Serena Williams in a bikini

October 12th, 2008 // 198 Comments

Wait. Did I miss the “Third Annual Try to Look Manlier than Brooke Hogan in a Bikini Contest?” Goddammit.

Photos: Splash News

  1. axel

    the last 2 posts are not showing up on the front page. weird

  2. Ryan

    That is one healthy frame……Bitch has size…..

  3. Shiri

    Nice to see some curves for a change.

  4. Alan

    I am tired of people telling me she is hot. She looks like Patrick Ewing.

  5. No comparison

    She’s a world class athlete. Brooke Hogan is a world class hobag.

  6. Wow she is too bulky! blech…….

  7. dude

    it’s 50 cent in a bikini

  8. steve


  9. Hyck

    Hey Look it’s Ray Lewis! Oh Wait?
    That’s Terrell Owens!

  10. Anexio

    She got the hip and boob. i wnander what she look like wiht out all that brown makup adn stuff. shes not preety beaucause she got to much of the tan and thats bad for you skin. everyone knows that caus e it true all the time.

  11. stellabystar cooper

    Dude,that’s not Serena, that’s a tranny Lenny Kravitz impersonator.

  12. dan

    since when lenny kravitz wears a bikini?

  13. pistolita

    seriously people– THIS WOMAN IS AN ATHLETE… not a model or an actress. her job is to compete in physical tests- sports… not visual orgasms.

  14. Lipster


  15. wanks

    oh shit! gorilla got loose from the zoo!!

  16. dominick

    She would destroy each and every one of us. Personally, I’m up for it. Just sayin.

  17. Ro

    Where’s your sense of adventure? I’d hit it.

  18. kim

    omg lmfao at #8, but yeah, thats a man baby!

  19. G Shoe

    Steroids anyone?

  20. diddleysquat

    when did Wesley Snipes have a sex change operation? i wasn’t told of this.

  21. Ram Punchington

    How about Picture #2 where Serena’s hangin’ with the lead singer from Fishbone wearin’ a dress?

    This is one unpleasant batch o’ pictures.

  22. For someone who’s well versed in the language of love as me,,,I’ll take a pass….

  23. simone

    so what’s Brooke Hogan’s excuse. For all you racist ,spewing hateful epitepts-give it a rest. I mean come on , if you hate her body i understand but she is first and foremost an athlete. Henin,Navratilova,etc. have strong bodies and they dominated the field( well maybe not Henin). On the other hand the “petite athletes” only dominate commercials for cameras, etc.

    On a side note. Why is the comments towards African Americans, or any non white always so negative. No matter how much you may WISH it were different WE (yes i said we) will always be here and so will you. YOU came from US and therfore WE are.

  24. Ah, I thought it was Scary Spice sans Photoshop. Of course Serena get’s paid to stomp ass in tennis, not stand in front of cameras.

  25. isitin

    This is one disgusting woman. I wouldn’t fuck her with your dick.

  26. spaghetti

    wow #19, you need to spend more time around normal chicks, rather than petite, 85lb bird girls, then perhaps you will realise that serena is an example of athletic form

  27. supersex

    holy shit, she would break your back with those thighs or crack your head like a peanut.

  28. omg

    juwanna mann!

  29. queef

    She’d fuck you with HER dick.

  30. Miss Swan

    She looka like a man.

  31. Duke Steele

    HELP!! Somebody,please help!! My eyes,my eyes.

  32. Goliano

    Serena Is HOT!!!

  33. Assbestos

    Wow. Serena, HGH much?

  34. Mdiz


  35. Celebs

    she looks like she is having fun

  36. john

    nice bikini, Serena!

  37. teedee

    somebody check for a pee-ness

  38. roger ramjet

    Mike Tyson in drag

  39. bootlips

    Even the skinny chick with her looks like a monkey.

  40. Mos

    That’s because monkeys like to follow around apes to see if they can git some banana crumbs.

  41. Dr. John Blackheart

    put her on the cotton fields!!!! we can later breed the bitch with Michael C. Duncan (Black guy from the green mile, John Coffe) Make a nigger hybrid. Hell yeah.

  42. Slappy san

    Wow….don’t even try to find your racism.

  43. Slappy san

    BTW I’ve been conflicted on Serena for years….but I wouldn’t turn her down. I don’t think you’d have to worry about tiring her out. And those cans…..nice.

  44. sheesh!

    She looks like an NFL football player in drag. I think she needs to lighten up on the ‘roids. They do take a toll.

  45. ME

    She gonna be BIG & FAT in 20.

  46. The Gaborg

    What do you know, Ving Rhames doesn’t look as bad in a bikini as I thought he would…

  47. mE mE

    Why you guys say she looks like a Gorilla? YOU ARE WRONG… GORILLAS ARE CUTE !!!

  48. mE mE

    Why you guys say she looks like a Gorilla? YOU ARE WRONG… GORILLAS ARE CUTE !!!

  49. becca

    damn, im jealous. She’s fine as hell.

  50. becca

    damn, im jealous. She’s fine as hell.

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