Selena Gomez is Cheating on Justin Bieber With Shia LaBeouf

June 30th, 2011 // 100 Comments

Someone better scoop out that Maple Fetus and make room for THE BEEF.

Despite literally risking life and limb for a ride on the Christ Coaster, Selena Gomez apparently goes goo-goo eyed for Shia LaBeouf and doesn’t care who knows it as evidenced by a video of her meeting him backstage at The Today Show that she tweeted to her six million followers. You know, sometimes we forget these are just teenage kids who are just as fickle as my girlfriends at that age who caused me to hate and distrust all women. Granted, I didn’t have enough money to purchase soldiers of fortune and my own island to flee extradition, I’m sure this’ll turn out fine. Because if there’s one thing I know about teenagers, it’s that they make careful, well-thought out decisions with non-permanent consequences. And they love Pogs. Can’t get enough of ‘em.

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  1. Poptr

    Ok, why is this chick considered at all “hot”??? WTF is wrong with these guys….

  2. Jimbo

    Megan Fox in training???

  3. Dan

    “And they love Pogs.”

    We must be about the same age :)

  4. looking forward to when lebeouf spills all the details/posts the sex tape

    • tiger

      “What about Bieber?”

      - IdunnoIdunnoIdunnoIdunnoIdunnoIdunnoIdunnoIdunnoIdunnoIdunnoIdunnoIdunnovivamexico!

    • courtney

      i already know tht selena gomez is going to cheat on justin bieber


  5. MrChips

    Lebeouf the panty-dropper? Lebeouf. Nope. I don’t see it. Why is this nomrod on our radar? Is he Spielberg’s bastard? There’s no other explanation.

    • Deacon Jones

      It’s becuse he’s Jewish.

      Few Jewish people make it to Hollywood as actors (excluding neurotic comedians) because most of the public doesnt like Jews.

      So when they get one, all the Jews behind the scenes (+/- 80%) try their hardest to shove them in front of anything with a camera and director.

      • TomFrank

        Seriously, WTF is with all the anti-Semitism among the commenters on this site?

      • RoboZombie

        Hey Deacon
        You need to go listen to Adam Sandler’s Hannukah Song…1st AND 2nd versions

      • CptCreep

        Every single race, creed, and religion is equal shat on here. Making it about one particular group is your doing and your hangup.

      • Deacon Jones


        I’m Irish and we’re just a bunch of drunken assholes

      • bitingontinfoil

        @Deacon: “Few Jewish ppl make it to H’wood as actors”
        ….ummm… Ben Stiller, Nat. Portman, Adam Sandler, Elliot Gould, Seth Rogan, Adrian Brodey, Selma Blair, Kat Dennings, Gene Wilder, Liev Schriber, Albert Brooks, Sydney Pollack (my fave), Babs, Jack Black, Jeff Goldblum, Rachel Weiz, Richard Drefuss, ***deep breath***, Bette Midler, Lauren Becall, Peter (RIP) Falk, Peter Sellers, Dustin Hoffman, Winona Ryder, Jake G., Jospeh Gordon-Levitt, Sandra Bullock, Demi Moore, Tony Randall, Michael Richards, etc etc etc. There are many, many, wonderful actors who are Jewish. To state otherwise is ignorant and troll-ish.

      • bitingontinfoil

        @Cpt.Creep: ” Every single race, creed, and religion is equal shat on here. Making it about one particular group is your doing and your hangup”

        You’re absolutely right. By the same token, fellow commentors ALSO reserve the right to “shit” on every bigoted, racist, misogynistic and/or otherwise just plain douchey commentor here.

      • Deacon Jones

        Michael Richards?

        That’s a little ironic you referenced him, and then in the next breathe call someone a bigot, isn’t it?

      • Deacon Jones

        Or is that “just douchey”?

