Selena Gomez Showed Her Ankle In A Mosque

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Because religion is perfectly grounded in logic and reason, one of the rules of mosque etiquette is that a woman’s skin should be covered at all times. Allah hates lady skin. I mean sure, He created it out of nothingness to serve as a biological barrier against the airborne diseases He also created, but He doesn’t want to have to look at that shit, especially in His house! Via Us Weekly:

Gomez, 22, got the brunt of the hate when she posted a now-deleted picture of herself popping her leg out to show off her bare ankle — a sign of impropriety in the Muslim culture.

Before Selena Gomez gets the Danish cartoonist treatment, can someone explain that she was just trying to get Justin Bieber’s attention? Homeboy converted to Islam during his dime in San Quentin and ever since he’s been on his knees five times a day (No Usher). What’s a bitch gotta do to get some love? Tattoo ‘Allahu Akbar’ above her vagi– Seriously, I just got us all killed, didn’t I? *looks at naked tits all over entire site, realizes homepage alone would bring Saudi Arabia to its knees* Nope, we’re good here.

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