Serena Williams still wearing a bikini

October 14th, 2008 // 271 Comments

Tennis star Serena Williams went surfing yesterday in Hawaii with her rapper boyfriend Common. Whoa, wait. I understand she’s built for strength not beauty, but she’s dating Common? Jesus, I wonder how often they have this conversation:

COMMON: Baby, I did it again – with a grizzly bear. I really, really thought it was you this time. Honest. I’m so sorry.
COMMON: Damn! Gimme that sugar.
COMMON: I’m gonna make this right, girl.
SERENA: *enters room* Common?
COMMON: Go away, bear! I’m trying to love my woman.

Photos: Splash News

  1. Smartass

    She looks pretty good. Hey, John McCain, I’m sure you’re happy with that stiffy you’re married too. ‘Cept it’s her money that really gets you hard.

  2. Absolutely not

    Fuck off, Fish. SW is fucking awesome.

  3. hannah

    @55 is so true – maybe she isn’t the most beautiful chick ever but she is a world-class athlete & deserves respect.

    She wouldn’t spit on this site or the people that post here. She’s got better things to do like train, be fitter than all of us combined, enjoy the money she’s won from a million tournaments, and fuck a hot black rapper. I’m jealous.

  4. t

    Serena Williams is a good looking women . These pictures are not her best. The hair is messy here and she is squinting. But I can’t defend that much. Yet, for anybody to call her fat is just crazy. The girl is full of muscle. She is a strong woman with a great body. Her butt is huge , but its perfectly round and is not sagging like Kim’s. She is a true athlete. She is physically healthy and we should be inspired by her.
    Stop the racist comments. I am Middle Eastern and I find that calling black people names like that is really ignorant.

  5. I'm Barack Obama and I approve...

    If THESE pics don’t prove the case for evolution, then nothing will..

    These pics and Patrick Ewing.

  6. I'm Barack Obama and I approve...

    These pics offer sound proof on the theory of Evolution…

    These pics and Patrick Ewing.

  7. Jibbly Biggins

    Look – not every one gets the genes necessary to have a lithe, lean figure with low body fat. Williams is a super athlete and no one can accuse her of chowing down on french fries and bean burritos. Some of us have truly sucko genes. Please be more considerate to women and their differences next time. Wanker.

  8. I have never seen a good looking black woman. Tyra Banks was alright 8 years ago but she’s mixed. A pure African female is a disgrace to humanity.

  9. gisette27

    I am not sure why the folks at the superficial are letting these comments appear. The hatred of some of the readers is the real disgrace to humanity. Superficial writer, please remove the post and screen the comments from now on. Are the companies advertising on this site aware of your readers mentality? I think more should be aware of what has been said on this site over the past couple of days. It is sick.

  10. g-love

    it is very interesting what some of the pathetic losers have had to say on this thread. you make all these racist comments,yet you would never even make eye contact with a black person!! IF YOU DONT LIKE THE THICK CHICKS THATS COOL BUT KEEP YOUR IGNORANT ABUSIVE COMMENTS AT HOME ON THE WALLS OF YOUR MOM”S TRAILER. PEACE

  11. Kelz

    Love her or hate her, that body could destroy you.

    I would be very surprised if a single one of us has reached that level of physical fitness (if you have, you should be on the courts practising for the Blackrock Masters, not posting here) and that’s why her body looks as it does.

    Maybe not your cup of tea. But a reason to accuse all black women of being disgustingly unattractive? I think not.

    Hey, I’m hot…

  12. Rome

    Hate to say it but there is no cellulite on that ass anywhere! Which kinda defies logic, but wow! Personally not a fan of the ginormous asses like hers, but it looks good on her. She has a pretty face too.

    And to the people who say the Fish started the racist shit with his commentary.
    You’re a bunch of morons. Can’t you read?! He is calling her a grizzly because she is built like one, not because she is black. Idiots.

  13. FACE

    THat woman is beautful. SHe isnt the white standard of beauty which menas she is subnject the igonrance and hate of somw whites. But that doesnt matter. Whites – especially those America – are learning today that the world doesn not revolve around them ans that their superiority complex doesnt fly anymore. As we see those who were rich and powerful reach a point at which they are no more, we elect a black president who dispells the myths and bigotry.

  14. mike

    oh dear lord, that am hideous! i needs me some mo syrup fer my waffes!

  15. mike

    oh dear lord, that am hideous! i needs me some mo syrup fer my waffes!

  16. Her breasts are HORRIBLE!
    Unless you guys like saggy tits…….

  17. Her breasts are HORRIBLE!
    Unless you guys like saggy tits…….

  18. Pat

    Common is dating Serena? She must be . . . funny or something.

    But that explains why Common’s beefed up so much recently, He finally has a steroids supplier.

  19. Deacon Jones

    @105 – Agreed

    Funny lines on here this morning, I liked the “for your weak hearts” and “diarrhea mixed with wet dog” references.

    Look people, let’s put this to rest. She’s not beautiful, plain and simple. She literally looks like the troll in Lords of the Ring 2 when that thing rises out of the mud and the wizard puts his white handprint on its face, and it throws it’s head back in a war scream.

    LOL Im not even fucking joking about this, that’s the FIRST thing I thought when I saw these pics. I didn’t say to myself, “Hey, she looks like Tyra Banks” no, no, I said “Holy shit, it’s a troll”

  20. Lucky Breaks

    Ugh.. I shouldn’t have been eating breakfast while reading this site… :/

  21. Angry Light Skinned Gentleman (as if)

    This thing is as big as an ox and should not be playing tennis against normal attractive babes like Sharopova and such. Girls like her bring glamor to the sport. This creature may have an athlete’s body but she is horribly masculine and ugly and WHITE men do not find her attractive and they constitute the majority. If the ass means more to black guys than I would imagine that underscores the difference between the races.

