Serena Williams still wearing a bikini

October 14th, 2008 // 271 Comments

Tennis star Serena Williams went surfing yesterday in Hawaii with her rapper boyfriend Common. Whoa, wait. I understand she’s built for strength not beauty, but she’s dating Common? Jesus, I wonder how often they have this conversation:

COMMON: Baby, I did it again – with a grizzly bear. I really, really thought it was you this time. Honest. I’m so sorry.
COMMON: Damn! Gimme that sugar.
COMMON: I’m gonna make this right, girl.
SERENA: *enters room* Common?
COMMON: Go away, bear! I’m trying to love my woman.

Photos: Splash News

  1. WTF??

    Ugh! Someone shaved a Sasquatch. This is just a horrifying collection of photographs. Run Forrest, run!

    TAMEKA – So, if someone finds that massive ass and tree trunk legs unappealing, that makes them a racist? Sorry, but that body in any color would make me heave. And, I will got back to my “SKINNY WHITE HOS WITH NO ASS” if you go back to 3rd grade and learn the basics of the English language. Spell check may be your friend, but caps lock and Ebonics are not.

  2. Tony Homo

    She was the one who broke my finger in the game last week

  3. aw!

    Some people should never wear a bikini and she’s one of them. the fact that she’s ugly, too, makes it all the worse!

  4. olivia

    quit calling black women animals, you racist piece of shit

  5. Ben Linus

    Whatever you want to say about her, FINE. Compared to the other scum that fill up these posts, you never hear about her drunk driving or having baby drama.


  6. Nestor Da Molestor

    Damn you to hell for posting a picture of this she-beast monkey. For the rest of you NAACP puppets that haven’t heard of the first amendment. Chimp out. Really

  7. Sport

    No matter what color she is or where she is from ITS A MAN, baby. My dick will be limp for a week after seeing this, shit there it goes.

  8. Andy

    Seriously please: continue to make us laugh with posts about people who deserve it. Serena does not belong here at all…and I got to believe you know this
    Mr. Superficial.

  9. This silverback jigaboo looks like all other black STD infested skanks, only bigger. Give her a year after she retires and she will leave footprints in the pavement outside every local KFC. Fucking apes are cursed.

  10. Ted from LA

    I like both Williams sisters. Every racist and homophobic comment on this site is written by uncreative inarticulate redneck hillbillies.

  11. deafmetal

    Jeebus Christ but some of you are the dregs of humanity. All you tinkle-dicks who said “She-Monkey”, “It’s amazing what they can teach apes to do these days.” (that one by FRIST!, who not only wasn’t, but probably still touches his poop when he’s done a ‘doody’ in the ‘john’) you need to get a life and join the human race dick-wads.

    Oh, and by the way, if you’re even thinking about trying to get back at me, you can STFU and join the back of the line. Don’t worry, as long as you wait long enough I’ll let you kiss the end of my royal prick too!


    PS: She’s muscular ’tis true, but I bet she’s a fucking riot in the sack, just think of how those pelvic muscles must suck!

  12. not first!

    Who let the “EXTRAS FROM PLANET OF THE APES” out!!!

  13. justtheobvious

    What a disgusting beast! Any man that would F that is just too lazy to jack off!

  14. not first!

    Who let the “PLANET OF THE APES’ EXTRAS” out!!!

  15. shaft

    hey 45 and everyone else, I’m white and I’d wreck this woman. That body is heavenly. She might be a bit muscular, but look at the ass cheeks!

  16. Fernando Narcos

    Tameka-Too bad your man left you for a white girl(more than likely a fat one),but that doesn’t mean I have to say this woman is nothing more than a freakish hulk(Venus ,however,is really hot).If she were white,brown or yellow,that would still be some nasty shit.

    By the way,learn some English,mouthbreather.

  17. dude_on

    @60 – cyber-racists are instant trash. How can you qualify hate messaging to an entire ethnic origin? Should we debate it? She looks excellent from behind… that should count for something.

  18. Don

    I’d hit it. My dick might get lost, but I’m willing to take the chance.

  19. 1 MILF Hunter

    She is gross. I can’t imagine what anyone sees in that. I’m surprised she’s not a bull dyke.

  20. 1 MILF Hunter

    She is gross. I can’t imagine what anyone sees in that. I’m surprised she’s not a bull dyke.

