Selena Gomez Got Served

March 31st, 2014 // 22 Comments
BBare: Attorney At Law
Justin Bieber Deposition
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Remember a few weeks back when Justin Bieber sat down for a deposition and acted like Prince Joffrey if Prince Joffrey genuinely believed he’s black and needed a nap? Well, here’s the end result of that bitchassness: Selena Gomez getting served right in front of the paparazzi which will undoubtedly make her want not to roll over on Justin Bieber and hop on top of his dick. And I’m actually not being sarcastic because all that stuff is going to happen. Have you been paying attention this chick? Lupus is killing her. KILLING HER.

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Photos: Pacific Coast News


  1. This what happens when you associate yourself with “bad boys”. I wonder if she’ll act as big a fool as he did during his deposition.

  2. fucking lawyers and crybaby pussies trying to extort paydays out of the rich and famous.

    • JC

      I’m trying to figure out why you’re saying that as if it’s a bad thing.

      • Bullshit lawsuits are bullshit lawsuits regardless of the defendant.

      • Oh well, nice to know there’s no need for the courts anymore, apparently just everything’s been decided by you.

        It might indeed be bullshit, or he might have karate kicked the pap in the gut for no reason, or there might have been extenuating circumstances that provoked the assault. Bieber clearly feels he’s above any sort of law, so why shouldn’t a possible witness to his alleged assault not be deposed?

      • Did I say there was no need for the courts, dipfuck? Got any more strawmen there. Fuck off. Seriously. Just fuck off.

        The claims are he got shoved and had his memory card stolen.

        I’m sure it’s worthy of a 6 figure out of court settlement.

      • Declaring it’s a “bullshit lawsuit” when none of us were there or have heard all the deposition testimony means that yeah, you are saying just that. Declaring all lawsuits like this as “bullshit” is about as useful as Zero Tolerance policies in schools, because those aren’t open to debate, either. If you think that’s a strawman argument, fine; I can see you’re still nursing a huge butthurt grudge from last week.

      • butthurt grudge from last week? Your whiny bitch ass has been annoying the living fuck out of me on this website for years and it’s daily struggle whether I should cancel my sustaining membership with national public radio.

      • Sorry to hear that. I usually enjoy most of your posts, and judging from the exchanges we’ve had in the past if my “whiny bitch ass” has annoyed the everloving fuck out of you it’s been a fairly well-kept secret. My opinion is that you were wrong about blackface, I explained why, and told you that the link you used to illustrate and support your opinion didn’t, in fact, support your point of view at all. If that’s being a whiny bitch then you’re going to have a real problem going through life. Good luck.

      • i still have no idea what the fuck you are talking about when you talk about this link. I posted a goddamn jpg. Any sort of commentary associated with it you tracked down on your own and I care not about it.

        I will try harder in the future to make it clear your brow beating pompous horseshit that preaches “you are a victim and need special treatment” rather than “meh, fuck those guys, they dumb” when anything even remotely offensive comes up is annoying as fuck.

      • And I pointed out that the site that you got the jpeg from pretty much kicked the shit out of the NBD argument that had going on and were attempted to use the image to prop up, so irony right there. If you can rework “blackface has such a toxic past that any use of it automatically taints any sort of ‘tribute’ you think you’re making” into “you’re a victim and you need special treatment”, then I suggest you consider investing in a nice swastika-repurposing firm. What I found surprising was the amount of vitriol you had on hand for anyone who dared to disagree with you; it said far more about your motivations than it did about mine.

        “Fuck those guys, they dumb” is fine, but not everyone is required to give the same lack of fucks that you do simply because you decree that that’s the solution.

      • The vitriol was just for you because you are special.

      • People are always deriding lawyers and lawsuits until they need one. Then they ask everyone they know who is “the best”. If this little piece of maple flavored shit told his bodyguard to assault the pap, then he deserves to be sued and only a court proceeding will be able to determine his liability. The system might blow but it’s the best in the world.

      • Sued? What ever happened to prosecuted?

  3. Cock Dr

    If you aim to be the booty call for the world’s most notorious gender ambiguous wanna be gangsta be prepared for legal consequences.

  4. anonymous

    It’s pretty obvious that JB and his crew must run some sort of designer drug ring and got Selena Gomez hooked on whatever it was that she sent her to rehab for “exhaustion” and keeps her going back to JB for more.

  5. Of course you’re sarcastic he doesn’t have a dick xD

  6. Burt

    Dora lookin hot

  7. Selena Gomez Legs Short Shorts
    Commented on this photo:

    wow Selena gomez is super sexy damn i wanna fuck her everywhere non-stop

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