Selena Gomez is Probably Pregnant

June 10th, 2011 // 662 Comments

“You sure want ice cream a lot lately. Doot doot do…”

Selena Gomez was rushed to the hospital last night after taping The Tonight Show, and I’m no doctor, but her symptoms sound suspiciously like Justin Bieber ejaculated into her birth canal without a condom on during their Hawaiian getaway. TMZ reports:

Sources tell us … Gomez was feeling horrible during and after the show, complaining of nausea and a severe headache.
She was taken to a Los Angeles area hospital and is still there, undergoing tests.
We’re told the exact cause of her illness is not yet known.

In the doctors’ defense, I’m pretty sure they’ve never seen a fetus made entirely of maple syrup and miracles before. “Nurse, get in here. Is that baby holding a sign that reads, ‘This procedure would be free in Canada?’ I forgot my glasses.”

Photo: Splash News


  1. Mystery

    that little justin beiber needs to go threw pubrity first so im sure selena isnt preggo. she might just have been sick. i would to if i dated that boy/girl thing she’s with

  2. Juliet


  3. stephanie

    How her song goes everything comes natural well I gues a babys on her way lol

  4. Danielle


  5. Cakebaby

    Why the fuck is Justin having sex with someone so out of his league.
    WATCH OUT U RETARD!!!! Selena ur making the biggest mistake of ur life. She would rather marry a 15 tier cake. I know I would

  6. Selena Gomez

    You guys are assholes i am pregnant and i luv justin bieber so much we r planning a secret marriage

    • Luna


      It’s not a secret when you announce it on the internet. And why the hell should we believe that you’re actually Selena Gomez?

    • reenah


  7. Lyric

    Why is selena going out with Justin he is so so gay

  8. Dancayra

    She is mot prego n if she is I hope the best for them!

  9. Shaz

    Really but Justin has a short cock and selena wIth that pussy

  10. Alex

    @Colin: Funny, I’ve read in several places that Selena was gonna wait until marriage. But if it’s happened, I hope it looks nothing like the dad!

  11. Angel

    umm Justin DOES NOT smoke and it would be bad if they both smoked…Kim ur fucked up…that is all…CONGRATS SELENA AND JUSTIN

  12. Anna

    i know im kinda late or whatever but how in the world did that kim girl buy cigarettes if shes only 13…?

  13. Lalalucy

    I hate your stupied slimy guts justin

  14. monique

    Take it slow selena n jb n jb u grow to fast just saying :S

  15. alyssa

    Omg u getn preg by justn and in one of ur bigest fans ong why

  16. The Real Selena Gomez

    Hi, its selena here. I am out of the hospital now and am perfectly fine, and not pregnant. I dont know HOW this rumor started but i am in fact broke up with justin, and he was way too immature to do what i wanted. Yes, i did want to make love with justin but he refused and told me that he would never do that and doesnt want me. I am still a virgin and will stay one untill a get a good man.

    Thank you.

    • Libby

      um u are obviously the fake selena gomez because jb and selena never broke up!

    • Luna

      You’re obviously not Selena Gomez, and your story is probably fake. Even if Selena and Justin did break up, I’m sure it’ll be because Selena refused to have sex with Justin. And if this is really the real Selena, then post a video on Youtube about it. Just be like “on, I posted a comment on the article about me being pregnant. My username on the website is The Real Selena Gomez. So screw you Luna ’cause I wasn’t lying.”

  17. Kimmy

    Omg ö

  18. Morgan Russell

    She can’t be with Justin . That can’t be

  19. 1234567890

    OMG ok for one thing i must be behind on things :( but pregnat.. i just wanted to look at a song .. and then this big sighn pops up and says ..SHE IS PREGNAT.. that is odd

  20. Luna

    The reason why Selena Gomez was rushed to the hospital was because of food poisoning and exhaustion. Yeah, those symptoms she had *are* symptoms of food poisoning. I’ve had it before. It sucks. Screw McDonalds |D

  21. katie

    she had food poisoning. i read it in the newspaper.

  22. Fuck me

    Is she is happy with him than I am happy

  23. Hung jing

    Selena… PREGNANT I am her fan but she is NOT pregnant, you guys are makin’ it up.. I’m eleven and even I know you are pregnant after being 20.