      • bitingontinfoil

        @Deacon –
        (a) You were commenting on the topic of “Jews” in Hollywood (ie in the context of religion) which is bigoted;
        (b) Michael Richards was making “fun” of a RACE, not a religion which is racist;
        (c) I didn’t call ANYONE a bigot in my next “breathe” – Cpt. took offense and stated everyone here makes comments about race, creed, colour, religion, etc. I simply agreed and stated that by the same token, we should be able to make remarks about bigots, racists, etc. If you felt, for some strange reason, that I was talking particularly about YOU, well, that’s *your* problem, isn’t?

      • CptCreep

        I didn’t take offense because this is an anonymous web forum and therefore taking offense to anything would be retarded. I was merely pointing out the fact that no one group was singled out. I also purposely spelled the work “shat” as I felt it captured the watery type of shit I had imagined.

    • MrChips

      nimrod. I meant nimrod. that’s all.

      • bitingontinfoil

        @CptCreep: I find it funny how I was responding to Deacon’s post when I wrote “if you felt offended”, yet YOU answered that you were not offended. Hmmm – sock puppet much? Just wondering.

      • the man

        fish the idiot perv talks about christians any chance he gets. is that not bigoted?

  6. Including the chick in the background, there are five tits in this picture.

  7. Hugh Marlboro

    I want seconds after Shia is done .

  8. Dan

    As to Selena – she is/was dating Beiber, so really, what kind of judgment does she have? Shia probably looks like Conan the Barbarian to her now.

  9. Venom

    Selena knows she is the baddest bitch on the block in Hollywood and can get any A list man she wants and she is making sure Bieber remembers that too.

    Shia jumped straight the fuck up out of his chair and ran right over to her.
    He knows whats up.

    • Jovy

      Wtf, are you high? Baddest bitch?? Half of the people I know don’t even know who this 12 year old is. I have never heard a song of hers, and to be honest I don’t even know why the hell she is relevant(other than dating another 12 year old chick).

    • Who is this broad? What has she done again?

      Yeah, and keep in mind that I’M the one with the money that these people want.

      This chick is part of the gossip cycle, she’s not A-List.

  10. GH

    omg, soooooo jealous. HE IS SO HANSOME!

  11. Harriscandoit

    Why do all old hags who can’t get laid always assume that some hot 20 year old “looks” 1ike a 12 year old and all men are pedos? She does not look 12 she looks like a hot girl her age. Just because men have no interest in your wrinkled ass does not make men pedos.

  12. right

    John Mayer hit this yet? He’s a douche that chases the young ones.

  13. AT

    I keep hearing Bieber Bieber,
    what the fuck is that? some kind of underwear, std or wtf?

  14. cc

    Justin Bieber flies into a jealous rage.

    It felt weird to even write that.

  15. Hopefully Beiber knows how to act cause in a few years he won’t be so cute to teen girls and Selena will dump his ass for the next A-lister.

  16. vitobonespur

    Yo, Bieber, looks like you’re being cuckolded and your little yum-yum cookie is looking to be served up on someone else’s plate. You might as well disappear into the bottle for the next 25 years.

    And, NO, I don’t mean a milk bottle!

  17. Selena Gomez Shia LaBeouf
    Commented on this photo:

    Looks like saw The Beef and decided to unleash the girls for this rodeo.

  18. So wait a minute. She’s NOT pregnant with the anti-Christ – um, I mean, Justin Bieber’s kid?
    I’m missing waaay too much. I have got to buy a more comfy computer chair.

  19. AlexK

    She’s gorgeous, but holy shit does her taste in men suck.

    • Venom

      She picks A list men that make over $50 million a year.
      I would have to say she is pretty smart about who she picks actually.

  20. anonym

    damn. how fucking short is she?

    if she’s shorter than shia, she must be a midget.

  21. anonym

    selena’s first reaction was sweet and cute.

  22. Grant Schaeffer

    Would like to put my sanchez in her snatchez

  23. Selena Gomez Shia LaBeouf
    Commented on this photo:

    Shia is so yummy!

