Selena Gomez Sunbathing Topless
(For The Most Part)

August 1st, 2011 // 220 Comments

Here’s 19-year-old (Seemed like a good idea to point that out.) Selena Gomez sunbathing in Orlando over the weekend and, okay, fine, looking not pregnant. And while I’m being completely honest, its time all of us stop lying to ourselves about Justin Bieber hitting this and start focusing on harvesting His power. I’m talking literally consuming His body thus becoming one with His magic because, trust me, transubstantiation ain’t cutting it. Which is surprising for a Roman Catholic concept that I’m using to take something from a young boy, but I digress. The important thing is I’ve been covering Communion wafers in maple syrup all morning, and I haven’t touched a single Italian-Mexican hybrid boob yet. Unless they feel like diabetes, in which case, they be all up in my face, making my feet not feel no more.

Photo: Splash News


  1. Selena Gomez Topless Bikini
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    She is just laying out like many of us do in the summertime. I see nothing wrong with what she is doing. She is a cute girl. For some styles similar to hers affordable prices check out!

  2. Doc Schweinstrudel

    And this exibit DOES NOT REVEAL stereotype of Mexicans, who are a hard working people. And not whores since age 12

  3. Selena Gomez Topless Bikini
    marxo grouch
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    She’s holding s plaster cast of Justin’s pee pee.

  4. Selena Gomez Topless Bikini
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    Oh to be 19!!! better use it whils she has it…in 20yrs that stuff will be saggin and draggin

  5. Selena Gomez Topless Bikini
    larin turner
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    why would you explode her like that? i mean get her some privacy people im sure you dont want a picture of you like that going around the internet!

  6. Selena Gomez Topless Bikini
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    why would you explode her like that? i mean give her some space people! im sure you dont want a picture of you like that going around the internet!

  7. Pussyeater

    I want to eat her pussy out so much!!!!

  8. Selena Gomez Topless Bikini
    Piroca de Fantasma é Geladinha
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    Essa ninfeta é deliciosa demais.

  9. Selena Gomez Topless Bikini
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    she has a flat Ass you guys are perv XD

    • sooo……………flat small petite little whats your problem ??
      Ohhhh i get it-YOUR-FAT ???? ok-y… hey look wether your fat or not or have a bigger butt then her point is. thats what’s called a firm a**. stop believing the HYPE of the ” NICKI MINAJ ” effect of Ghetto Booty. Real Men don’t like that Eye Candy hype because thats all it is…is eye candy hype. nothing more.a great a** is a firm a** similar to her’s…not some jelly belly behind. its not ATTRACTIVE nor is it something we want. you better understand this NOW. before its too late and your BF or husband cheats on you with a woman who has a body that firm trim and tight. at the endof the day thats’ what it’s about ….nothing more nothing less.

  10. Selena Gomez Topless Bikini
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    so beautifull wow!!!!!

  11. Selena Gomez Topless Bikini
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    she has a beauitifull body

  12. Selena Gomez Topless Bikini
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    the most beauitfull woman ever hands down

  13. Selena Gomez Topless Bikini
    justin diablo
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    mm it’s so delicious, beautiful and sexy. mm her breasts
    I want them to become a Playboy model.

  14. Selena Gomez Topless Bikini
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    mm so hot

  15. Selena Gomez Topless Bikini
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  16. Selena Gomez Topless Bikini
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    yes please don’t explode her any more.

  17. Selena Gomez Topless Bikini
    Neon signs
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    I see a lot more than that at the beach and im sure it would not bother her!!! http;//

  18. Selena Gomez Topless Bikini
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    ahhh fapfapfapfapfapfapfapfapfapfapfap

  19. Selena Gomez Topless Bikini
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    No real topless pics… :(

  20. Selena Gomez Topless Bikini
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    poor girl, she’s so sweet, girls do this on the beach all the time. There is absolutely nothing wrong with these photos, i feel so sad for her, she probably didn’t even know there was a camera guy there :(

    • Albert Fish

      shut up bitch lol

      you feel sad for her?
      I don’t think she gives a fuck when her bank account has over 30 million

  21. Selena Gomez Topless Bikini
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    Do you really call tha topless???

  22. Selena Gomez Topless Bikini
    Larry Jones
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    These would be pretty hot if she didn’t have the face of a 12 yr old.

  23. Selena Gomez Topless Bikini
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    She looks like a child, but I bet that excites 90% of the readers here.

  24. Selena Gomez Topless Bikini
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    Come on Selena please show a dirty old man like myself more of little firm bobbies + tight little beaver.

