Selena Gomez is Probably Pregnant

June 10th, 2011 // 662 Comments

“You sure want ice cream a lot lately. Doot doot do…”

Selena Gomez was rushed to the hospital last night after taping The Tonight Show, and I’m no doctor, but her symptoms sound suspiciously like Justin Bieber ejaculated into her birth canal without a condom on during their Hawaiian getaway. TMZ reports:

Sources tell us … Gomez was feeling horrible during and after the show, complaining of nausea and a severe headache.
She was taken to a Los Angeles area hospital and is still there, undergoing tests.
We’re told the exact cause of her illness is not yet known.

In the doctors’ defense, I’m pretty sure they’ve never seen a fetus made entirely of maple syrup and miracles before. “Nurse, get in here. Is that baby holding a sign that reads, ‘This procedure would be free in Canada?’ I forgot my glasses.”

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  1. God is Black

    Seriously Fish, Selena Gomez pregnant from that pussy? That’s like trying to milk A Bull!

    • rican

      No, pregnant from that penis.

      • kim

        I would LOVE to have SEX with beiber he is really HOT!!! I think he smokes to because i looked up pictures of him smoking ciggaretes but i don’t think Selena does, which stinks!!! They would be a perfect couple if they both smoked. Beiber smoking makes him so hot!!!!!! I foung like about 3 pictures of beiber smoking and i have all 3 pictures on my wall in my room!!! so cute!!! I do smoke so i would be perfect for beiber. i am only thirteen but i tasted one from my moms purse and lite it up it was pretty good and now i do it alot.i do have a child though her name is hanna she just had her fourth birthday yesterday, and stupid her she got into my ciggaretes and had one now i couldn’t find my ciggaretes till this morning when i found out she had smoked all of them because she sees me light them all the time so she figured out how to light them. so like an hour ago i went and got us both a pack because she said she would cry if i don’t get her another pack of ciggaretes. Anyway, beiber smoking rocks!!! GO beiber!!!

      • danielle

        What is the fuck Kim? Gross. :I

      • danielle


      • Simone

        Kim…smoking is not hot by the way…you’ll see

      • taytay

        how stupid do u think we are. you say you 13 and that you a daughter who is 4. which means u got pregnant at 8 and gave birth at 9. i highly doubt it. ur an idiot

      • Haley

        Umm kim, Smoking is not good at all, Your so stupid for letting your FOUR year old child for having one! Your thirteen that means you had your kid when you were NINE years old. SLUT! You would’ve had to have your period and i doubt you did! Smoking only makes you ugly like you or your child probably are going to be if you keep it up with the smoking! DUMBASSSS!

      • Kim

        what you are saying is really silly,but I dont think its your fault your a little girl who got knocked up and dont know thing about life.try and grow up hun for your own good.

      • OMG all I was doing was googling to see if there had been any official reports on whether or not she was really pregnant. Normally I don’t comment or even read this kind of crap. But after reading through this I couldn’t stop myself.

        First I’m so tired of being making fun of Beiber. Or any guy that can sing like that. Peopled talked all kinds of crap about Justin Timberlake when he was in Nsync and now there are millions of people who love him. He’s actually one of those types of pretty boys that the girls fall all over in high school. People with any decency will just respect him for the talent that he has and the people who are actually jealous will continue to bash on him. When you have a movie and double platinum albums then you can open your dumb ass mouth. Selena Gomez is beautiful and just because there happen to be some jack ass with a camera taking pics of them acting in love and then had the low factor or selling it for money for their own kicks doesn’t make them sluts. They aren’t do anything more than any normal human being in a relationship does.

        She is what around 19? And he is around 17? I had my oldest when I was 18 and my boyfriend (of 5 years) was 17. Not the ideal age to become a parent but there are plenty of people who couldn’t care for a pretty self sufficient cat if their lives depended on it no matter what age they are. And Religion, while although great. I was religious too. Still am and I will teach my kids that it’s best to wait till marriage as well. And I have all the respect in the world for the people who do wait. But people of all ages, religions, and parental control can make mistakes and/or think they are in love.

        @ Kim and the people who commented on her comment. Doing the math you are right she would have been 9, although that is possible it is unlikely. Besides the fact that everything that was said in that whole comment was completely off the wall and probably some bored jerk who was high who wanted to see how many people he could get to react to it. And if not, then that girl, seriously needs a padded room like yesterday.

        lol ok so I think I ranted enough. Now I have better things to do.

