Selma Blair in a bikini

August 15th, 2008 // 238 Comments

These are shots of Selma Blair in a bikini on the set of her new show Kath & Kim, but that’s not important right now. Can somebody tell me what in the hell is going on with Selma Blair’s crotch in some of these photos? Is her vagina trying to escape? That can’t be healthy. Should somebody notify the National Guard, or is it one of those deals where it’s more scared of us then we are of it?


  1. Barak Obama

    She looks pretty hot here.

  2. Jas


  3. LaraCroftsmole

    Ummmm she has no figure, what are we looking at? a hairless man in a bikini> no waist, no buttocks, no breasts? Those shoes and trashy ankle chain?? YUUCCK.

  4. Sway

    She needs to keep that shit under control.
    Not hot.
    It looks like she bought that bathing suit from a biker in a strip mall in Florida.

  5. Mark

    Is that Mankini from the Soup?

  6. Tim

    Well if it isn’t Vera de Milo from In Living Color!

  7. Rascally Rob

    Hey sup, that bizzare monolith in her bikini bottoms there is a cigarette pack, I think. Though a couple of the shots it appears to have gravitated right down to her cooch.

    Forget smoking after sex, I guess this is her sex smoking beforehand instead.

  8. Maury

    ^ I think that’s the point.

    This is for a movie.

  9. I think her tits are trying to escape..or already have, geh. She needs to put on some clothes I’m about chuck my cheerios..

  10. charmagnee

    she looks cute but her bikini is kinda striperry and she looks mad lol

  11. John McCain

    I’d hit that and let her pick a country to bomb. May I suggest Iran baby, they got the oil. We just tell our country that they have WMD’s, our silly country will believe anything.

    “but johnny what happens when it gets out they were no threat to us?”

    I dunno, we’ll say oops? That should be good enough. Actually we’ll have the CIA slip something in Britney Spears drink so she has a relapse of crazy, public loves that shit.

    “Johnny you are so smart”

    That’s why they call me big Mac baby, cause my ideas are simply delicious.

  12. Karen

    Usually you put something like calamine lotion on mosquito bites, not a bikini top.

  13. The Office Whore

    You could not pay me enough to wear that fucking hat..

    Ok, you could..

    But not to wear the pocket full of sunshine bikini..

  14. aunutt

    now, that’s certainly rectangular,
    which means the rectum might be the only target, here.

  15. The Office Whore

    Ever try medication??

  16. …waiting for the first “how could she go out in public like that???” comment, ignoring the movie set…

  17. Barak Obama

    All you haters on here are racist. Wait, sorry, that is another post. If Selma had a boob job you would be shaking your ding-dongs and ho-ho’s in anger and trying to make fun of her for having fake tits. You can’t have it both ways. Unless you are a liberal democrat. In which case, you need to go inflate your tires. That is the only way to bring down the cost of gasoline.

  18. or Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome

    Take your pick, either way, she/he is not normal.

  19. The Office Whore

    how could she go out in public like that??

  20. She doesn’t need a boob job, just a really good bra!!

    Fuck this, I think it is 5:00 somewhere. Who’s buying??

  21. She doesn’t need a boob job, just a really good bra!!

    Fuck this, I think it is 5:00 somewhere. Who’s buying??

  22. Alyssa

    The models from the BONDI BIKINI are from scene model management.
    Yup, some of them are weeeeee bit too young.
    Why is it bad though? Why can’t you talk about them in terms of looking good? Is it against the law in the US?

    Anyways, I thought we were all supposed to be ugly here!!!!

    ALL THE GUYS WHO DON’T LOOK LIKE MONKEYS IN MY CLASS ARE ALREADY DATING!!! I want my uggos!! Where are you, boys??

  23. ella

    yeah hasn’t anyone else seen the commercials for this show yet? she’s supposed to look ridiculous.

  24. Your Mother's Fart

    Sweet monkeys, she’s hawt. What you see down there, kids, is what’s called au natural — she no shavey her cooch. THAT’S how a woman is SUPPOSED to be (though I’m not opposed to a trim).

  25. MEEEEE??????? A double post???? Well that’s cause I want TWO margaritas!!

  26. Bob

    I dunno, she’s kinda hot like this. I’d let her fuck me in the ass. Especially if she had that pissed off expression the whole time.

