Selma Blair in a bikini

August 15th, 2008 // 238 Comments

These are shots of Selma Blair in a bikini on the set of her new show Kath & Kim, but that’s not important right now. Can somebody tell me what in the hell is going on with Selma Blair’s crotch in some of these photos? Is her vagina trying to escape? That can’t be healthy. Should somebody notify the National Guard, or is it one of those deals where it’s more scared of us then we are of it?


  1. britney's weave

    199… fish never posts on weekends.

  2. Ted from LA

    I read recently that Ellen got married. Anyone who has a problem with that is a toothless hillbilly fuck-up. Long live Ellen and whomever she married.

  3. Carmen

    you guys are all idiots. she’s working on the american version of kath&kim, which is an australian tv show where the main actresses kind of send up the bogan aussie. the americans will ruin it (ala the office..) but whatever. the point is that the picture sort of sums up the show. google it!

  4. no body at all, and really white and pastey but I feel like thats the way her body should look based on her personality and quirks shes not ugly at all but there are better looking people
    but this show looks decently funny, isnt it supposed to be the hottest show in Australia?

  5. Ren

    The vast majority of these commenters are disgusting, judgemental people. If you’re not judging someone for something as shallow as their looks, you’re objectifying them, and if you had it your way, everyone would hate themselves and their bodies so much that they’d undergo expensive and often times dangerous surgery to please assholes like you. The funny part is that if you met her in person, you probably wouldn’t dare say those things because after all you’re such good people.
    Oh, wait…

  6. Bahama Mama

    She’s meant to look like that. The show is meant to make fun of Trashy people. It’s totally hilarious! Although I’m not so sure on the American version. Americans just can’t do Australia humor that well.

  7. Her hips are very shapeless, also WHY remake Kath and Kim? The Aussie version is fine. You bastards are doing the same with Peep Show as well, go watch the originals!!!


    @134 & 135 – Witless? This coming from an moron who’s entire gimmick is idiotic racist bullshit and dittohead quips? Take your own advice asshole and keep your juvenile, uninformed, photocopied, and bland comments to yourself. Say something…… ANYTHING…… remotely funny….. and I mean something that would get chuckles outside of an Aryan membership drive. Where’s ramamanwithdingdongs? Probably eating…….

  9. Gym Coach

    There’s nothing wrong with her body, she has a very athletic body, ie. Olympics.

  10. Brutor

    > All you haters on here are racist. Wait, sorry, that is another post. If Selma
    > had a boob job you would be shaking your ding-dongs and ho-ho’s in anger
    > and trying to make fun of her for having fake tits.

    Ding! FTW!

    Everyone take a deep breath. Ok?

    Good. Let’s take stock.

    1. Gorgeous face

    2. Gorgeous creamy white skin

    3. Gorgeouse long black hair, IMO this, along with #2, is vastly sexually superior even to the natural blonde.

    4. In the shots, it looks like she’s got a little bit of, you know, crotch hair? As opposed to being a bald beaver down there. Shocking!

    4. In the trailer shots, her crotch looks like it is damp, and thus dark, possibly from pee or putting on the bikini after a shower. It provides darkness you mis-interpret as, presumably, shadowing of some fleshy, anomalous genitalia bulge, said bulge not existing, and your brain mis-interpreting the flat, wet darkness as shadowing of a raised area.

    5. If she had peed her pants, or had bulging anomalous genitalia, or a hyper-enlarged clitoris, 99% of the men would, when their buddies are not looking, go down on her faster than Paris falling in an elevator shaft.

    Selma rules!

  11. GROSS

    ewww… just…. ewww

  12. deva

    File under chicks I’ll never masturbate to.

  13. Jimmy Flaine

    She probably gives a helluva handjob. I’d probably face-fuck her too.

  14. Your Mom

    I don’t think I ever noticed just how flat chested she is! Holy shit! I think this is the first time I’ve ever thought it might be a good idea for someone to get implants. Good God, she looks like a man.