      • Yo

        Thats so stupid why would u let a 4 year old smoke? u want her to die?

      • gabriela

        omg really your just 13 years old omg!

      • bbgun

        ew that is so gross and u so dont smoke or have a baby cuz u wood hav been 9 wen u had it were not idiots

      • chloe

        i am realy serious Selena Gomez is my sis and since her and jb wnet out i know him

      • Wooah.

        @kim yr a fckn dumbass, & imaaturee. grow up yuu supposeably 13 year old whoree. pluss guys if selena is pregnant so what she 18 already.

      • not to be rude or anything but how did you even get pregnant at 9?/

      • Isabella

        I was thinking the same thing how can you

      • olive

        u r stupid and u dont have a child if u did why did u have it with another guy u r such a lair 8)

      • Autum

        @Haley theres no reason to call her names.. You dont know her so how do you possibly figure that she’s a slut?. And btw girls have their periods as young as 7 so uhh Whos the Dumbass now?

      • Isabella

        Yeah you are true I got my period when I was 9 so she is just a idiot girls have it at different times almost no girls get it on the same day or year or even age every one is different and you have to learn that one day be smart and if you are pregnant when you are 9 that pretty much makes you a slut sorry but she is a slut

      • emelye

        hehe very true!!!

      • amber

        he dosnt have a penis

      • Isabella

        Hahhahahaha you are so true

      • dym

        ewww…ur really gross….slut!!!

      • BieberHater

        Kim. Either you are a lying idiot.
        Or Just a plain dumb a$$.
        Pffffft. Oh , And lets see how ‘hot’ smoking is in about 20 years or less

      • Rubberduckieism

        It’s people like that make the rest of the world thind that americans are fucking retards.
        It’s sad that, bing an american my whole life, I’m starting to agree with them.
        P.S. Selena Gomez can’t get pregnant in a lesbian relationship. (assuming she was faithful to Justina bieber)

      • neha prakash

        you stupid or wat?

      • cat

        you got problems

      • Daaaaaa

        how can she be pregnant if she is on tour she is dancing and jumping and singing she cant be

      • Lyndsay

        I am 15 have 1 daughter her name is Alayna but the only reason I have her is because my parents kicked me out because they were drunk all the time and my father died. I had a boyfriend who gladly let me live with him but he was 20 and i ended up having a daughter. I loved her so i didn’t let her go. i know i messed up somewhere but it was all worth it. Go fuck urself if u don’t beleive

        and me, well i drink of course, i got taught to! i smoke and drive and i can’t stop but you know what in my world drinking is hott my boyfriend Adam wants to go in to bed naked so i better get going now, i will have fun tonight! ( . ) ( . ) —-

      • andrea

        fuck you

      • Lyndsay

        f me?

      • A


      • lauren

        dont you think you should disaplin your daughter who is only 4 years old your so young and you smoke you can go to jail so just tell your daughter “no! crying wont get you anything and besides your to young for that” and hide when you want to smoke(: if you need anymore ideas then email me at


      • Janthony

        You got problems…………

      • Melody

        Compulsive liar much? I can tell you aren’t 13. It’s also impossible for a child to have a child. You would have had to have a C-section, and you probably would have died even then. Grow the fuck up and stay off line. You are obviously getting influenced by it all.

      • 1234567890

        13 really stupid little chick

      • kjahksfhs


      • kjahksfhs


      • amyluvjb

        I acctually feel sorry for u kim cause like if u got pregnant at thirteen and u smoke a dn drink and all that bullshit well u had to get it off sum1 so that must be ur parents so its not ur fault that ur life is like that +u cant buy ciggarettes urself so ur parents must buy them for u so i entierley blame them oh and if ur lying what r people gonna tihnk of u and ur parents and the guy who got u pregnant and it is a horrible thing cause my sister went through it but i do blame my parents well my dad since my mum died but anyway my dad got my sis pregnant i was lucky i got out in time or he wouldve made me pregnant at 13(im 16 now) and my sis was 10 at the time and were really close like bestfriends so i know what it wazs like for her but anyway my dads in jail now and my sis has a lovley lil boy jordan 3 and shes really happy and shes livin with me amd my bf i have a baby too but i waited till i was 15 though her names katie and shes 8 months and katie and jordan are really cute sorry im kinda tellin u like my lifestory or somthin anyway i do blame ur parents cause its not just that i blame my parents its that u had to get it sumwhere and i think it was ur parents well u should be proud to be so confident to have a kid and everything but i dont think u should be smoking or drinking cause its really bad for u

      • DJ

        Successful troll is HIGHLY successful.

