Serena Williams Might Be Pregnant With A Superbaby

Serena dropped this Snapchat today hinting that she’s 20 weeks preggo with a baby that can already beat up most of you. Basic time travel math shows that Serena probably took on a passenger around the same time she waxed her sister in the Australian Open, making her the hungriest hungry hippo of tennis trophies the world has ever seen. Don’t take that the wrong way, Serena Williams is a smoke show, but I’ve seen her play tennis and she’s basically the Hulk playing ping pong.

This news hasn’t been confirmed because she supposedly took down the Snap (something that I thought automatically happened, but whatever) and won’t answer anyone’s phone calls. We can assume that the baby is fathered by her fiancee, Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian. It should go without saying that Ohanian is rich as shit and pretty sharp, so with his brainy genetics and her super-human strength I bet this kid comes out with a nine-inch dong (or double diesel breasts) and an IQ of 171.

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