Serena Williams and Coco Should Fight

October 5th, 2010 // 78 Comments

Hopefully this doesn’t sound racist, but I think Coco and Serena Williams should’ve fought while both of them were on the beach in Miami yesterday. In fact, to prove my intentions are pure, I’m willing to pay two Mexican midgets a dollar – That’s like a million bucks to them. – to sit on each woman’s back just so everyone knows this is entirely about two warbeasts of the sea engaging in combat to prove which skin color denotes the dominant warrior. Race doesn’t even enter the equation.

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  1. The Real TAB


    • gogo

      I forgot you had a job that didn’t allow you to refresh the superficial all day long. Congrats, loser. And happy 9th birthday.

      • The Real TAB

        Thanks..with a name like “gogo” I’m sure your aspirations as a dancer will do well for you when your 50.


      • gogo

        WTF, am I truely that popular that u freaks are stealing my name?!? OHH YEAAH!!

    • mar

      so your worried about being racist when your talking about a fight between a moneky and a monkey wannabe, but the part where the mexican midgets who work for your very valuable 1 US Dollar is a -ok? what a fucking asshole.

  2. Turd Ferguson

    Uh…NOT hot.
    Sorry. Not a chance I would … even drunk.

    • RasputinsLiver


      She’s just plain and simple…GROSS!

      Looks too much like Dennis Rodman in drag.

      • Will

        RasputinsLiver & Turd Ferguson and the rest of you haters
        Serena looks good, and you probably feel horny seeing her pics. Why waste time to write a comment if you think she is ugly.
        Good Bye!

  3. The Real TAB

    Serena is VERY manly compared to Coco..I’m sure Coco could put up a good fight, but damn Serena has to be one chromosome/testacle away from being a dude. FOR REAL!

    • The Real TAB

      Plus..sista got one busted up weave! “Check yourself before you wreck yourself..” Or best bet, just stay home.

    • Tell u what tho id so serena in a heartbeat. Her ass is fucking obscENE and when she hops after a win, its pretty much the best rack bounce in sports.. Something very sexy about a physically powerful chick on top roarin like a lion, grinding down til it almost snaps off. Shes def the hot one of the two.

      And yeah fuck coco. And fish i get jokes but do the midget thing anyhow. Makes them look even larger in battle.

  4. Matt-Zilla

    maybe I’m in the minority, but I kinda wanna get me some of dat ass

  5. does she still play tennis? she looks like she’s given up on athletics and settled in to eating fried food and watching TV

    • JP

      lol, she’s considered by some to be best player alive. Not ranked #1 because of injuries, but she’s definitely still winning Grand Slams

  6. Jimmy D

    It’s not really fair that she plays tennis against Women.

    She should play in the Wookie league, with people her own size.

  7. Any Guy

    this chick is BUSTED. face, body… errr-thing.


  8. Cock Dr

    Oh god.
    That woman is a professional athlete.
    I’m sure Coco has toughened up from her years handling Ice-T, but this woman looks STRONG.
    WTF is going on at Miami Beach? Is there a big woman’s conference with open buffet going down there?

  9. james

    the mexican comment wasnt necesary, its like saying i would give an american an ounce of cocaine, which would mean the world to him

  10. wtf

    lol it’s kind of funny… i was scrolling up the page and the first thing i saw was serena’s legs, and i thought for a second it was snooki… which i think means it’s time for her to stop tanning? correct me if i’m wrong.

  11. Mad Mel

    We want thunder dome!

    And the Superficial crowd chants.

    “Two men enter. One man leaves.”

  12. Serena would KICK Coco’s ass. Serena has the body and look of a husband beater. She looks like a female Ike turner with more muscle. Good lord could you imagine? I think Serena would sound something like this:

    “FUCK ME … If you don’t Stick your dick in me I’m gonna BEAT YOU senseless BITCH … and you ain’t gonna say shiat to anyone. Remember Lionel Ritchie? He HAD a career before he called the cops on his wife for beating him. You wanna turn out like Lionel? Gimme that dick … NOW MOTHERFUCKER”

    • Deacon Jones

      Husband beater?? She looks like a fucking rhino in heat!

      Ugh, I can just imagine what she smells like after a day on the beach, sweating her fat ass off with that weave on. Probably smells like a wild animal.

      If you put shoulder pads on her and stuck her on the D-line she could probably be the next Haynesworth.

      I wonder if she left glass footprints all over Miami Beach, her sheer weight is destroying the beach, fuck BP’s oil spill!

    • Ykno what when she calls her sister bitch during a match, or says shell slam a ball down some lineswomans throat, its a fuckin turn on. If theres ever a xena movie made….

  13. RoboZombie

    Another RhinocerASS!

  14. kanyeisgayfish

    That should not be allowed on the tennis courts, ANYWHERE. WTA should outlaw steroids and gender bending weighlifters !