  21. Proud to be white

    Yeah yeah baby got back and rack but goddamn it she has the arms and shoulders of a man and yes, that fat ass is gonna be nasty soon. Look at Janet Jackson now. A fat pig with giant legs. Nasty yeasty slob!
    Hey who said we wanted black people here anyway? Yes we hate each other and they say that race is only the color of your skin. That is politically correct but not scientifically. Our races all diverged from each other long long ago. We are all human but different types. It is natural for subspecies to be rivals and yes, hate each other fucking guts.
    Black men love white women because they are so beautiful. Now I would like for one of you negro females to deny this. Look in the mirror. Go on. I know it hurts and makes you cry. Stare a little longer. It won’t make you a better person but hopefully will make you more a realist. You know your place. On the limb under ours on the family tree. The one with all the withering leaves falling to the ground.

    Now go soothe your hurt feelings with a nice big bucket of greasy chicken! It’s good for your weak hearts!

  22. mafme

    Fat? Are you kidding me? She is a professional tennis player and is strong as hell. I think she would beat the hell out of almost anyone in this thread. I’m not saying that she’s hawt, but she’s not fat. She HAS fat, but most of that is muscle.

  23. dragon43078

    Scary ugly. NFL linebackers would love to have that type of body. She could be an enforcer in the lesbo, I mean WNBA league.

  24. Ass Lover

    I accept that she’s ugly but I would never miss the chance to f***k her!!

    Her ass and legs are so yummy!!

  25. arroyo

    Wow, Kim Hardashian could hide behind her.








  27. US Cavalry

    #76 Your ass is red because you keep sticking the peace pipe up your bunghole

  28. yeah right

    If that thing is beautiful, then I just shit a masterpiece

  29. lloyd johnson

    She’s a beast ,and it looks like Common is getting bigger by proxy.

  30. mafme

    Yeah, you idiots, she needs to quit that top-ranked professional tennis job and start doing something that requires her to work out harder than any of you ever have in your lives so she can drop some of that fat.

  31. Mos

    The problem with black chicks is that their bungholes ALWAYS look dirty. It’s unfortunate, but true: in terms of beauty, sensuality, hygine and education, black women are above monkeys but below Orangutans. All three are known to ingest their own poop, which is why no man (of any color) ever really wants to be with a black chick. Sorry, but it’s a scientific fact.

  32. Blahdeblah

    I love all the people calling her “ugly” in this thread because they would probably shit themselves in public before they ever called her that to her face. Serena would beat the living hell out of anyone on this thread, and man, she’d be a great lay. Huge tits and a body made of solid muscle. She can hit a tennis ball almost 120 mph, imagine what she can do with her pussy.

  33. HoodFellaz

    That’s simply not big enough for me.

  34. Ted from LA

    This is the worst thread I’ve seen on this site in years. Fish, you fucked this one up with your racist commentary to start it all off. You pulled in every bucktoothed McCain-Palin voting fucking moron in the country. See #71 for the prototype. Fish, you should post a retraction or an apology in the morning… or afternoon, whenever you get up.

  35. bootlips

    You can’t tell me that negroes aren’t the missing link. I mean really, they are obviously half man/half ape.

  36. a

    That is what a beautiful thick women should look like. She has the total package, beautiful face, big tits, the best ass in the world, and probably a hairy bush. What more could you want from a women

  37. Randal

    She looks like an ugly male ape. I bet she could crush most men with her fat thighs. And the smell emanating from her butt and vag must be horrific. Like diarrhea mixed with wet dog.

  38. Pm Dawn

    Red neck chicks are the best lays……so easy and dum

  39. bootlips

    Yeah, what America needs is a negro President. We need chaos, starvation, violence, corruption, and everything else that a negro country offers.

  40. gorgeous

    she’s built like a tank. she’s big but she muscular not fat. I think she has a great butt.

  41. arroyo

    Kim Kardashian could hide behind her.

  42. SIN

    Grape Ape!! Grape Ape!!

  43. Pm Dawn

    John McCain just get used to white/black girls liking Black cock

  44. gorgeous

    why does everyone say Obama is black? He’s half white too. His mother is white.

  45. Andrew

    I wish we could put that negress to work in the fields like she was bred for. I call shenanigans on these pictures. We all know negroes can’t swim.

  46. Clay

    Damn, I love the ass and thighs. You can keep the rest, though.

  47. Putz Balzac

    You know what they say, once you go black….that shit is true.

  48. Putz Balzac

    Don’t be jealous…you can grab her butt and she ain’t gonna reject. You can fit her butt cheek in a man-size hand and shake it around…yeah!!!!

  49. Handles

    Kim Kardashian training pics

  50. Handles

    Kim Kardashian training pics

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