Seriously, Heidi Klum & Seal. What in The Hell?

Every Halloween Heidi Klum throws a lavish party where she inevitably shows up in the most elaborate costume known to man, making everyone else look like cheap assholes. And this year was no exception. Only this time around she roped Seal into what I almost want to say constitutes slavery if it weren’t for all the gratuitous boob-grabbing going on. I don’t remember the Silver Surfer groping a lot of yams in the comics, but then again it does get lonely in space. On that note, I can’t even imagine what kind of freaky role-playing these two get into:

SEAL: Is this Lunar Gate prepared for the Starchild’s entry, Celestra, Queen of Alphalon 7?
HEIDI: Goddammit, Seal, it’s a Lunar Portal. Portal. And only nobility can address me as Celestra. You’re just a space janitor, we went over this.
SEAL: And I’m gonna go pleasure myself in the bathroom now.
HEIDI: Oh, that’s real romantic. — Will you at least pretend you’re Ganesh in there?
SEAL: How ’bout just Batman?
HEIDI: Eh. I’ll see what’s on TV.

Photos: Splash News