Serena Williams in a bikini

April 6th, 2009 // 252 Comments

These Serena Williams bikini pics taken in Miami might float some boats, or sink others. The important thing is I posted them like some sort of bikini-posting hero who doesn’t care about age, race, or the ability to snap a man in half with one hand. But honest question: Do you think Common wears football pads while making love to Serena? Because I’m leaning towards “Yes, plus the helmet.” Sort of like Hulk Hogan does with his girlfriend. Or Brooke. Whichever one.

Photos: Splash News

  1. NipTuck

    Well. She has confidence. She is just built!

  2. trainer

    “Serena! Ungawa!

  3. Heidi's used tampon

    * sits back and waits for the bigots to log in *

  4. Karen

    That poor brave doomed bikini…

  5. PunkA

    Phenomenal athlete. Bet if she puckered her ass she’d break off whatever might be in it. Y know, pencils or whatever. But sexy she ain’t.

  6. Rhialto

    I don’t know why she should use a ballistic vest? She already looks pretty bullet proof to me!

  7. buttlovin

    Less of serena and more of those other girls in the pics please.

  8. Objection sustained

    Too true, number three. I figured ApeBoy would have been all over this. Then again when it arrives it will probably be a long tirade about how Obama took his small business away and the Democrats are in the KKK, so that will take some time

  9. Chick Hicks

    Weather forecast for today: Sunny with a 100% chance of THUNDER! Ka-chicka! Ka-chicka!

  10. steve

    She should wear shorts, not a bikini bottom. Her balls are going to get severely chafed.

  11. Valerie

    Holy fuck, the commenters on here so far seem to have IQs in the triple digits! Damn is this sight changed for the better or am I just trippin’?

    Serena has gained some weight recently. Good for her, I’m sure she had fun. Her ass is fabulous even with the extra insulation–she’s lucky.

  12. mikeock

    Dat’s a big bitch!

  13. mags

    I would never want to have a behind that big…that poor bikini bottom

  14. Holly

    Bailiff: That’s a huge bitch!

  15. supersex

    that’s one fat ass bitch

    ugly too.

    but i’d fuck her in the ass as long as i don’t have to look at her face.

  16. Sauron

    Don’t get in a fight with her folks!

  17. Shoe

    I’d totally hit that! Big, but tight and all the right curves……sexy!

  18. Shoe

    I’d totally hit that! Big, but tight and all the right curves……sexy!

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  20. Sushi

    No wonder why black guys have large penises. Look what it has to get in to!!!

    Freakin amazon woman! She could tackle Bigfoot!

  21. michelle

    seriously, this girl is an athlete. she is not fat, she has muscles! her thighs are a little flabby but that could be not working out so much.

    i think she would crush all you haters with her thighs. ;P

  22. jt

    where’d the sun go?

  23. g_girl

    Hell , she big!!!!!!!!!

  24. Organized Mess

    And number 19 doesn’t disappoint.

  25. Jackie Mason

    What a schvartzer.

  26. justifiable

    #24 LOL, right you are. (This is recycled ho-hum from the weekend because no one paid any attention to him earlier.) Just because his double-wide didn’t appreciate, of course it follows that property values have fallen year after year. I don’t know what disturbs me more – that he can vote or that he might reproduce.

  27. Interesting how in 27 comments, not one person has mentioned recent victory in…what is it she does again? Oh right, TENNIS. Serena is not a model, actress, or “reality” show “star” (slut). She is a phenomenal athlete who is known worldwide for her TALENT and SKILL, unlike Anna K who everyone was all gaga over for being pretty in her tennis uniform. Serena rocks!

  28. Angry Face

    wow thats a lot of woman

  29. she looks like a man

    Anna K is beautiful and does not have a masculine gym body. No muscles and very feminine. You know, the heterosexual man’s dream.
    Serena has muscles like a man’s. I am not saying it is not fair it’s just that it is somewhat like a transexual former man playing as a woman. She is not so much talented as just insanely strong. Most normal women are not built like that.
    I will hand it to her though. She is intelligent and so is her sister and they aren’t vulgar or arrogant.

  30. Randal

    Serena is a work horse who continues to win grand slam championships due to hard work and dedication. The smile on her face clearly shows everyone around her how happy she is with life and the choices she’s made to get to where she is today.

    You’re a role model for the young generation, Serena.


  31. frick


  32. Ralph

    #27 is right on the money. Being know for ranking #1 in the world (professional tennis) is completely different from being know for a XXX tape in which someone pees on you. The standards are different.

  33. heynowdude


  34. sluggo

    I love her!!! I’d love to do everything sesssual to and with her!!!
    Just massaging her would be bonerific!!!

  35. Kaiser

    At least we get to know how a shaved bear looks like.

  36. ambidextrous handjob

    #32 So is the ass.

  37. sluggo

    and… I love her rack and her calves, BIG TIME!!!

  38. sluggo

    Also… I love her breasts and calves, BIG TIME!!!

  39. corbin jericho

    The Steelers need to get this guy as a linebacker or defensive end, good gosh he is built!

  40. bootlips

    God, what a yard ape. Female monkeys are so damn ugly. I always laugh when they try to wear something cute. It only accentuates their simian features.

  41. James Green

    When I read the word bikini I thought it was gunna be a chick.

  42. billabong021


    Are you the same retard that ranted on “rice apes” when that Jonsan brother did the eye thing?

  43. James Dean

    41# okay thats nice, but this post is about Serena, stay on topic! *slaps over head*

  44. AWEsome

    she just won the Australian Open. In style, at that. She kicks ass all over the place. I wish I was as talented at ANYTHING as she is at her job…she def deserves the number One world ranking…a superwoman

  45. Spic'n'Span

    I think she looks healthy. Instead of a skinny skank she has meat on her bones…..ain’t nothing wrong wit it! I bet she’s alot funner in the bedroom than say…..heidi montag or similarly skinny woman. And all y’ll men talking sh*t don’t be mad that ur d*cks wouldn’t make it past her cushiony ass……guess thats why skinny women w gapin holes are ur taste.

  46. sin

    Its Billy Dee Williams with tits. In the 2nd picture it looks like she has a mustache. That is one scary looking critter.

  47. daunte

    Hey, a yard ape that is on this site without being either assaulted or arrested. Its a 1st!! Damn, that is one big, ugly porch monkey. She would give King Kong a scare.

  48. Jay


  49. I'm Barak Obama and I approve...

    …Now do you believe that man evolved from the apes??

  50. Teef

    Thar she blows!!!!!!!! First real live dinosaur specimen ever

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