  25. Selena Gomez Topless Bikini
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    asshole perverts like you should be in jail sucking wardens cock, so leave her alone.

    • Master Cherry Plucker

      Why the fuck not, she’s posing as “True Love” to Justine Bieber, who goes for what she doesn’t have between her legs! The immature little dwarp, who sings and ACTS like an 8yr old, goes for other immature little dwarps! I rest my case…

  26. Selena Gomez Topless Bikini
    Selena Gomez
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    That’s my picture I look ugly as fuck

    • Jenny

      You are ugly Selena, you say you dont speak Spanish yet your last name is Gomez. You make white people look extremely cheap. Your just like j.lo who also, after the real Selena, who actually had to learn some spanish, have acquired fame and money, and some white boy that looks like a girl…oh wait..its normal now..a gay boy. So sad. And that is why mexico and all the other countries laugh at hollywood and dye their hairs blonde kus there is no true blonde. And all this does is make white people dumb. Talking about mexican oeople when they themselves have babies from them. White people make me freakin laugh!

  27. Selena Gomez Topless Bikini
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    aw justine had the plesure ,cause he made love to it

  28. Selena Gomez Topless Bikini
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    One of these days she will wake up next to Bieber and ask herself: What the Fuck am I doing here?! The Bieber will wake up and ask the same… thinking of the Jonas Brothers.

  29. Selena Gomez Topless Bikini
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    That fucking tag.

  30. Selena Gomez Topless Bikini
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    I probably should go tuck that in for her. She’d hate for it to leave a weird suntan mark.

  31. Selena Gomez Topless Bikini
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    she’s almost 20 and not 16, grow up

  32. Selena Gomez Topless Bikini
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    i wish i was her

  33. Selena Gomez Topless Bikini
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    i would start in the pink and finish in the stink with that piece of ass

  34. Selena Gomez Topless Bikini
    Reuben Hall
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    If I could have the pick of any girl in the world it would be her, Selena Gomez is the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen, she is so hot, im so jealous of justin

  35. Selena Gomez Topless Bikini
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  36. Selena Gomez Topless Bikini
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    She is what she has turned into–an exhibitionist?

  37. Selena Gomez Topless Bikini
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    As long as the tagged shadow of Asscrack Walley keeps showing up on Fish’s front page, I’ll keep on clicking on it.

  38. Selena Gomez Topless Bikini
    Hugh G. Rection
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    Super HOT!!!

  39. Selena Gomez Topless Bikini
    Albert Fish
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    She’s getting hotter and hotter.
    I swear i’d kidnap just bieber, tie him up and fuck Selena right infront of him.. with a smiley scream 2 mask on.

  40. Selena Gomez Topless Bikini
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    sempre gostei dessas fotos
    gostozona dos peitoes gigantes

  41. Selena Gomez Topless Bikini
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    you guys are all horndogs

    • like………women aren’t ….too when it comes to attractive men ….yeah ok-y.
      and i enjoy attractive Males….ONLY attractive Males………
      so you can’t tell me i play both sides of the Fence ….and i Observe and watch Ya’ll ALL THE F**KING same….Lmaoo

  42. Selena Gomez Topless Bikini
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    I want to lick her armpits…oh yeahhhhh

  43. Selena Gomez Topless Bikini
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    Wath idiot make this picture he should be in jail

  44. Selena Gomez Topless Bikini
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    She is like where is my money now?

  45. Selena Gomez Topless Bikini
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    Oh, look. Breasts! I didn’t have those yesterday!

  46. Selena Gomez Topless Bikini
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    Yall are stupid! I mean she has haters and now you pervs ! wow i feel bad for herr!

    • your contradictor ………jus like every woman on this blog.
      you women are 2 things 1) jealous 2) full of Crap.
      …………wen men speak & gather comment on a particular female ” you guys are all pervs ” ………….ohhhhhh were disgusting and wrong. but when women …..gather around and sexually degrade men ohhhhh its different right ???? F*KK outta here with that BS !!
      GTFO ..You. Double Standard Cunt’s ya’ll are……SMFH :/

  47. Selena Gomez Topless Bikini
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    Hell yeah! High five!

  48. Selena Gomez Topless Bikini
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    ha im pretty sure if annyy one was as offended as they say they were on here then you wouldnt have clicked on this picture to look at it in the first place other than to bitch

  49. Selena Gomez Topless Bikini
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    Soo….the photography can just take picture of her without permission….thats kinda wrong.

  50. Selena Gomez Topless Bikini
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    like it.

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