Here’s A Picture of Serena Williams’ Daughter

If looking at newborn baby pictures is your thing, you’re in luck. Serena Williams has just shared the first public photograph of her new baby girl she made with Reddit founder Alexis Ohanian. It’s about the size of a regular baby and it probably does all the things that regular babies do: cry, sleep, throw up, poop, and serve tennis balls in the 75-85 mph range.

I didn’t know that you could name girls with a “Jr.” Nevertheless, I guess, Alexis Olympia Ohanian Jr. is what they’re going with. I get going with the father’s androgynous name and the Olympia part (the kid is probably going to be nationally ranked by age 3), but I always thought Jr’s were reserved for sons. Shows what I know about naming babies though. If it were up to me to name the spawn of an internet wiz and the greatest female tennis player of all time, I’d go with something more hardcore like Shredder or Bonesaw or something… but this is exactly why I shouldn’t have a kid.