  22. Observer

    She’s the proof of the evolution theory. Halfway between the monkey and the human.

  23. jesus

    I laugh when people call her a world class athlete. she plays tennis people. far from being an athlete!! oh yeah, if you can’t see all of that body fat on her lower body you need glasses. she is about 20 pounds away from being obese. you must really be fat to think she isn’t. don’t forget the man face either……………

  24. Finny

    i want to cut my doodle off now!!

  25. bootlips

    Neeger women are the least desirable. That’s why we have to pretend that they’re beautiful. Gross nappy headed monkeys.

  26. styles

    As a brotha who has fucked the shit out of a lot of WHITE model chicks across the country and overseas…..1 thing they all wish they were was a little thicker so they could handle me better…….They say their boyfriends or husbands is one thing,very easy to deal with,but they always say they see why a black woman has a nice fat ass to deal with a lot longer and thicker penis………………………

    Most of you guys are insecure and just from experience I know why………………..and I’m talking about the Jennifer Aniston and Giselle looking white chicks that make you think they don’t get down, not the fat bloated trailer park white hoes you see with black dudes….

    I FUCK the blonde haired blue eyes nice tanned whiteys and yes I am your worst nightmare.

  27. Insert name here

    Styles, you’re a douche. I don’t know any thin attractive white woman that wants to look more like Serena Williams. She is hideous. I would never wish for a bigger ass or thighs. And most women wouldn’t. Guarantee a lot of women would want bigger boobs though.

  28. Uncle Eccoli

    All of you going back and forth on racism are hilarious – and pathetic. That’s right, both sides. You’re all so full of shit it makes me laugh. Honestly, this has got to be one of the best threads in a while.

  29. You love sweet dreams?
    Use her ass as a pillow!!

  30. Uncle Eccoli


    That was an Uruk, not a troll.

  31. Jeanie

    Dude, she’s a tennis icon. Leave her alone. Besides, she looks great.

  32. Deacon Jones

    So THAT’S why that bitch gave me the clap!

    Yes, Uruk. Trolls are smaller

  33. Jennifer

    Are these idiotic comments not deleted because the writer of this site wants to generate as much “free publicity” for the site as possible? I wonder how much ad revenue is being generated by so many supposedly angry people coming here and posting.

  34. dude

    I saw SHAMU and I didn’t even have to pay to get into Sea World.

  35. Test

    Wow, is she built…

  36. Martin

    I’d hit her – I like “amazonian” women.

  37. What are Obama and McCain offering to do to deal about this bikini bedlam?

  38. Thomas Jefferson

    Oh yeah, I’d hit that! Provided I was still alive.

  39. Chocolate Thunder.
    Most tennis players are in shape, she has obviously let herself go.
    Regular hot beef injections usually do that.
    Can you imagine what it will look like after it spits out a few porch monkeys?

    Shake, shake that tootsie roll….

  40. Tara

    This thread is so pathetic!

    1. How can you idiots look at Serena and say crap like “this is why white men don’t find black women attractive” or “proof of evolution” or “black women are ugly” blah blah blah. Serena doesn’t represent black people, black women, or anything else. She is just Serena.

    2. She’s not a super model. She’s one of the most dominating female athletes there is. Her body is athletic…maybe a little too athletic but hell, all she and her sister do is dominate so I’m sure they are complaining about all the money their bodies have made them. Serena may not be the most gorgeous woman in the world but don’t post ridiculous things like her being fat. You know that’s not true. Her abs are insane, she’s a professional athlete, there is nothing fat about her. She’s just muscular.

    3. All you supposed “white men” posting about how unattractive your find black women and how looking at Serena’s picture you can see why black men are “flocking” to white women…just quit lying to yourselves! You’ve all found black women attractive. Deny it if you want but you know it’s true. Take it from a black woman who’s been with just as many white men as black men. Reality is no where near what you losers post on this site.

  41. Let’s see – she has a beautiful face, sweet personality, she’s loaded, and has booty to spare… What’s the downside?

  42. Alys

    She is not big, she is HUGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…

  43. hannah

    @127 – I am a white chick and I work really hard to make my ass bigger & rounder. I lift weights, sprint & do yoga so I can get longer, bigger, tighter glute muscles. My boyfriend is hispanic & loves it. White guys love it. Obviously black guys love it. There’s nothing wrong with an ass, in fact i think that having an ass brings in more dudes than boobs. Seriously

  44. Lisa

    Serena and her sister has made history in the world of athletics. They came from the one of the worst neighborhoods and have displayed enormous tenacity, strength, character and talent in taking over the world of tennis. They are far richer and more educated than all the idiot racists on this board. Serena and her big a$$ is laughing on the way to bank. Hate on!

  45. Naomi

    She could kick all our ass’s without getting winded. I think she’s strong and beautiful and I’d kill to have a booty like hers!

  46. Godiva

    Could you post some more pictures of Common please! He’s a hunk that I wouldn’t mind looking at!

  47. bootlips

    The funny thing is, the blacks who cry racism over monkey comments are basically saying that they do look like monkeys. I’ve never seen whites go ape when they are referred to as monkeys. Blacks can see that they obviously have ape genes and are offended by the truth.

  48. Godiva

    Could you post some more pictures of Common please! He’s a hunk that I wouldn’t mind looking at!

  49. nOxOLO


  50. bitches

    You all are a bunch of worthless shit talkers!! Common is fucking awesome! She is lucky!

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