Selena Gomez is Probably Pregnant

June 10th, 2011 // 662 Comments

“You sure want ice cream a lot lately. Doot doot do…”

Selena Gomez was rushed to the hospital last night after taping The Tonight Show, and I’m no doctor, but her symptoms sound suspiciously like Justin Bieber ejaculated into her birth canal without a condom on during their Hawaiian getaway. TMZ reports:

Sources tell us … Gomez was feeling horrible during and after the show, complaining of nausea and a severe headache.
She was taken to a Los Angeles area hospital and is still there, undergoing tests.
We’re told the exact cause of her illness is not yet known.

In the doctors’ defense, I’m pretty sure they’ve never seen a fetus made entirely of maple syrup and miracles before. “Nurse, get in here. Is that baby holding a sign that reads, ‘This procedure would be free in Canada?’ I forgot my glasses.”

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  1. Selena Gomez Pregnant
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    she has a liver disease

  2. Selena Gomez Pregnant
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    green card!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Mary

      She don’t need a green card idiot, she is an american 3 generations
      And she is so prettyyyyyyyyy and you are jealous, get a Life, idiot

  3. Arcachnar

    It was a case of food poisoning and exchausion. If she was pregnant everyone would have seen it by now.

    Also, if you have paid attention at biology, you would have known that it is too early to have an abortion.

    Are you people that desperate to see her pregnant? Pathetic.

  4. david b conway

    dear the super fincal web site , hi my name is david conway and my comments to here , i just herd what happend to mis selena gomez , i know that i am not a doctor at all just this problem just with mis selena marie gomez , but i do rember that selena gomez was doing selling tap water just her home in texas just for the unceiff , may be selena gomez was drinking that water , some one have to stop her just from drinking that water just from her kitchen at home in texas , love david b conway

  5. Caroline Gabla

    it would be stupid of him to get her pregnant considering his own mother had him when she was 18 he said in an interview.

  6. Buggy

    I doubt she is, but if she is there careers re ruined. But i guarentee in 4 years bieber is gonna be a druggie or as soon as he get facial hair.

  7. Jb+Sg 4 ever

    Selena might have a baby that would be sick and would be such acute baby but don’t hate on her cuz she stole your man sheis better than him!!!!

  8. Selena Gomez Pregnant
    rosa bieber
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  9. Shawna Marie

    maybe the Bieb gave her an STD instead of a baby baby baby.

  10. shana

    i think this is true because even is saying its true lets just face the fact that justin biber may have goten selena pregnet even thought i used to look up to selena i dont think it was her falt i think to blame is JUSTIN BIBER is a bad person who got selena to have sex

  11. Staxxxy

    She probably caught an STD.

  12. Selena Gomez Pregnant
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    ah………… heart

  13. P I N K

    Really!? Thats why she has no fans , because Shes became a bad persom in the world of fame!

  14. Christine

    I totally think she is prego!!!!!!!

  15. Gaatzac

    I thought justin was pregnat

  16. Katie

    Why don’t people just mind thire bizzness and just qory bout them selves



  18. Katherine

    Selena Gomez is so pretty,and Justin Bieber is really cute! But I don’t think Selena would be or get pregnant. She is way to young to be having a baby or at least thats what I think. But I am only 10. P.s. I

  19. Kki

    So happy for Selena. Is this is ture the baby will be cute :)

  20. Alexis

    Too young selly.jb my man

  21. Troll

    shes not pregnant, she’s probobly anorexic.. or both. -troll-

  22. Chania

    @Colin. Ikr that’s just stupid they can’t even legally drink so how r they goin to take care of a child at their age they’re both super busy with tours and they’re music careers they cnt leave the baby with a nanny they’re whole life

  23. Chania

    @Colin. Ikr like they’re bot even old enough to legally drink so how the heck r they goin to be able to take care of a child. They’re both super busy on tours and they’re music careers and they cnt leave the baby with a babysitter it’s whole life

  24. Chania

    @Colin. Ikr they’re not even old enough to legally drink so how the hell r they goin to be able to take care of a child with how busy they r with they’re careers. I mean they cnt leave the baby with a nanny it’s whole life

  25. Norma

    queque pinche perra no puede estar envarazada justin bibeeer es casi un niño nomames :C es como que deseguro lo an de estar inventando ;@ la matare

  26. Shari

    Agreed…(with Colin) what happened to the marriage crap?-_-

  27. ???????????????????