      • blob

        this is not sureeee at alllll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • tom-_-

        This is sick your 13 you have a child you smoke and then you let you’r 4 year old daughter who also smokes :( if she says she is gona cry if she dosent get a fag then let here cryshe wont cry for ever.

      • Chloe

        lolz im wit danielle and……………………………………………………….WDF!!!!!!!!!!! selena gomez is not pregnant cuz she IS BETTER THAN THAT!!!!!! JUSTIN BEIBER DOES NOT DESERVE HER AND U R WEIRD FOR SAYING HES HOT CUZ I THINK UR LOSING IT GIRL. U MUST BE IN LIKE 4TH GRADE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • blarg

        two words obsessed stalker

      • Gabe

        someone ALWAYS has to post somethin stupid and controversial haw lol. sorry but this time its you kim…. that was pretty dumb of you to write

      • stfu

        Okay, everyone. It IS possible to have a child at her age. Girl’s get there period as young as 7, my friend got hers when she was 8.
        She could of got pregnet.
        For the drinking and smoking goes, parent’s fault. I drank once, and I haven’t smoked but I want too. My parents drink and smoke.
        So shut the fuck up. K bye.

      • Bemeandcol

        @Kim that is stupid for you 2 let your four year old smoke! do yo uwant her to die? YOU HAD YOUR BABY AT 9! YOUR A FREAKIN SLUT

      • jessica

        kim your nasty

    • Howard

      Just because she is dating him doesn’t mean it is his!!!;-)

      • Ashley

        selena gomez is soooo awesome and also my idol. If selena Gomez and Justin beiber and happy together then they should be together. I think it is wrong 4 people 2 make fun of Justin Beiber by calling him names like FUCKIN BULL-SHITTER, Beaver and GAY. it is so mean. how would you like it if you were like Justin Beiber and you were called names like that. some people judge him and don’t even know half about him. look at some of the comments people wrote about him. Think about this and then consider writing nicer comments please!!!

      • Joel

        Uhmm kim smoking is digusting and justin bieber wouldnt be that famous if he did and also he is a bit underagedd

      • C4rios

        Fuck justin he sucks ASS!!!

      • Natasha

        Omfg Kim if ur smoking at 13 andu have a daghter who is 4 and u let her smoke u both are gonna get really bad lungs i hope u feel good about yourself …..I really feel bad for ur daghter :(

      • aylin

        didnt you know justin bieber and selena gomez broke up

      • neha prakash

        ok…..that’s true…..

      • Angel

        ok Kim ur fucked up in ur fucking head…..thats all….Congrats Justin n Selena

      • Chloe

        ikr. i dont think shes pregnant shes a christian and shes WAY better than that!!!

      • mason

        i dont think selena gomez is pregnant cuz if it were true it wouldve been on the news!!!!!

      • Maddy

        you cant buy ciggerates your only thirteen DUMBASS. Good job lying keep it see where that gets u.

      • xtymari

        gosh, what have u done with ur child, im very upset on what happen to u and to ur child. though ur very much overwlhemed to tell everybody that ure smoking and justin do it and it rocks ?! wtf!

      • momof3boys

        Wow, i am blown away with what i read i am 30 yrs old now with 3 beautiful boys ages 10,8yrs old and 15 mothes i became a mom at 19 yeah that’s young but it happens even if you use protection” i had been with my boyfriend now husband 5yrs before i got preganant we used protection but that is not always going to be 100percent protect you but after i found out we steped it up he got a better paying job we bought a house and i enjoyed being a mom i was a mature 19yr old though i cooked and cleaned changed diapers bathed breastfed i was acting as a mother should nuturing teaching loveing” and now 30 with 3 young boys i am still doing those things and loving it.My husband and i are now stay at home parents we make good money working from home and raising are kids right with love and morals as well as disapline when needed.Were not letting are kids run around and smoke and drink and drive and have sex” that is far from cool and normal your parents kim should be reported to dhs i pray for your baby it really makes me sad to know you are a immature 13yr old mom that would let a baby!! fucking smoke that just bothers me how could you dont you have any of that special motherly love when you have a kid? somthing inside that tells you to protect and love that baby from harmful things :’( You need to grow up and quite being a shitty mom and for your parents they need to grow up and grow some parental skills i had better parental skills at 19! then your parents” but i also had very good parents” your parents should have tought you better it is really sad.And for the other immature teen slut bags that commented” who think drinking and driving and smoking and sleeping around is cool grow up! It’s not cool your going to hert somebody one day including yourself not all guys will step up to the plate like my man did now were 30 and still happily raising are 3 boys after 15 yrs :-) So you girls fucking grow up you make me sick! and i pray for your poor kids if you have any”

