Serena Williams and Coco Should Fight

October 5th, 2010 // 78 Comments

Hopefully this doesn’t sound racist, but I think Coco and Serena Williams should’ve fought while both of them were on the beach in Miami yesterday. In fact, to prove my intentions are pure, I’m willing to pay two Mexican midgets a dollar – That’s like a million bucks to them. – to sit on each woman’s back just so everyone knows this is entirely about two warbeasts of the sea engaging in combat to prove which skin color denotes the dominant warrior. Race doesn’t even enter the equation.

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  1. Serena Williams in a Bikini
    Serena lover
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    Serena is a babe, but for those that aren’t afraid to step to the plate. Usually people dont comment about how skinny a girl maybe.. sometimes but not as much as I have seen about Serena. Doesn’t matter, I’m in the camp of if I could get my hands on that woman I wouldn’t let go. She is hotttt as hellll.. I do hope she doesn’t get fat as she gets older but if she does she wouldn’t be the first or the last. Then we can just say remember when….. ANd if she lucky she will have a man that accepts her through the changes that life brings.

  2. Serena Williams in a Bikini
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    Coco is way prettier & feminine. She looks like a gorilla!

  3. Serena Williams in a Bikini
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    where is the rest of the pic ?

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