Seth MacFarlane Isn’t Thrilled With This ‘Family Guy’ Predicted The Boston Marathon Attack Business

UPDATE: Clip’s been removed. The hand of Sauron moves quickly.

Before I even get into this, watch the clip above from a March 17 episode of Family Guy that really looks like a flashback happens where Peter wins the Boston Marathon by setting off two explosions with a cellphone. Pretty fucking insane, right? Except it was edited. The interview part with Bob Costa was about how Peter won the marathon by drunkenly plowing over the other runners in his car. The cellphone bomb scene was from a completely different part of the show where the gay was Peter made friends with a terrorist and borrowed his phone. But none of that matters, because Alex Jones’ brain trust over at InfoWars – The same fucking idiots who claimed Obama staged the Aurora shooting so he could sign a UN treaty circumventing the second amendment the next week which, naturally, didn’t happen. – picked it up and spread it so far across the Internet, Seth MacFarlane was forced to acknowledge this horseshit. THR reports:

Aside from the confusion prompted in people unaware that the clip is a hoax, it’s drawn criticism from those involved with the show.
“The edited Family Guy clip currently circulating is abhorrent,” creator Seth MacFarlane wrote on Twitter. “The event was a crime and a tragedy, and my thoughts are with the victims.”
MacFarlane was retweeted by other members of the Family Guy team, including Seth Green.

InfoWars has since responded with a YouTube video (below) where they, of course, call the whole thing a cover-up because here’s their argument which will literally make your mind bleed: Okay, we admit the video was selectively edited, but how can it be a hoax if that selectively edited video exists? *swigs scotch, rubs temples* THE EDITING IS THE HOAX, YOU CONSPIRACY SHIT-MONKEYS. So, setting aside the fact that every theory you nutjobs have come up with has been instantly discredited with two seconds of research, say this is true, what’s the play here? The government used a prime-time cartoon to announce the false flag terrorist attack it wanted to catch people off guard with so it can steal our civil liberties? That literally defeats the whole purpose. And before you start accusing me of being part of the shadow media because I apply logic and critical thinking to a thought before farting it out into the universe, keep in mind, I was one of the first to turn down the lizard people’s gold when they wanted us to cover up their cross-breeding with surface women. Their abominations still hide in plain sight as we speak.

I will say this, good call hiring a dude with a British accent because I almost believed all of this based on that alone. Tell me more of this Seth MacFarlane and his lust for terror, Professor England!