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So I was just about to give Miley Cyrus credit for dressing surprisingly tame on Good Morning America today and then this happened. Someone explain me to how “KIDDIE PORN!” was screamed all over the Internet when half an almost-18-year-old’s labia popped out on a photo shoot, yet suggestive pubic bone stroking is choreographed into her stage show and no one bats an eye. No, really, somebody had to literally walk Miley through this set and go, “Step. Step. Twirl. Vagina diddle!” Even better, now she’s calling herself a role model for “not holding back” which in her defense apparently still involves girl-on-girl motorboating. We should probably hear this out.

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  1. Gary B

    Sorry but Miley you are trying too hard. By the way I am a Selena Gomez man myself. She is far more gorgeous than Miley will ever be and she has class. You do not see her dressing like a Sons of Anarchy biker slut because she has class.

  2. bmose

    It probably itches after Billie Ray hid the sausage.

  3. zoe

    Miley is copying Britney Spears when she was 18.

  4. captain america

    when is she expected to use the microphone as a dildo on stage, folks?

  5. bar room hero

    MMMMMMM M MMM MMM – M MM – M ullet SPawn…

    MULLET – SpAwn

    M u l l e t s p a w N.


  6. Rhialto

    Does she need to go to the restroom!? Don’t let her drink lemonade again just before going on stage!

  7. Vincenzo

    And if anyone thinks that the reporter is exaggerating about her touching her crotch mid-performance, she did it again tonight on Letterman. My wife and I both remarked on it, and the Letterman cameraman quickly cut away to her face when she started doing it. That’s one classy 17 year old!

  8. Herman Bumfudle

    ok! this little girl has me so horny that i’m ready to rip my cock off and throw it at her little cunt. wtf!

  9. JayJay
    Commented on this photo:

    stop being so judgemental of her. there are plenty of teenagers out there that do far worse then she has. they may not be in the public eye, but everyone knows what theyre doing.
    compared to them, miley’s an angel. be thankful she’s not into drugs or anything like that.

    as for her dance moves, incase you are too blind or stupid to notice, she was mimicking michael jacksons famous pevous thrust. which, is actually an appropiet dance move for that part of the song, seeing as she was singing about him in the part of the song.
    there were no sexual intension with those moves, she merely pulling some michael jacckson inspired dance moves.

    the fact that youre ridiculing her for that is just sad. get a life.
    lets put you in the spot light and see what kind of public role model you make!!

  10. Commented on this photo:

    Maybe she was itchy.

  11. Michileigh
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    It was at the part of the song where she said “and a Michael song was on” As in Michael Jackson? She and ALL THE DANCERS where copying his famous move. I’m not a huge fan of Miley, but I will defend choreography if it’s an homage to a legend and not just a slutty move.

  12. Mary Ellen
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    I’m an old Grandma,

    and I do not see anything wrong with those photos.

    Miley IS growing up, for Pete’s sake!

    It’s about time she quit the kiddies’ shows.

    • DeathfromAbove

      REally? Really? Oh yay, now she can teach other girls 13 and up that its ok to be a slut. Goo on ya grandma, you deserve a medal. Seriously, Growing up and acting like a whore are two different things. Ok, you want ehr to quit the kiddie shows. Agreed. Might I suggest Adult entertainment? Anyway, yeah. Boo fucking hoo. How ya like them apples?

  13. Sam

    Underage whore. Her whole family is gready white trailer trash for spitting this thing out on the streets. She will hit rock bottom harder than Britney Spears one day.

  14. Sam

    That’s greedy white trash.

  15. jesus

    she’s rocking the muffin top in these photos…

  16. WTF?
    Commented on this photo:

    WTF? shes far from fat dude, and thats no “muffin-top” it’s just her shirt rising showing a (in my opinion) flat stomach. So dont be such a perve and by judging a 17 year old you coward!!!!

  17. SATAN

    i’m so fuckin sick of this chick already.

  18. hawk8414
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    Yeah, that’s what all fathers want is to doink young girls cuz they get tired of looking at what they married 20 yrs ago. Don’t worry fellas, beauty is only skin deep, and btw, she would never sleep with any of you. you’re all fat boring broke ass losers! lol!

  19. Gary B

    Seriously people, stop talking about here. Selena Gomez is far prettier, classier and better role model for girls that Miley will.

    Miley is a country girl and CG’s can go two ways, either turn into tattooed leather clad biker mama’s you see on Sons of Anarchy or get fat an live in a trailer park.

    Miley seems to be well on the biker path, as for Taylor Swift she really needs to watch her weight and eating habits.

  20. She was goofy and cute with disney and stuff, but you can’t make a silk purse from a sow’s ear. She will continue to do more and more outrageous things to keep the attention focused on her because she knows that the world is full of smarter, prettier, sexier, more talented females out there. Fame is a fickle mistress, ask her daddy.

  21. alex
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    dear jay jay…shut the fuck up we all know you rubbed one out to these pictures

  22. Wooo
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  23. Katy
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    they are all bad rolemodels for kids. they eiehtr have picture scandals, pregnant, or lie about a nose job. have you heard ashley’s music? seriously all these disney channel stars that are like supposed to be role models sing about boys. I’ve heard little girls running around singing headstrong and If we were a movie. When i heard one of them singing that i told my friends and sisters what mom would want to hear their 6 year old daughter running around singing about guys and how they miss them *My Personal thoughts*

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