Selena Gomez’s Nips Went Out Hard Yesterday

Selena Gomez is in London promoting her new single “Wolves” like it’s the last song she’ll ever make. Between her first early morning radio appearance to a late-night fashion party, Selena changed clothes six times. I think that’s a little much for promoting a crappy single she recorded with the other Buckethead, but don’t listen to me, I’ve been wearing the same pair of pants every day since Thanksgiving (blog life, wassup).

If, for some reason, you’re curious to know what other five outfits Selena Gomez wore yesterday that didn’t expose the outline of her naked breast, you can click here to see them all. Otherwise take in the sheer-covered outline of Selena’s milk-makers at your own leisure. Might I recommend pairing them with an ice-cold Fresca and a half-eaten bag of Cool Ranch Doritos.

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