Selena Gomez is Probably Pregnant

June 10th, 2011 // 662 Comments

“You sure want ice cream a lot lately. Doot doot do…”

Selena Gomez was rushed to the hospital last night after taping The Tonight Show, and I’m no doctor, but her symptoms sound suspiciously like Justin Bieber ejaculated into her birth canal without a condom on during their Hawaiian getaway. TMZ reports:

Sources tell us … Gomez was feeling horrible during and after the show, complaining of nausea and a severe headache.
She was taken to a Los Angeles area hospital and is still there, undergoing tests.
We’re told the exact cause of her illness is not yet known.

In the doctors’ defense, I’m pretty sure they’ve never seen a fetus made entirely of maple syrup and miracles before. “Nurse, get in here. Is that baby holding a sign that reads, ‘This procedure would be free in Canada?’ I forgot my glasses.”

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  1. Selena Gomez Pregnant
    Commented on this photo:

    Yep Selena Gomez is pregnant from the vacation in Hawaii everyone knows they r sexually active so they get horny looking at each other then find a room car or anything and have sex

  2. mrss.bieberr

    whoo caress lett demm behh danqq ilovee justinnbieberr !

  3. Hannah

    No she can’t be pregnant that we’ll ruin my future husband and myselfs future!!

  4. morgan

    you probably are pregnet all over justin bieber im srry that i said that but it is true email me if u need help or have quwestions

  5. fretz

    no it cant be happen

  6. Banana

    The only reason justine beaver iz doing thiis is so he wont leave clues that he is gay

  7. Erin

    Bullshit she’s pregnant!

  8. Erin

    Bullshit she’s pregnant!

  9. Bianca

    If Selena is really pregnant she wouldn’t be in wizard any more and that would ruin her corer I don’t know how to spell corer it’s something like that but if she’s really pregnant f*** you JUSTIN BIEBER.

  10. KaYlE

    Well no some other person will not have a chance to have a baby with him and what if it’s not his baby????!!! I bet he feels really stupid if tht wasn’t my baby!!!!!!

  11. KaYlE

    Well no some other person will not have a chance to have a baby with him and what if it’s not his baby????!!! I bet he feels really stupid if tht wasn’t my baby!!!!!!

  12. kayelee

    That would really stink if she was she is a good girl and I don’t believe that she would get herself into something that would completely ruin hey and justin’s career.

  13. maleny

    los amo a los dos y si me parese q esten juntos hacen una linda pareja……

  14. maleny

    y dejen de hablar mal de Justin… esq le tienen envidia porq anda con selena… su talento es incomparable…

  15. Antonio Garcia Jr


  16. miquelle

    I luv both jb and Selena but pregnant wonder how that’s gonna look on wizards of waverly place.

  17. Zoeey

    How old are they i thought sg waz older then jb

  18. Russ

    Just be nice people make mistakes and stay out of peoples personal lives

  19. Selena Gomez for ever

    Selena if u r pregnant congratulations!!! My sister just had a baby On the 10th and it’s very painful….. I’m only 8 but my sister went threw this….. I’m your biggest fan and I want to be just like you….. In school my back pack had u on it and my folder and my notebook it’s been my one of my dreams to meet you…. Good luck

  20. Gracey

    I think she’s pregnant justin must done a good job shuvin his penis up her pussy!!!!

  21. Anqelika

    Damn That Whore! Justin Bieber Is Too Good Fer Her!!! >:(

  22. Wow unexpected selena good justen bad

    selena is way better than justen

  23. None of ur Business

    I bet u the baby wil b ugly cuz Selena and Beaver. both ugly and he must of hit her hard cuz she’s pregnant

  24. Selena Marie Gomez

    WHAT!? This is outrageous! I am not prgnant and Justin never injected anything in me. We were and still are together for a very long time, but until he reaches 18 then we might take it to the next level. So “CelebBuzz” your “Buzz” is doing us very wrong!

