Selena Gomez Is SO Bad Now, You Guys

Selena Gomez dressed like Olivia Newton John from Grease at the Billboard Women in Music Awards. This could be a sign that she’s truly come full circle and wants everyone to know that she’s all grown up now that she’s back with Justin Bieber or maybe she’s just getting into that angsty teen phase that Disney never allowed her to have. I’ll leave that up to you to decide.

I can’t really take anything she says seriously after reading her piece in Billboard where she tried to act like her and The Weeknd are totally “best friends” after their breakup. Last I checked, best friends don’t unfollow each other on social media and scrub every picture taken together a day after calling it quits. That’s what my 14-year-old cousin did to her ex-boyfriend because that’s what really hits the kids hard at their core these days.

Dressing to kill is something that will hopefully never go out of style after a break up, though — at least she got that right. This is surely going to cut The Weeknd a lot deeper than those photos of her wearing Justin Bieber’s maple-smelling hockey jersey.

Hah, I’m kidding, The Weeknd is banging supermodels and doesn’t give two shits about who or what Selena Gomez is doing.

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