  15. hotter than you

    Hey Butor, you’d love me even more. I have 1-3 in addition to having tits.

  16. Deva


    Ok, I think I puked it all out……wait….


    Oh god, someone call 911. I can’t stop puking………..

  17. lolaishere


  18. m..oz..88

    Im from Oz, this american Kath and Kim looks shhhiiiiittttttt…..cant beleive they are making another version in USA…..and this chick..yuck is all i can say

  19. Kim Kelly

    Kath and Kim is a great show. Why ruin it?
    I have info on how to get a ps3 for cheap if anyone is interested. e-mail me and I will tell you how. My addy is

  20. Kim Kelly

    Kath and Kim is a great show. Why ruin it?
    I have info on how to get a ps3 for cheap if anyone is interested. e-mail me and I will tell you how. My addy is

  21. gotta love a redneck

    To all you dudes that complain about her boobs or her crotch. We all know that at best you’ve probably never porked someone that looks as good as her. At best all you have probably ever done is taken one for the team. She looks normal and natural. There is nothing wrong with this. Yes, I believe if you want me to eat in the kitchen you have to keep it clean however I’m sure the most of you couldn’t get a girl like her if you wanted. The thing that makes a girl look good is the fact that she doesn’t look the same as every other girl. She has great skin, hair, face, etc. I just think the bikini could be better. I bet if you noticed her in a bar, you’d probably wet your pants trying to get her number.

    Keep spankin’ the monkey to sports illustrated. It’s as good as you’ll get.

  22. jesus

    so #221, you must really be ugly if you think he looks good. just told on yourself didn’t you. she looks like something that ran down a monkeys thigh.

  23. Fasc(ion)ist(a)

    Wow. She is completely UNsexy, as in a-sexy. Not even a twinge.

  24. Why is this flat chested girl #3?

  25. jesus

    christina applegates tits are still bigger than this fellows.

  26. Lilac

    Am I missing something? Her crotch is completely within the normal range of female crotch shapes…Most pussies look like that (or at least, have a bulge similar to that one) when the elastic around the legholes is really tight. The tightness forces the flesh away from the legs, sort of. And even if you have fat there, it’s not like you can do situps or get on a treadmill to get rid of it.

  27. smelly

    Ummm, there is no way in the world that the US version of Kath and Kim is going to be even nearly as funny as the ORIGINAL Australian version. To all the retards that say Selma looks extremely shit here……. SHES SUPPOSED TO because she is playing the trash-bag Kim on the new show. If you think that Selma looks bad as Kim……… Just look up the show and see what the real Kim looks like. Selma looks way better.

  28. dooshbayg

    The absurdity of this image really raises selma up in my book and makes me want to give this show a try. Hopefully this will be another funny rip-off…oops i mean adaptation of a show from a different country. I’d totally do her, but selma: lose the hat, keep the flipflops. We wouldn’t need a bed cuz i’d walk around with her on my shlort (that’s a shlong that isn’t too long).

  29. BIGDICK2

    Hes got a huge package.

  30. Viftoria

    Seriously??? You cannot pull off a bikini top like that with no boobs… What was she thinking…

  31. somuchbetter


    Not even the most perfect of womanly figures would ever be able to pull that gaudy bikini off, let alone that atrocious cowboy hat.

    WTF is she thinking?!

    …. or he…

  32. jenn

    she looks pretty hot to me :D

    …maybe she doesn’t shave… or she’s hiding a cell phone? lol

  33. jenn

    she looks pretty hot to me :D

    …maybe she doesn’t shave… or she’s hiding a cell phone? lol

  34. jenn

    she looks pretty hot to me :D

    …maybe she doesn’t shave… or she’s hiding a cell phone? lol



  36. Rosossko Jones

    She’s extremely cute, but that bikini is not the most flattering thing around.

  37. niggapleez

    One of the grossest chicks I’ve ever seen, and she’s neck to neck with Rumer Willis and Bea Arthur, nice stinkface to go with the grossass body btw

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