Selma Blair Has Something in Her Uterus. You’ll Never Guess.

January 14th, 2011 // 26 Comments

Selma Blair – Who’s apparently 38? – is the latest to hop on the new fad sweeping Hollywood making this an incredible time to be a coyote bringing in illegal Mexican nannies. It’s like your Black Friday. People reports:

Blair, 38, and Bleick, founder and creative director for EVER fashion line, met while collaborating for the brand and have been dating about a year, according to a friend.
“They are ecstatic,” says the friend. “They couldn’t be happier.”

At the rate this is going, some of these people have to be faking it. There’s no way everyone just decided en masse to start fucking in September/October unless, yet again, I wasn’t invited to another Hollywood orgy. Is it because I brought store brand tortilla chips last time? THEY WERE OUT OF TOSTITOS. Goddammit.

Photos: Pacific Coast News


  1. That looks like a Frank Zappa autograph on the shirt.
    If so I will rip it from her.

  2. I’ll guess – a hell-fetus.

  3. bimbamboing

    That shirt is far from my own standards. Not even relatively but really far.

  4. There’s a reason there are so many of us Gemini’s in the world and that my late May/early June is birthday party central. What magical ambrosia doe Sept/Oct hold? It starts to get cold so people stop boning on the beach and bone in the beach *house*? Must be.

    • um apparently late may/early june is taurus now, not gemini.. the recently republished ‘proper’ zodiac took me out of cancer, which always felt kinda ominous. now IM the gemini, beotch lol

  5. Any Guy

    sadly, she’s probably not even a Zappa fan. just another Hollywood twit who thinks its ‘cool’ to wear retro-rock gear. farce.

    another hottie lost to the annoying little bag-of-meat factory. babies are disgusting.

  6. Here’s my guess… PETA probably got up in arms about how cruel it was to carry around a cute little puppy in your purse, no now the cool thing is to, what… get pregnant? ‘Cause there’s no real harm in it? I dunno, that’s all I’ve got.

    • tyler

      I still think all of us are lucky that Paris Hilton decided on a dog rather than getting pregnant. You have to remember the small favors.

  7. Lil

    I don’t know who she is and I don’t care. I WANT THAT SHIRT

  8. jlowejd5

    Unless the fetus was implanted while frenching Buffy, nobody cares.

  9. Richard McBeef

    I’ll never guess what? Who she is?

  10. TetterkeT

    Cancer! Is it cancer?! Oh, it’s a baby. Same difference.

  11. jumpin_j

    Great song, lousy woman. Video for her T-Shirt:

  12. dennisdamenace

    best. bar name. ever.

  13. krutboo

    her shirt says “titties” on it which is funny because she has none

  14. Romulus

    Titties and beer isnt exactly a super famous zappa song, she is probably a decent fan.

    • Central Scrotenizer

      Titties n Beer, titties n beer, du dunda dunda dunda dun. noooooo….. say it aint so….. gimmie time to think…

  15. brilliant

    Mother effer! We tried for quite sometime and we finally managed to get pregnant too. Where the hell is my post, people. Damn the fertile Hollywood elite!

  16. GodComplex

    Yo mamma’s infected veegay?

  17. Stephanie

    Why do people who are too old to start having kids, continue to have them? It shows how much concern they have for themselves and how little they have for the child they will birth. Even if the parents are 60+ when they graduate and their kids are born with developmental problems, they don’t care. Go ahead! Have a baby at FORTY…that’s A OK! But hold the phones if a 16 yr old gets an abortion for the sake of her future.

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