    • BOB


    • getdowncrazy

      selena gomez is not pregnant

    • Mitchell

      if she is pregnant I will cry

    • lil moe

      that pussy is so fucken gurley i donno what she does see in this Gay and if she is pregnant of him that means that its the end of the world cuz my son is 2 years old and he is a father but this dick its impossible :)

    • Maddy

      you cant buy ciggerates your only thirteen DUMBASS. Good job lying keep it see where that gets u.

  2. philipp

    that guy looks like a tool

  3. Colin

    As much as I like Selena, that would be hilarious, since I seem to remember the Beaver saying something about waiting ’til marriage.

  4. ‘This procedure would be free in Canada’. well inserted lol, well inserted.

    • Mike Walker

      Sure it would be free, and she would still be in the waiting room.

      • Dena

        Are you knocking the fact that we can go see a doctor anytime we’re sick, rich, poor, homesless and otherwise?? I am a born and raised Canadian who is proud of the fact that we have the luxury of going to the doctor when we need too and not have to worry about how we’re gonna pay for it or ripping ourselves a new a**hole to pay for private insurance. All three of my children were born healthy and happy with no complications or waiting periods as you claim. This article isn’t about Medical care it’s about the fact that these two kids might be in a situation neither are ready for. They can have all the money in the world it doesn’t make them ready to be parents. For both their sakes, I hope she has the stomach flu

      • Niki Tee

        Until you need a specialist, then good luck getting anyone for 3-4(or more) months. Might be free, but dying from complications while waiting for your omgfreesofree! doctor sucks even harder.

    • Jovy


      Come off it, everyone knows Canada’s health care system sucks. Have fun dying in the waiting room.

      • the fact is

        The fact is Canadian health care is Awesome and you people who have never experienced the system should Shut Up. As an American, I have been hospitalized in Toronto and it was the best care I have ever recieved. If you are in an emergency situation, you are taken care of immediately. If it is a non emergency, you may have to wait for the proceedure, – like in the US. Has anyone tried to get an appointment with a Dr that doenst take months of waiting–expecially to see a specialist–?

  5. Gary B

    I just think she is probably sick. She has been traveling all over the place and easily could have picked up some virus somewhere. but pregnancy would not surprise me, since it is known fact that purity wearing teens when they do have sex tend to NOT use protection. That is why that entire movement is a LOAD OF CRAP.

  6. Deacon Jones

    Sounds like these two didn’t pray hard enough after sex.

    • mason

      i love justin bieber and selena gomes iam thier #1 fan but i will stop being thier fan if selena gomez is prgnant

  7. If so? she just threw her career out the window for a little white peen,,,LOL

  8. Barry

    Salena Gomez likes gay men. 1st that Jonas Brother she dated and now a boy who sings like a girl and wears earrings in both ears. That is only Ok if you are a girl or a pirate.

  9. Abby Normal

    Is it actually possible to get knocked up by an Usher-Beiber-ipede?

  10. RoboZombie

    Wouldn’t be an immaculate conception??

  11. Abby Normal

    Bieber: “No way, we did it doggy-style. She was behind me the whole time.”

  12. Cock Dr

    She probably had an early hormonal abortion and is having some rough side effects.
    Get well Selena! You’ll be back in the saddle in no time. Make him wear a condom every time even if he whines like a bitch about it. Use line “It’s for your protection too loverboy”.

    • Deacon Jones

      What the hell is a hormonal abortion? The “day after” pill?

      I usually just punch them in the stomach.

    • kate

      RU486 is not safer than a surgical abortion. It’s still pretty safe, but complications are definitely more common. Plus sometimes it doesn’t complete and a surgical abortion becomes necessary.

      • Burt

        “RU486 can make you hemorage to death….its not that safe.”

        It is safe.

        How many Americans have died from complications after taking RU486 this year? A handful, if any at all. How many have died from using aspirin and other over the counter pain killers? 16500 per year.

