Selma Blair wants to feel good (In the sex way)

December 4th, 2007 // 74 Comments

Selma Blair did a little shopping at the new Kiki De Montparnasse lingerie store in L.A. where she told People that she recently broke up with her boyfriend:

Surrounded by lace slips and garter belts, the actress said her newly single status doesn’t lessen her love of lingerie. “I have a lot of it, but mostly for myself,” she said. “It just makes you feel beautiful.”
And that, incidentally, is also what she’s looking for in a man. “I want someone who makes me feel good,” she said, adding with a sly smile, “if you know what I mean.”

Wait a minute. Selma Blair is just sitting around by herself wearing lingerie and pining for a man. OnStar, take me to Selma Blair! OnStar? Hello? Where the hell is… Dude, OnStar, get out of the fridge! Are you drinking my beer? C’mon! Take me to Selma Blair. It’s important. Yes, important enough for me not to wear pants in the car. Look, can we just, I dunno, go back to how things used to be? You know, where you were a little box above my rear-view mirror that obeyed my every command. But this time don’t deploy the airbag in my face. I need to look sexy and not all Owen Wilson-nose’d up. May he rest in peace.

Photos: Pacific Coast News

  1. BunnyButt

    Do long thermal undies and a flannel robe count as lingerie? If so, I was sitting around in mine last evening.

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  3. Z

    use IFRAME damnit !!

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  5. Schlom

    Changing the subject but did you know that driving without pants (or doing pretty much anything without pants) is called Porky Pigging? I learned that from Jason Whitlock. Who says you can’t learn anything from sportswriters?

  6. tg

    Unless she gets some tits, she can never expect to get any pleasure.

    Get. Some. Tits. Your flatness disgusts me.

  7. she looks like a transvestite.

  8. toya

    wow.maybe that’s why she was seen wondering on you know it’s site for rich women who want to find pretty boys to pamper.God.

  9. BeLeezeIT

    I’m sorry, chick looks like a cell phone in the first picture, but she’s cute.

    Fit and light, like other dude said. And just pretty, in a weird looking way.

    Guys are so damn stupid, lmao. Dudes’ like Hogan will always get screwed up, loosing half their shit right as they enter mid-life crisis… marrying those artificial hoez, haha. Use a little imagination! Get a broad who’s a little bit worth it.

  10. 4 tg

    the lunch lady from high school had really big tits, i bet you would like her. tits aren’t THAT important for female pleasure. you are prob horrible in bed and know nothing about pleasing females. if you are flat chested and pretty you will still get men. big tits aren’t everything. i bet selma dates better than the lunch lady.

  11. 4 tg

    and if you are that into silicon you could just date a tranny

  12. oh

    49, you are a slow.
    a thin woman with short hair isn’t a boy, it is a thin woman with short hair.
    she has the mind of an adult, the voice of a woman, a woman’s face, and most importantly a vagina.

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  14. Mr Semprini

    I still want to know how much you spam-wads make.

  15. amy

    who says she’s looking for a man? thats a little heteronormative.

  16. bmose

    She could meet her new man at

  17. bobby

    Dude, if you don’t think she’s hot, look up a movie she did called Storytelling. You’ll want the Euro version because the U.S. one is censored. She lets a huge black guy rape her in the movie.

  18. I saw her photo at , It is more sexier and hotter! I will check her provate blogs here too!

  19. Jessica


  20. Quagmire

    Selma Blair doesn’t resemble Tom Cruise. Why? Because Tom Cruise is a human being (a dumb one, but a human nonetheless), whereas Selma Blair is a piece of subhuman filth who congealed in a gutter somewhere. Everytime I see her I can feel all the food I’ve had that day pushing. She also takes part in the worst films known to man. Any guy who finds her attractive has a seriously degenerate mind. What was Ahmet Zappa thinking?

  21. cicerro

    Selma Blair is a vixen. I’d gladly walk past an entire coach-load of cheerleaders for a chance to have some hot sticky Selma sex.

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  23. Rishab

    What??? Selma doesnt look nice???
    Selma Blair looks awesome…
    and its not just the face thing…
    she may not be the same ol beauty which everyone refers to, but she is different….

    her voice is amazing and she looks so sweet…..

    I would love to meet someone like her :)

    PS and those who are absolutely astonished by ppl like us who like her… I have 1 question..
    What are you doing by googling ‘Selma Blair’????

  24. Rishab


    Racist Much???

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