  24. The Critical Crassness

    What’s laughable is all the negativity towards Selena Gomez from not only the closet homos here at the Superficial but from all of the 12 year olds out there who honestly believe the “Canadian Halfwit” is going to fall madly in love with them any day now and Selena is standing in their way…..un-fucking-believable how stupid the masses really are. As to all you who claim Selena Gomez isn’t hot…your reaction would be much the same as hers was at seeing Shia…sheer fucking panic and mindless babbling would ensue…so STFU!

  25. sunnyroberto

    I don’t consider LaBeouf that stable. Wasn’t he busted a few years ago in a drunken stupor shoplifting some stuff from a drug store?? I think he had at least one other run in with the law.

    I don’t like the progression for Selana. First Bieber . . then LaBeouf . . maybe Lil Wayne next???

  26. hah

    you bunch of derps! a chick hugs lebouf for a photo. oh noes its cheating. i rarely post comments but you are just terrible

  27. Shia: Don’t worry about getting pregnant, baby, “The Boof” only boofs.

  28. the captain

    since when are photos with illegal mexicans forbidden?

  29. Nate

    It’s funny that she was 100% lesbian before turning 18. Now she’s just a ho4sho.

  30. watson

    why do people think that shia labeouf is a douche? I mean before everyone derived the notion that he slept with megan fox from that vague answer he give in that interview? Is it cause hes a jew? Was it Even Stevens b/c for heavens sake even I hated Louis and dont mind Shia now. Is there some interview I missed? Did he poop on the American flag? If anyone looks like a douche by appearances alone it is that Scott thing who is Kourtney K’s baby daddy.

    • Matt

      I think most can’t stand him because he seemingly got all these great roles without much talent. He was in Indiana Jones 4, Transformers, etc, and he doesn’t fit the role of a leading male. He doesn’t seem like a bad guy, per-se, but his over-acting gets old. Just MHO. :)

  31. Jj

    Just cause she took a pic doesn’t mean shit she had a crush so what now she got over Jim and is going out with jb who I hate so nO panic she is still dating jb boooo

  32. Pippy Longcockings

    How can anyone have a crush on LeDouche?!

  33. Justin Bieber is jealous because he wanted to fuck Shia LaBeouf.

  34. BenDoverman

    These kids look 5’5″ and 5’2′ respectively. Where are their parents?!

  35. Selena Gomez Shia LaBeouf
    The Lord Almighty
    Commented on this photo:

    You have a thing for midget rabbis?

  36. Mr D

    Wonder wat thoz guys realy saw in that woman

  37. cutta

    she wouldn’t sex an ugly jew

    it is promo. her for her new great album. him for his trans.

  38. roy s

    she is absolutely gorgeous and turns 19 july 22nd. Her music is cookie cutter pop but she has a great voice. Haters!

  39. serena celeste bieber

    Okay I swear selena better not be cheating on justin with shia I mean I wouldn’t mind at all if sel and shia went out but she better not be cheating I’m barely getting used to “jelena” and I swear selena ur pretty N/H but don’t be cheating on him cuz I swear….

  40. pookiewookie

    Heard she was pregnant very recently. Who is the father?

  41. Hannah


  42. dabawenya

    PATHETIC SELENA! when you watch that full video of that “meeting her crush shia” IT’S SO OBVIOUS YOU’RE NOT SHIA’S TYPE OF GIRL. duh pathetic

  43. fatima

    omg that’s embarassing!
    Shia seems got annoyed with selena.. haha
    he ddn’t even gve a little glance when selena leaves. haha

    • kimmy

      shut up he is iterrested in her so you lil bitch lol you just want to be with him your self your just jeulose ass hole

  44. Selena Gomez Shia LaBeouf
    Commented on this photo:

    hi selena gomez

  45. zayaanah

    Seriously why would she do that????

  46. Stephanie

    I don’t really get it selena watz up with u

  47. Selena Gomez Shia LaBeouf
    Commented on this photo:

    cindy beyersdorf in stealing gift cards from stores and resturants.

  48. Selena Gomez Shia LaBeouf
    Commented on this photo:


  49. Selena Gomez Shia LaBeouf
    Commented on this photo:

    that effin mole on her boob has been bothering me the last few pictures >.

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