  28. Selena Gomez Pregnant
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    WOW selena is way older than justin……… in shock =o

  29. alondra

    i hate selena
    and i love justin
    who doesnt????

  30. Yodude

    I’m not sure how would she get pregnant from that?

  31. shgsnsb

    Its not true

  32. diva

    How could Selena get pregnant?

  33. M28

    Thats Adorablee(:

  34. Selena Gomez Pregnant
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    i f*** hate jb right now why have sexy wit her she a messy want out wit nick cum on jb u kan do better the put ur d*** in her for she kan have a baby noway i hate u now :(

  35. no gonna say :)

    Ok I think justin is WAY to erresponsibly for this baby and I don’t think there the perfect couple so if she is well …….. sux fa herrrr!

  36. king lil loco

    thank u

  37. Halo

    …that’s just stupid selena isnt that dirty and justin bieber is way too young hes not even inpuberty i mean what the hell!

  38. KhalifaaManee'

    Fuck Selena Gomez. Her ass is prolly prego ‘ by somebody elsee too ! And @Kim suck dick . nasty prick .

  39. Megan

    Seriously selena Gomez pregnant
    By him the pathetic little idiot

  40. Lexis

    hey i think you guys should stop talking trash about them and do so fucking reserch yourself and find out from facts not gossip

  41. Selena Gomez

    hello FANS or shoul i say a waste of my time. You guys are the worst fans ever i konw on tv i say stuff like i love my fans but the truth is i hate them and i always will the truth is i hate justin bieber his voice (whitch is gay) the only reason i date him is of course for the fame and you idiot fans better not tell him in any way or else i will find out where u live and do bad thing so dont mess thing up for me and my more fame and richness. HAHAHAHAHAH

    im using justin bieber im using justin bieber

    • Serena

      This is just a hater impersonating her….. please… People would’t say that online… Even famous ones… It ruins their image… So…. Yeah……..

  42. nini

    I feel sorry for selena for getting marred from tgat jerk

  43. Jocelyn QUiroz Mendez

    Ohh Myy Godd ! i Juust Hope Shhe Issnt preegnaant Beecaause Theeir Inn Liike Theeir Teen Yeears ! Theey ARee Reaally Biig Riight Noww Annd A Baaby Wouuld Juust Hoold Theem Baack !

  44. Anita

    Look Justin bieber is awesome and Selena Gomez is really cool they make the cutesy couple ever but I would never imagine two people at that age doing what they had to have had to do so everyone stop bitching around and face the real facts

  45. Sami

    Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez’s babys would be so cute but they should wait untill they r older and more mature!

  46. leah babes

    I doubt that bieber would get her pregnant. Hes most likely too undeveloped to cum…. AND KIM THATS SCREWED HOW U HAV A 4 YEAR OLD DAUGHTER THAT YOU SMOKE WITH AND YOUR ONLY 13!!!!! How old is your mum? 20

  47. Annalie

    Well,in my opinion I think that Selena got pregnant by Justin bieber but might’ve had the baby killed in her stomach before it really started developing because if it was true that Selena was pregnant the would seriously ruin her image because she was like such a good idol to all teens and pre teens… Selena,I’m sorry but if u r really pregnant I’m sorry because u r way to young…(18) and Justin bieber(17)? Gosh girl u made a mistake…. But if u r not really pregnant well than u r still my idol… And then don’t get pregnant until after your married!!! Thank u!

  48. Serena

    She’s 18 people! She can make her damn choices on having a kid with Justin if she likes!!! Who has the flipping choice for her, oh wait, HER?!?! Leave her alone, leave Justin alone… She isn’t a little kid anymore, she’s an adult!!! So stop fussing about it, stop gossiping about, JUST LEAVE THEM ALONE ALREADY!!!!!!!!

  49. BieberFever

    He is so sexy! I’d be okay if he got me pregnant because that means part of him is in me always.

    But I don’t want the baby so I’d probably sell it to make money for us

  50. poophead

    Wow…selena gomez isn’t even married to him and she had sex with him….BAD GIRL!!!but I do like selena gomez…

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