. 2013 and the Crazy Right Wing MFs rule the media……Why?
    The aforementioned group are the ones that scream the loudest on social media and the internet. Joe Blow whose working 40 hrs , paying off their mortgage, bills etc has no time to cry wolf and time to analyze a Family Guy clip whether its real or not? FBI, and Homeland Security still do not know who perpetrated the Boston horror . Fuck you , fuck you very much InfoWars !

  13. Rupert Murdoch, Reince Priebus etc. are knowingly pushing an agenda they are making up as they go along to financially exploit the Fox News audience. That dwindling audience, exemplified to perfection by those who really believe the Tea Party line like Ted Nugent and Sarah Palin, has to be constantly goaded to outrage in order to keep them glued to their media outlets. Neatly, this guarantees that the revenue stream continues to pour in. The targeted audience of incipient Timothy McVeighs is as stubbornly fundamentalist as any of the Muslim extremists they enthusiastically demonize. They claim to be Christian, but the whole forgiveness thing Jesus seemed to talk about, a lot, strangely never gets mentioned.

    What comes around goes around, and the bile spread across the landscape is a constant reminder that if you hate anything enough, you will become just like the very thing you hate.

    MSNBC etc. are often guilty of flattery by imitation as well. The politics of divisiveness are a dead end. They are going to have to find a better way or this civilization will continue to slide into the abyss.

  14. Is anyone surprised these are the people backing Sara Palin?

  15. Swearin

    I don’t trust guys named Jones anyway: Jim Jones lied about the government so his people would kill themselves; Alex Jones lies about the government so his website will get more traffic, and Chuck Jones lied about coyotes’ and roadrunners’ ability to defy gravity and survive explosions.

    Btw, I totally thought that last link would go to a Phoebe Price pic

  16. What in the actual fuck?

    I watched the Youtube vid and read some of the comments below it…..are people really this fucking stupid or is the entire world just that enamored with tolling?

    • JC

      It’s the trolling, pretty much. If the majority of people have moderate, centrist opinions on things, then the entertainment factor is going to come from the loons on the far ends of the spectrum. Nobody reports on, “Reasonable guy/gal says reasonable thing.”

  17. Eh he’s the one making cartoons about bombs and killing people, doesn’t have much room to talk imo… Alex Jones is a piece of shit… The Illuminati “Jogger” card is way weirder than any of this garbage

  18. argleblargle

    I don’t even get what the point of this whole thing is. So Seth made some tasteless jokes in a cartoon episode… welcome to any of his cartoons. Saying he predicted it or something? Well I guess people have never been inspired or influenced by anything. And if that’s the case, Family Guy didn’t make anyone sick enough to copy what they saw on TV. I have watched episodes of that show, not many but some, and usually all I’m inspired to do is eat a sandwich. Family Guy is making me fat. Fuck! The conspiracy is unveiled!

  19. kiss my left cheek

    how Obama has his little useful idiots at work today – what does Obamas friends pay you for all your trouble? i cant wait for the day when addresses and phone numbers are displayed with your leftist views -

    • cc

      Why, so you can commit convey a threat of violence?

      How cerebral of you.

    • I personally can’t wait for the day when Alex Jones and other crazies of his ilk start passing out the Kool-Aid.

      Or for when all those cheeseburgers catch up to him and he pulls a Breitbart. Either/or.

  20. Aryelle

    Nice job of Seth Mcfarlane responding so quickly and directly to this hoax before it got way out of hand. This could have easily been a PR disaster if he didn’t say anything. People will do anything today.

  21. Matt

    Hey Fish, If just once in a while, you pointed out the fucking crazy nut jobs on the left, and their crazy fucking conspiracies, you might not come off as such a douche. I get it, your parents were crazy right-wing religious fanatics, and you’re still rebelling well past adulthood by being as big of a heathen lefty as you can, but every time I read your rants against the middle libertarians or right wings, it just reminds me of how much of a close-minded zealot you are for the left.

  22. Scheflo

    No shit the “episode” is not a hoax, the re-edit was the hoax. I fucking hate dumb people.

  23. Justin Bieberlake

    Posts like this make me glad I use adblock on this site. Retards.

  24. The Ouroboros

    1. That they would selectively edit footage merely to generate controversy and capitalize off of a tragedy is despicable, and is part of the reason the vast majority react with such a knee jerk reaction to most situations.

    2. The truly horrifying part of this is that a lot of the people who will via hearsay, or a clip on the radio, will not do the research or see MacFarlane’s response. They will hear this and believe it, and it will continue for no damn reason.

    3. Seth’s response was excellent.

    4. By their logic, Inception was obviously inspired by Dumb and Dumber.

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