Selena Gomez Wore This

Paris Fashion Week is happening right now, and while that couldn’t have less impact on my life even if a mime broke into my house and tried to strangle me with the perfect accent belt, a braless Selena Gomez showed up, so here we are. Do I purchase all of my clothes purely out of necessity and only after the strong urging of outside parties who ask me things like “Haven’t you had that T-shirt since middle school?” Yes, but it has a hand holding two lightbulbs in a way that makes them look like testicles. You don’t get rid of that. You wear that shit with holes in the armpits. What the hell were we talking about again? Oh, right, Selena Gomez’s braless nipples. Go look at those. *rubs sneaker polish on BK Knights*

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Photo: Fame/Flynet