Seth MacFarlane’s Banging The Khaleesi

When we last Seth MacFarlane he was doing Ryan Phillipe a solid by regularly ejaculating into the hole Ryan’s illegitimate unborn child would eventually fall out of. A move that apparently impressed the shit out of Emilia Clarke, Daenerys from Game of Thrones, who started banging Seth a month later, so just assume Ryan Phillippe got her pregnant, too, because – wait for it – the seed is strong. *rolls 12-sided die, subtracts 10 XP from ‘Vagina Touch’* Life & Style reports:

“They were very intimate at a small table in the back of the party,” an eyewitness, who was at the HBO Emmy afterparty, tells Life & Style. “He put his hand on her thigh and rubbed it! They were very close and flirty.”
The pair made sure to keep their PDA on the low.
“When people came up to them, they moved apart like they were trying to hide that they’re an item,” the eyewitness says.
“I even overheard Seth saying to another person, ‘We’re not supposed to be at this table; it’s meant for Clive Owen, but we wanted to escape everyone!'” the eyewitness adds.

Unfortunately for Seth, the paparazzi caught them together over the weekend, although I probably should’ve said, “Unfortunately for Emilia,” who most likely got shoved in front of a car as soon people saw them together. “Huh? What? No, she’s not with me! (Please don’t tell anyone on, I swear to God I’ll get this chick to blow you.) Hey, Emilia, come meet my friend, Steven Spielberg. He’s a fan of your work.” *winks*

Photos: Getty, Pacific Coast News