  25. rhea

    ew…wtf…kim you are so gross wtf…. you open your legs at 9? you think smoking is cool ? and your 13? well im surprized your not dead. You must look high and ugly all the time due to the fact you smoke. You must be fucked up since you did it at 8 or something. and you dont have boobs or anything yet? how did you feed your baby? out of your nipples or something? tff yoo.

  26. cindy

    I wud love to be ejaculated by bieber

  27. Selena Gomez Pregnant
    Commented on this photo:

    I dont think its true i think its a rumor, by the way Selena and Justin do make a good couple.

  28. Andrea

    I would feel sorry for Selena. That would make kinda have to marry a beaver.

  29. jaime(:

    well i have never liked either justin is a stupid asshole he doesent even use protection maybe he just wanted to fuck her and then he says next… lol so i think selena is sure to b pregnet but from justin get real ur hot pretty get a real man not a baby

  30. Selena Gomez Pregnant
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    I LIKE JUSTIN BIEBER AND SELENAS photos are you reallly pregnant

  31. Hailey

    I think that they are a good couple and i also think if she is pregnant they will have a cute baby:)

  32. Hailey

    Colin…… justin is not a beaver. And dont hate on jb because you dont look like him bye

  33. imm leggitt

    thats fckd up, selena gomez is a smart girl she wont be that stupid to hav done it without a rubber? come on let them be!

  34. Wrenn

    That is soo stupid if she is pregnant that is soo screwed up and I hope she doesn’t go through with the baby that would be stupid she is only 18 and he is only 17 they are way tooooooooo young

  35. Selena Gomez Pregnant
    Commented on this photo:

    awww so cuteeee

  36. I love justin bieber

    Wat a cute couple. ( :

  37. I love justin bieber

    Wat a cute couple. ( :

  38. Selena Gomez Pregnant
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    why justin all the fans you have and make selena pregnant your gonna lose all your fans and your life

  39. destiny

    I say if selena is pregnant just have a abortion I don’t want to see my justin having a kid

  40. Uknown


  41. Lulu

    I think she is preggars and she deserves it for being with justin

  42. Carissa ramirez

    Hey guys well I love Selena and Justin but even if Im in love with Justin bieber I know he loves Selena

  43. Andreaa

    Seriously , if Selena Is Pregnant it Will Ruin Her Lifee &’ A bigger Pack Of Justins Fans Hatingg Her. Plus , Didnt theyy bothh Swear That They Weren’t To Have Srx Till Marriage ? Ridiculous .

  44. Selena Gomez Pregnant
    Commented on this photo:

    -Who cares if she is as longest she’s happy nd takes care of the baby it will be okaii…

  45. Amiya

    This Is Like So Stupid Just Leave Them Be .!
    Let Be A Happy Couple Nd So What If Justin Did Forget The Condom Nd Knocked Selena Up Nd Who Really Cares If Selena Is Pregnant .!?
    I Mean They Do Butt Still .!
    Stop All This Gossip . Nd Let Them Do Them Do Them . Nd Yhuu Do Yhuu .!

  46. chloeluvsJB

    1. who lets ur kid 4 year old kid smoke and ig she`s four than u had to get knocked up at 8 , so I think that`s a bunch of crap.
    2. I hate selena she is sooooooooooo ugly and JB deserves better than her and I heard she wants to get married to him and have his kids!!!!!!!!! :( :(

  47. jesse

    That would be so funny like selena would be on wizards of waverly place waving a wand with a huge bump and justin bieber will sing baby while rubbing selenas stomach LoL

  48. kylee

    It would be sooooooo cool if she was pregnet because her husband would be justin and selena would be the mom!!the baby would probably be a gooooooood singer like them!!

  49. PeachesNpaws

    Omg… guys, just stop. SELENA IS PROBABLY NOT PREGNANT. THIS STORY IS FROM THE PRESS, IT’S ALL GUESSES. Until I hear REAL proof from the SORCE, (Selena, Justin) Then I say this is just a rumor…

  50. Corn!!

    She is a hoe so I think that it could be true and he is young so if she is prego then it will be funny but she can sing!!

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