  13. Let this be a lesson to lesbians about the risks associated with scissoring.

    • LULZ!

      But fa’real doe…. don’t let it be true. It’s enough with this little fucker already. I mean… CMT awards… Justin Bieber shows up. What the fuck America?

  14. gotmilk

    who the hell goes to the ER because they have a headache and feel sick to their stomach? seems a bit drastic.

  15. gotmilk

    and what fucking hospital runs test on someone for a headache and nausea? i can see if she’s been like this for a few days, but for a few hours doesn’t necessitate a trip to the hospital.

    • Fletch

      She’s a “Star”. You know they get different treatment than us peons.

    • Mandy

      Agreed, I’m curious what these “tests” would entail.
      “Do you feel sick?”

    • akewlazzmom

      Any NEW headache of severe and intense pain should be checked out. With a “severe headache and nausea”, eh, probably just a migraine. But…same symptoms could be indicative of a tumor of some type.
      And guys, come on. I thought those nimrods over at tmz were all about a “Beiber baby”. But over here also? Ah hell, what am I talking about. This sites worse! Lol
      C’mon, they’re kids. Having fun, dating, goofing off, same things we did as kids. Sex…ok, possibly. But I have to believe Selena is waaayy smarter than to go unprotected, even if he wasn’t.

    • The Listener

      Those are the only 2 symptoms the general public knows of. She could have others. The doctors would need to know her medical history. Then, there’s the waiting time that most ERs have. And her symptoms could have been severe. Also, doctors may be worried if they can’t find an EXACT cause of her symptoms and want to run a series of tests to rule things out and narrow her symptoms down to one cause.

    • Burt

      You’d be going to the clinic to if any sick day you take would cost you tens of thousands of dollars, if not more.

  16. Selena Gomez Pregnant
    Seat Filler
    Commented on this photo:

    Now he has ruined my love of Mill St. when will his path of destruction end

    • jessica

      wtf tht shit is fake n selena gomez u fucked up ur life now every one is sayin o ur to gurly u cant sing n shit n y u datin tht gay fuck

  17. Is he circumcised? We should get a discussion about circumcision going!

  18. Selena Gomez Pregnant
    The Lord Almighty
    Commented on this photo:

    The T on his hat stands for tool

  19. Elle

    You can get pregnant by rubbing your vaginas together? Shit…

  20. sabrina


    • grobpilot

      Jeez! Finish up fourth grade, learn how to put a coherent sentence together, then come back and post some more. And stop yelling.

      • Ech

        Get your facts straight, too. Never had a migraine along with a UTI. Had 2 UTIs in my lifetime, and I was a virgin both times. No kind of sex whatsoever, none. Thank you.

    • Just because you didn’t have a head ache with your UTI doesn’t mean anything. And no you don’t have to have sex to get a UTI. But in experienced people when they first start having sex and before they learn the tricks most often do end up with UTI’s when they first start being sexually active. Not to mention that some people are just prone to them and sex increases that. I am one of those people who are just prone to them sex or not. I’ve had more than a dozen of them and probably more that turned into a kidney infection and everyone has different symptoms so yes, a headache is a possibility. Some times I get head aches with them sometimes I don’t. Nausea can cause a head ache, so can pain.

  21. Pink

    I’d do her.

  22. brandon

    Mill St Brewery!!!!!

  23. Donald Trump

    This little slut took Beebers hot, creamy, load of jizz up her sniz. Wish I were her.

  24. Selena Gomez Pregnant
    Cock Dr
    Commented on this photo:

    “visiting his family in Toronto. Possibly to tell them the good news” -
    The good news being that she was sensible & got an immediate abortion….amiright?

    • no ur not F****** right i wish u were killed when u were a kid dont sit there and say kill the kid so she dosnt have to take care of it real ur pathatic

  25. Katie

    “Tests” as in pregnancy tests? Cracked the case!!!

  26. Selena Gomez Pregnant
    Commented on this photo:

    Of course, when I said that she was totally getting an abortion when their vacation pics were posted, it got removed… at least i couldn’t find it again… She is not going to have a baby, one way or the other.

    • well if she was she shouldnt ur pathatic no oneshould kill a god dam babby

      • Rachel

        Shut the fuck up, hoe. You don’t know people’s struggles, so who are you to talk? How about you fucking focus on the kids who are abandoned?