  27. NY Ted

    To answer your question Fish…she either has HUGE protruding pussy lips or she is growing a small penis…???

    Can you Imagine her and Kate Hudson in a wet T-shirt contest….???

    No neither can I…!!!

  28. KD

    Her best role:
    [Vi and Mr. Scott are having sex]
    Mr. Scott: Say, “Nigger, fuck me.”
    Vi: Oh, but I… I can’t… say that.
    Mr. Scott: Say, “Ni…”
    Vi: Ni…
    Mr. Scott: “… gger.”
    Vi: …gger.
    Mr. Scott: Say, “Nigger.”
    Vi: Nigger.
    Mr. Scott: “Fuck me hard.”
    Vi: Fuck… me… hard Nigger.

  29. PEC

    Maybe her tits are in her bikini bottom, ergo the bulge, because they sure aren’t in her top.

  30. shellibelli

    if she was a fat actress you guys would make fun of her, she is indeed a skinny one and you guys still make fun – oh and they said women are so hard to please.

  31. Erik

    She must be resigned to a lifetime of giving up anal.

  32. chupacabra

    she is one ugly, sexless, flat, shapeless, short, stocky, bland, unappealing, did I say ugly? ugly whore.

    She needs everything she can get to give that body some shape. Jesus! This is the first time I think I can safely say, “get surgury, bitch.” (specifically a boob job)

  33. Pat

    #29 – she hired Kim K as a coach for that scene, although nobody really understood at the time why she brought along plastic sheets.

  34. This is thesuperficial. We make fun of everyone.

  35. This is thesuperficial. We make fun of everyone.

  36. Fish sucks today.. Moveable type WTF??????

  37. KD

    Her best role:
    [Vi and Mr. Scott are having sex]
    Mr. Scott: Say, “Nigger, fuck me.”
    Vi: Oh, but I… I can’t… say that.
    Mr. Scott: Say, “Ni…”
    Vi: Ni…
    Mr. Scott: “… gger.”
    Vi: …gger.
    Mr. Scott: Say, “Nigger.”
    Vi: Nigger.
    Mr. Scott: “Fuck me hard.”
    Vi: Fuck… me… hard Nigger.

  38. I’d still bang her after a couple of Heinekens.

  39. Ethan

    She remind anyone else of Jim Carrey’s ‘Vera de Milo’ from In Living Color??

  40. sharpeidude

    Maybe the dude pulled his cock down between his thighs as to fool all of us, you know?

    You’re not fooling me you crazy guy!!!!!

  41. michele

    Is anyone else vomiting??? She looks gross in every picture. Girls that have cute bodies should wear stuff like that. She just looks like she lost a bunch of weight and all just trying to figure out where to go. Nasty!

  42. Kopptok

    Wow, she is flat. But its Friday so I will print and tug off to anyway.


  43. rough daddy

    wow that is one puffy pussy right there,,,I dont usually like implants, she should definitely should get one size over, so theyll look natural…

  44. Barely Stearn

    She looks just like my sister…. the one my dad calls his little pincushion and I call “mom”. It’s all Obama’s fault.

    What’s that? Oh um no sir Tyrone…. I wasn’t using the store’s computer to write nothing….. yessir, I know the fries aren’t done yet….. uh yessir….. I’ll get right on it…..

  45. UK_Matt

    So thats who they cast for the US remake of Kath & Kim. Its an Aussie Sit-Com about two suburban chicks and their fucked up lives.

    Chances of the joke carrying over into US market as they rely on subtlety, timing and a knowledge of the society in which its based….er, 1 in 10.

  46. mike

    Irregardless, I’d be curious to know what my finger would smell like after it slid back out of her ass.

  47. JustAs_it_is

    I would marry her in a heartbeat and live happily ever after!! She’s pretty and slim. At least here’s someone in Hollywood who doesn’t smell like rubber when you’re close to her.
    Again stupid fat hater fucks against true and natural beauty. Like #33 & #42. If anything, stop looking at your sorry asses in the mirror and telling us what you see and behold these pictures instead.

  48. Penisonaleash


  49. Rant

    For those who above stated “Mankini” or Vera de Milo, I think she may be the love child of those two.

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