If Selena Gomez Isn’t Pregnant, How Do You Explain This Baby?

I heard they named it Edward Cullen Gomez-Bieber.

Selena Gomez was rushed to the hospital Thursday night after complaining of nausea which sounds odd considering she spends her free time eating McDonald’s and watching the kid she lost her virginity to make faces like this. Anyway, apparently she’s been in and out of the hospital all weekend for tests, according to TMZ:

Sources tell us Gomez has undergone a number of tests for blood pressure issues, but so far … doctors have not been able to determine what is causing the problem.
Oh … as for the rumors going around she’s pregnant … totally untrue.

Wait. If it’s “totally untrue” she’s pregnant today, but it was totally true (in wild, speculative theory) she was on Friday… NO. Justin Bieber hates abortion. It’s at the top his list of Dislikes between Bullies and Rainy Days. Next, you’re going to tell me likes homework now. MY WHOLE WORLD IS A LIE!

Photos: Splash News