Selma Blair is Definitely Pregnant

February 7th, 2011 // 52 Comments

Granted, these are essentially the Anti-Katy Perry, here’s a clearly pregnant Selma Blair showing off her baby bump in Malibu yesterday because as we’ve established, fertilized eggs are this year’s adopted African child. Which sounds precious and magical until a year from now when these kids are sitting in a closet next to the Wii, iPad and 3D flatscreen while their mothers cuddle twin Asian babies with wings glued on them. On that note, has anyone seen my hot glue gun? I’m, uh, making a bird house. With babies. Wait.

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  1. Christina

    Selma Blair is not one of the intresting ones?

  2. TMI

    Fucking gross.

    • Fartblossum

      Seriously. Sorry, but not all pregnant women are beautiful. She looks disgusting. Cover it up!

  3. No wonder she’s been so quiet. Congrats!!

  4. frist


  5. Deacon Jones

    Maybe she’s not pregnant. That’s what my belly expanded to overnight following a buffalo wing, pizza, cheese dip eating extravaganza last night.

    Add 16 beers, let brew for 10 hours, and that fucking toilet was in a world of hurtin’ this morning.

  6. dufresne

    I like her.

  7. Drundel

    And she STILL has no tits. Damn.

  8. nobaby

    She actually does not appear to be pregnant but perhaps one too many beers? looks like a beer gut to me.

  9. jojo

    Are you sure that is not Linda Blair? I think I see the words “help me” popping up on her stomach.

  10. Selma Blair Bikini Pregnant
    Commented on this photo:

    pregnant and a hot body DAMN

  11. Dude

    I did not know that Selma Blair is a celebrity! Yay! Speaking of people on her level, I wonder what The Dell Guy is up to?


  13. Mortimer Duke

    Nice hat, Mumra.

  14. Roll her back in the water, the rest of the pod is waiting…

  15. Selma Blair Bikini Pregnant
    Commented on this photo:


  16. Roughy

    Even new GQ girl Kacey Jordan can do better than those….

  17. smellers

    I’d still pound it HARD.
    TMI , you’re either dickless or had your vagina fused together for 50 years.

  18. GrandDragon

    If it wasn’t for baby formula, that poor kid would have to starve.

  19. Eatmycookie

    NO NO NO she is only pmsing and ate a salty burrito

  20. Selma Blair Bikini Pregnant
    Commented on this photo:

    So this is what she looks like when her breasts are engorged with milk? Wow. Just wow.

  21. Lisa

    This is the celebrity norm for being pregnant- skinny everywhere with a belly. NIcole Richie had a similar pregnant body.

  22. Selma Blair Bikini Pregnant
    Commented on this photo:

    maybe now her tits will inflate to an enormous AA cup

  23. She’s pregnant and thin. They don’t eat very much those celebutants when they get preggers. Who is she again? We care why? I think she should at least get some color on her pale ass.

  24. malika

    She is beautiful! Congats!!

  25. lyricaloutburst

    I wish she kicked Fergie.

  26. Selma Blair Bikini Pregnant
    Lady GuyGuy
    Commented on this photo:

    Actually that’s her body shape from her last series she had to have a gut to look like a trailer trash hick.

  27. Selma Blair Bikini Pregnant
    Commented on this photo:

    Hasn’t helped her tits any.

  28. sc

    why a bikini??? there are swimsuits for pregnant women, although i would avoid the ocean if i was pregnant.

  29. wim


  30. BarbJ

    Has anyone seen my pet Sea Monkey? Or my cowboy hat?

  31. Juls Frankel

    Geez, somebody is actually “carrying” their very own child, without hiring a woman to become pregnant, without hiring a “poor” African baby(,what about all of our own children, right here in America who need a family?)

    It sickens me that as a country we do not honor the women who take pride in the most natural occurance on Earth. “Throw her in with the whales”? Honey, if your mother did “whale up” you wouldn’t be here today.

    20 years ago, I wore a two piece when prednant with my daughter. I felt beautiful, both mentally and physically. Feeling human life inside of you…well there is nothing on Earth to compare that feeling to that I know.

    I salute her, for being a celeb who can handle, the beauty of creation and change.

    • Mama Pinkus

      I am glad my mum was not as judgmental and delirious as you

    • Mortimer Duke

      Fuck off Juls, seems like youre over compensating. And what the hell is prednant? And im sure the life you felt inside of you was your raging case of ringworm/crabs. Get over yourself.

  32. Selma Blair Bikini Pregnant
    Commented on this photo:

    She will always be the most georgeous woman to me and now that she is preggers, she is even more beautiful. This is going to be one beautiful baby and she will make an amazing mother.

  33. dafs

    Wasn’t she in Pan’s Labyrinth?

  34. Laurali

    I think she looks great. If anyone who wasn’t in the industry looked like that–we would all be amazed how wonderful she looked.

  35. Spinnaker

    What sight, gross woman.

  36. Selma Blair Bikini Pregnant
    Commented on this photo:

    I wonder what she did to piss the titty fairy off sooo bad. And to the other breast commenter who said they come later,, no way,, swollen & sore breasts are one of the first harbringers of spring,, er i mean pregnancy. Actually her tits were so small before maybe they have quadupled in size. And did I read she is 39?

  37. raeanna

    i think she looks great!! and some women think that they can over eat and get fat just because thet are preg..when in fact eating healthy and keeping fit is good for the baby..

  38. Asuigeneris1

    No, first baby…they arrive when you start prepping for lactation.

  39. beany

    Nice turdcutter!

  40. stay hydrated get focused

    True story bro… cant wait to read more

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