      • sid

        what a joke. babies are sacred but people are objects to be used and abused. the way people treat each other i am surprised more people are not for abortion. and yes its necessary, not everyone can afford or can care for a child. If a meth/heroin/crack addict got pregnant and after weeks of using found out about the baby would you really think that child should be born into this cruel world ?

  27. Dan

    *sigh* … that’s it.

  28. mark

    BAHAHA…vying for a spot on mtvs teen mom? all those raunchy photos of them together i would not doubt she is pregnant, it looked as if her pussy was trying to swallow little justins body ,LOL

  29. Garrote

    I thought your balls had to drop in order to have kids.

  30. See Alice

    Going to the emergency room for a headache . Called an ambulance instead of a cab .
    How typical !

  31. Eddie

    LMAO! His weiner is probably so small, the condom just slid right off!

  32. guy rossi


    “(Sigh) yes”

  33. Brad

    If she is pregnant,she should go to jail for being a pedophile,considering that Beiber is underage.Pregnant behind bars would be funny as hell.

    • Marina

      She cant get arrested if Justin wanted to have sex with her

    • TomFrank

      Once again: the age of consent is 16 or 17 in all but a dozen states, and most of those states have “close in age” exemptions that would apply to 18-year-old Selena.

      • kma

        I was always wondering since it is ok they are dating, the first time they have sex it is a crime considering their ages. I know the law and reality sometimes don’t intersect.

    • reenah

      ur r so damn right, i hope she goes to jail for being a slut or having sex with an underage like BULL-SHITTER: JUSTIN BEIBER

  34. Uy

    Statutory rape charges anyone?

  35. Carla V.

    Lame try at jacking Samantha Ronson’s swagger, Bieber. SamRo has more testosterone in her titties than you’ll ever have without clinical assistance.

  36. Ronny

    she cant be pregnant even if they had sex without protection…beaver boy has to go through puberty first

  37. PJ

    MTV better get their crap together and nab these two for the next series of Teen Mom! I’ll be staying tuned…

  38. Justin Bieber

    Stop it you guys quit be in mean.


  39. suckit

    haha, justin bieber getting selena prego. haha hes to stupid to get tht far.

  40. tony che


    • marnette

      huh he better stop doing her OR ELSE…Telling me to stop being MEAN. if i had the rights to go over there and give him a busted lip and jack him I REALLY WOULD

  41. Selena Gomez Pregnant
    Commented on this photo:

    Does anyone else notice the new tattoo on his left elbow?!!!

  42. Chi

    Most likely she got a migraine!!!

  43. not a celebrity

    The latinas do tend to get pregnant more often because they won’t do oral.

  44. Sanjay

    Haha that’s funny. Let’s see his worshiping fans try to justify his actions since it’s something ‘he’d never do.’

    She’ll probably have an abortion to save their careers, unless Just Bieber talks her out of it for ‘religious reasons’ then his career will slide and he’ll end up ODing on drugs and alcohol to escape his crummy life. The ‘innocent’ ones fall the hardest.

    • lalalala

      He won’t talk her out of an abortion. The religious righteous ALWAYS find a way to do what they preach against. They always find a way to justify that its ok FOR THEM. Just like my extreme southern baptist sister on her THIRD marriage. Its ok for her, just nobody else.

  45. Blake

    Justin’s views on abortion just got a little more relevant.

  46. Dubious

    Young adult with severe nausea and headache . . . first thing anyone with any sense will think is “Bacterial Meningitis.” Which can be fatal within a few hours.

    • watson

      Dubious anyone with sense knows that several diseases present the same or similar symptoms initially. Thats why diagnosis is left to doctors. thats why tests are needed and medical decisions are not left solely up to doctors’ gut feelings. Ha. Anyone with sense. The severe nausea and headache could be a hangover.

  47. Impossible!!

    You know people, it is impossible for a female to empregnate another of her own kind. Trust me, I’m a Doctor!! XD

  48. Randy

    it is sad that one can’t go to the hospital with out others making up stories. You people need to get a real life if that is even possible.

  49. J

    Dude looks like a young, less busted samantha ronson. Just saying.

  50. j

    So, when will she be spotted in Iowa on “vacation”?

    • Jackass

      The only thing in Iowa is endless corn fields.

      • j

        and really good abortion docs. im honestly shocked, the “free” medical care line sunk in, but the traditionally liberal crowd for whom abortion is actively promoted, didn’t pick up on the joke…….*sigh*.

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