    She is not pregnant, the explication to her illness is maybe because she didn’t have enough sugar in her blood or because she was to hot inside and then as you cab see above she was wearing a blouse with no sleeves… Again said, she is NOT pregnant.

  24. Oneluv11

    WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!that would be so funny aNd Selena Gomez kinda deserves it. Srry just being real

  25. drew

    I know if srlena was goin to have a baby that she could have one a dude elway cuter than justin bieber. Selena justin is just a skumbag did u know he was poor. He’s just a one hit wonder. U can’t mess with me cuz I’m only ten

  26. Alexcia&kyra

    omg for real why couldnt it be someone else like zac efrone or Cody simpson u don’t deserve Justin bieber it should be Miley Cyrus in stead of Selena Gomez

  27. Jamya walker

    Hi tell justin bieber that were done,and tell him to a great summer and have fun whith selena and l found out that your gay

  28. Bieber'swife

    She better not be pregnant. Or someone is going to kill her. If I was her they should just break up for his safety and hers

  29. reenah

    fuck u Gomez, ur so cheeky for being pregnant to ugly ass Justin Beiber…we dont like u anymore cuz ur so into having sex…

  30. reenah

    gomez, ur so cheeky wit being pregnant, ill never like u again and i thought u werent like Miley Cyrus…ur so into having SEX wit ugly ass Justin Beiber oh and also he is such a hoe and whore!!!! FUCK YOU GOMEZ!!!!!

  31. frank schwager

    If Selena is pregnant…I am disappointed in her…..thought she was smarter than that at her age

  32. stupid fruity swagger

    y she wit this nikka anyway her stupid azz

  33. Tianna

    selena having baby not so great…

  34. God is a Homo

    Abort! Abort! Abort!

  35. Naomi

    She better not be pregnant.. My friend said boo gomeites yea beliebers!

  36. Morgan gregory

    That is just,sad….. But, good luck hope everything works out:)

  37. Vincent

    O my godsh stop risen bver

  38. Lesley

    Selena I like u so Mutch but I hate Justin Biber so if you are having a baby u will be ruin I’m sorry but that’s the truth so break up please If not your fans are going to be not fans any more and I’m a big fan I always will care about u but not with Justin biber

  39. Yo mama

    Seriously, this is stupid. Selena Gomez is NOT preg. Whatever. I’m not even a Jelena fan. So it doesn’t matter.

  40. i simply cannot believe it isnt she a bit 4 young that omg as much as lyk her and justin together i think they are taking it a bit 2 far

    I simply cannot believe that it isn’t she a bot 4 that as much as I lyk her and justin together I think they are taking a bit 2 far

  41. Selena Gomez Pregnant
    Commented on this photo:

    Omg if she is prego im going to go kill myself because if he is a dad then i have no reason to live. Justin is supposed to be my husband and MY childrens father besides him and I would make way cuter kids!!

  42. Bieber fever

    Selena hope u feel better or whatever tell Justin I said Im his biggest fan oh and selena he’s mine jkjkjkjkjk

  43. eryn

    What date was selena rushed tp hospital is selena pregant

  44. lexus

    I don’t whant her to have a baby in tell she is married with justin bieber not mybe justin bieber she will not be with justin for long am a big fan of justin and selena but I don’t whant you to you are like 16

  45. Tori

    Oh my beautiful Selena and ever so cute Justin! Have u ever seen Secret Life of an American Teenager? You’re in America baby! That stuff about sel will never go away and that sends chills up my spine! Isn’t it bad enough that people know everything else about u that u probably don’t want them to know about? Think about it!

  46. asia

    That doesent mean anything

  47. Lilly

    She’s not pregnant. And u bitches saying she is go to hell. She just a little sick. The people who says she’s prego where’d u get that from? She didn’t tell u.

  48. Jessica

    Maybe sellan holles is pregnant

  49. someone special

    That is not true though everyone believes it but she could have just been sick so STOP I don’t believe it so SHUT UP!

  50. Selena Gomez Pregnant
    Commented on this photo:

    kurl u gotta bump yoa stomach in it getting bigger like a airballon

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