Seriously Guys, Lindsay Lohan Wants Everyone To Be Nicer To Trump, Okay!

And if you look out the left side of the bus you can see the beautiful beaches of Malib-OH MY GOD WHAT IS THAT CREATURE EMERGING FROM THE WATER!!

So what if Lindsay Lohan initially tweeted for a recount last fall, it’s not the first time she’s said something stupid on Twitter… or anywhere for that matter. LiLo invited former coke buddies Paris Hilton and Britney Spears to her birthday party in Mykonos last week as well as a freshly postpartum Beyonce if that means anything (needless to say – she didn’t make it). Now she’s hopping on the MAGA train and telling everyone to stop being so darn mean to the guy who’s just trying to be a nice guy to everybody… except anyone from certain “sandy countries”, black people, poor people, Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough, people who claim they can hold their breath longer than him, gay people, Snoop Dogg, the free press, etc.

To be fair, Lohan only tweeted about warming up to the Donald after this publicity stunt Breitbart-spawned “story” about how Trump is saving the life of a U.K. baby like some transatlantic superhero… Has anyone followed up on this kid, by the way? Has anything been done? Or did he just say, “call me if you need something” on Twitter and go back to his cereal? Oh nothing? He didn’t actually do shit? He just tweeted? That’s fine.

Nothing says pills and vodka like ignoring your newfound fascination with Islam, activist work with Syrian refugees, and DOA reality TV show like falling for some loaded headline like this. I searched the same story across other sites and I promise our president is not necessarily “backing the fight” like this article she responded to claims. It’s the Pope. The guy who’s job it is to pray for kids born without brain function, sight, limbs etc and hook them up with hospitals in other countries.

Anyway here we are, 2017. Lindsay Lohan still being high is one of the few comforts we can always hold onto.