Selma Blair Has Something in Her Uterus. You’ll Never Guess.

Selma Blair – Who’s apparently 38? – is the latest to hop on the new fad sweeping Hollywood making this an incredible time to be a coyote bringing in illegal Mexican nannies. It’s like your Black Friday. People reports:

Blair, 38, and Bleick, founder and creative director for EVER fashion line, met while collaborating for the brand and have been dating about a year, according to a friend.
“They are ecstatic,” says the friend. “They couldn’t be happier.”

At the rate this is going, some of these people have to be faking it. There’s no way everyone just decided en masse to start fucking in September/October unless, yet again, I wasn’t invited to another Hollywood orgy. Is it because I brought store brand tortilla chips last time? THEY WERE OUT OF TOSTITOS. Goddammit.

Photos: Pacific Coast News