  15. FruitLoop

    I wonder if she does that grunting thing that she does on the tennis court after every return when she’s having sex?

  16. Serena Williams in a Bikini
    Commented on this photo:

    the most beautiful, the most serena. I love you

  17. JP

    Serena is from Compton, Coco just f*cks black dudes. Not a chance she could hang with Serena!

  18. The Only Hetero in this Joint

    I would tap dat ass like BP drilling in the Gulf of Mexico.

  19. gigi

    ugh…. painful to even look at this one shot/ is she not aware?

  20. Serena Williams in a Bikini
    Commented on this photo:

    This is what Snookie wished she looked like .now this is a girl with curves .

  21. hello!

    “….next on Animal Planet…” Athlete???? Uh huh…that tranny juices big time!

  22. Serena Williams in a Bikini
    Commented on this photo:

    I’d do her, no doubt about it!!

  23. ♫Mr Rough stuff...Who do you think you are♫

    -If Serena s smart shell bring a jumbo size pin cushion and have coco sit on it.

  24. Revolting

    I am sorry to say but this thing has been detrimental to me at least to my conception of “women’s tennis”. She does not look like a “lady” nor does she act like one. If she were not rich she would most likely be thuggish.
    Agressive pig.

  25. Serena Williams in a Bikini
    Commented on this photo:

    coco aint got nothin’ on serena

  26. cabullona

    Setena is the best tenis player ever!
    about your idiotic comment of paying mexican persons a dollar that’s like a million to them, i understand your brain it’s filled with cocaine and makes you type bullshit you don’t even understand the origin of your comment, one dollar in Mexico is 12 pesos and 50 cents, not millions like you mention, unleast, i have to recognize that you typed Mexicans with capital M, you type capitals only on proper names and cities, not gentilitious, lol……. and to think that you’re somekind of respected journalist, only in your country wich by the way is the onbly place where you can be heard and read. Keep inhaling dude, keep inhaling…….

    • RC

      I agree with you!
      He thinks a dollar it’s like a millions of mexican pesos?!
      Hahahahahaha he’s an idiot and he’s not a journalist , he just criticizes celebrities and that’s not a big deal

  27. Serena would severely beat Coco’s ass in a FAIR fight. However, I highly doubt Mrs. Ice T would ever fight fair. Therefore, she’d just pull out her 9mm and put Serena down.

  28. captain america


  29. elliottspitzer

    A fight between Serena and Coco would be like watching a fight between the Predator and Cyborg. My money is on the Predator.

  30. JJ


  31. Serena Williams in a Bikini
    honest abe
    Commented on this photo:

    I’d motorboat that big black ass!

  32. I still don’t get how anyone would ever find her attractive. EVER.

  33. JN

    You’re pretty much an idiot, huh?

  34. Ned

    I’d let her rip a loud, wet fart in my face and then ask for more

  35. RasputinsLiver


    Uh….is that….DENNIS RODMAN?

    Man, sure looks like him. One ugly sumbitch for sure. In or out of a bikini.


  36. hills

    That tranny has ruined ladies tennis. She’s a roided out bulldozer with no grace and poise. Whoever would even give a thought to her being attractive should seek serious help!

  37. Apostate

    Perfect for a craptastic SyFy Channel Saturday feature titled “Black
    Amazon vs Silicone Succubus”….

  38. Serena Williams in a Bikini
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    that’s a bangin bikini body???? she is completely disgusting?

  39. mike

    are guy kidd i’d hit that any day thats one gorgeous woman hell yea

  40. Serena Williams in a Bikini
    Commented on this photo:

    thats a hot bikini body i’d bang her all day long

  41. Serena Williams in a Bikini
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    what are you guys talking about she’s got one hot body i’d make love to her all night long

  42. Serena Williams in a Bikini
    Commented on this photo:

    this some gorgeous woman wow

  43. Serena Williams in a Bikini
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    indeed the most beautiful and hottest body i’d like to spend all night long with her mmmmmmm

  44. blackjack

    Serena best ass in all of sports, I would spread those cheeks
    and lick that chocolate starfish all day even if it was dirty.

  45. Serena Williams in a Bikini
    Commented on this photo:

    Why, that is stupid. she is obviously natrual and look greeat a nice athletic build. COCO looks like a whore.

  46. Mulindwa Lambert

    i gonna fuck that ass of serena coz she is like a ki bull any way i love her i can starfish her even if any way am a ugandan by nationality single and want a woman like her or even her self let her send me the email.

  47. Serena Williams in a Bikini
    Commented on this photo:

    and I just wanna get behiiind it,
    and watch you back it up and dump it-back-back it up and dump it

  48. Serena Williams in a Bikini
    flibert delva
    Commented on this photo:

    do something just a bit please

  49. Serena Williams in a Bikini
    Commented on this photo:


  50. Serena Williams in a Bikini
    Commented on this photo:

    i will kiss her natural ass….just cant wait to play on her bumm….

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