Selena Gomez is Probably Pregnant

June 10th, 2011 // 662 Comments

“You sure want ice cream a lot lately. Doot doot do…”

Selena Gomez was rushed to the hospital last night after taping The Tonight Show, and I’m no doctor, but her symptoms sound suspiciously like Justin Bieber ejaculated into her birth canal without a condom on during their Hawaiian getaway. TMZ reports:

Sources tell us … Gomez was feeling horrible during and after the show, complaining of nausea and a severe headache.
She was taken to a Los Angeles area hospital and is still there, undergoing tests.
We’re told the exact cause of her illness is not yet known.

In the doctors’ defense, I’m pretty sure they’ve never seen a fetus made entirely of maple syrup and miracles before. “Nurse, get in here. Is that baby holding a sign that reads, ‘This procedure would be free in Canada?’ I forgot my glasses.”

Photo: Splash News


  1. perla

    Wow that would be wired butt they deserve to be happy juzz like anyone else idk butt good luck for both

  2. Selena Gomez Pregnant
    Commented on this photo:

    Man i swear if they dont hurry up and break up, Im goin to lose my mind! I love jb, but when hearin this stuff, I worry that she’s just a man eater!

  3. sammie

    I bet its not true

  4. lele

    umm she could’ve just been sick…anyone think of that??

  5. sara

    I hate that trash *93. She sleeps with everyone for the the fame or the title. If she’s pregnant that’s her fault because dats y they invented BIRTHCONTROL.

  6. Selena Gomez Pregnant
    shit JB
    Commented on this photo:

    hey i think selena is a stupid.who the hell will love a gay.and the i think he is older than their relationship.Anyway i love this rumour………………

  7. Ali

    get a life plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz :| :P

  8. destiny

    Selena love urban show i hope u and justin r happy 2gether good for u to

  9. e

    Selena i love urban show a lot i hope u n justin r happy bye

  10. Jaxon

    Justin….you the man!

  11. Deb

    Looks like someone has beiber fever

  12. Emma

    I like selena gomez but reallt there bith really young selena is 18 and justin is like 17 there (just justin) not even aloud to leave the house leagly
    I have nothing against justin (i dont like him but…) but he should’nt get selena noked up and are they really getting married?

  13. saina

    i kinda feel sorry cause they need more experience,but i hope it works out and that if this is not a choice you’ll get the best of it

  14. Jordan

    I know I like Selena gomez and all but she aint got no rite to let anybody but me, her boyfriend, to ejaculate in her. I can’t believe she would do that to me. Jk lol

  15. Sally


  16. Mario

    I thought she was waiting for true love with a man not girl.

  17. Mia

    I hope she isnt i love justin and i hate selena

  18. 694+:/

    Its ok the rumours arent true no beliebers were harmed

  19. lily

    I dont think selena is having beibers baby selena is has enough scence to wait or be safe! her career is important to her shes not just gonna get pregnate!
    *Selena is my favorite famous person*

    And all of you who “HATE” Justin Beiber your just mad that MOST girls LOVE him or at least like him alot and you have nothing better to do then to say how much you hate him when reallly you just are mad he has one of the prettiest celeberties EVER!

  20. Shea S

    Kim you should get some professional help… you are extremely pathetic if your “story” is real… which I hope is made up.

  21. liliana

    Dude if Helena is pregnancy im gonna flip

  22. Selena Gomez Pregnant
    Commented on this photo:

    UHHHH R THEY KISSIN? blreauuehfukdshf i think im gonna hurll!!!

  23. minamu

    hi selena and justin

  24. Keena

    i was totally shocked when i heard she might have been pregnant! I mean what the hell is she thinking being a mum at this age! Although Bieber’s cute!

  25. Tracy

    So true Colin he did say that

  26. Emo rocks

    GeeZ wat a ditch in the sand

  27. brirbi

    i do not believe this because the same thing they are saying now is what hey were saying about her and nick jonas. but if this is true and selena gomez and justin bieber happen to read this, i will be crushed forever selena gomez was the one that mae me want to start acting and singing and justn bieber.. i am just such a huge fan and he also made me want to sing too.

  28. Selena Gomez Pregnant
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    Omg that looks like jb alot!!!!!

  29. that gurl

    she jus might the mother of the bieber baby who nos but its like she grew up sooo fast

  30. Selena Gomez Pregnant
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    OMG!!!!!!!!!! if she is prenant shed really need tofind a different dad for her baby cuz jb iz way out of her league!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    P.S JB is so hidious

  31. merry

    Omg sex justin? Wow ur brave i hope selena is preg…

  32. leslie

    Well im preatty convised that selena my favorite star is pregnant And that baby that there going to hace will b so talented Andorra cute

  33. Selena Gomez Pregnant
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    selena gomez loves jb

  34. Selena Gomez Pregnant
    Commented on this photo:

    selena what are u thanking if u are preagent am so sorry for you that’s too bad.

  35. lulu south carolina

    Hi barry i am a christian kid please dont talk about us that way we believe in abstence if you dont no what that means you should read the BIBLE smart one.HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA US CHRISTIAN KIDS ROCK THUMBS UP IF YOU R A CHILD OF GOD if you are look up tenth ave north hold my heart on youtube

  36. cedne

    You r really pregnant? Or is just paparazzi and stupid people say? I can not wait to my nephew or niece!!

  37. /:|

    @clohe 1st selena is an only chid stu** so dont be sayin tht ur her sis and tht u “KNOWW JB” CUZ u prob. dont okayy geezzz

  38. me


  39. VBchick

    Wow I’m not sure she can get pregnant from a guy with no balls. But seriously it’s stupid to think she would throw her career away for a stupid guy who I would call a girl but that would be an Insult to girls.

  40. selena gomez hater

    I hate her she’s a bitch

  41. VBchick

    Can u get pregnant from him? Im pretty sure he doesn’t have a dick

  42. bieber

    Lol. she is a bad example for every teenager!if she’s actually pregnant. And bieber is not a man yet!his voice proves that!lol

  43. sup

    Responses to “Selena Gomez is NOT PREGNANT, blood pressure issues led to hospital visits

  44. Ryantutorere

    omfg u retard @kim ur so retarded ur smoking u let ur daughter smoke u ur kid ur mum are fucking sluts u fuckheads 13 years old u fuckhead prego at 9 u slut

  45. Look up Disney Bitches…Look at Selena….Bieber wanst the first to nail her

  46. Lakerea Godfrey

    I’m only 10 I hope Selena is not prego then she won’t sing anymore songs Selena needs to have safe sex

  47. jessica

    I am a huge fan of selena gomez and I hope she isn’t pregnant by him I hope she waits till she’s in her 30s or so

  48. fuck you

    hahahahhahahhaha . i hope she is prego ! HAH

  49. Josh Hale

    Does he even have a penis?

  50. Kieran

    If I was JB I would get her pregnant every day but JB cant coz he is bisexual. Dump him Selena u no u want to.

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