Selena Gomez In Lingerie Can Stop Now

November 12th, 2013 // 18 Comments
Selena Gomez Lingerie
WATCH: Selena Gomez - 'Searching' A Flaunt Short Film

If Selena Gomez posing in lingerie for Flaunt was Natalie Portman in The Professional-esque, then the magazine’s short film Searching (above) is a goddamn deleted scene from Luc Besson‘s private collection that he can only legally show in Europe provided you wear a mask and whisper the word “Fidelio” into a feathered Prince Charles‘ dildo-nose. The rules of Parliament are very specific.

Photos: Flaunt


  1. Dox

    Dear Fish,
    This video has pegged my creepy meter into overdrive.
    I realized that I was going to be disturbed when I clicked the damn link, I just didn’t think it would be… exploited teens rescued from human trafficking ring’s disturbed,

    Would you please be so kind as to post a Dox Warning in the future. I’m going to take my meds now, and visit my happy place.

  2. Hugh G. Rection

    Selena Gomez in lingerie can stop now, but who would want it to?

  3. At least the got someone manlier than Justin Beiber to be her love interest here. But to be fair, most men are manlier than Justin. Most women are too.

  4. schmidtler

    she looks like shit, the video is absolutely retarded and pointless. It’s about as compelling as listening to a 10 year old try and explain which member of one direction is their favorite.

  5. Margaret

    Yuck. Bland boring average looking little kid. Weird small face, no expressions, general detachment that will expand with age into another untalented Hollywood drone dick toy passed around town until the money fades with the drug problems and self destruction fueled by self loathing. Let’s stop watching, shall we? Maybe she will fade out to Montana and marry some honest mechanic and live a semblance of normal and we won’t be forced to watch her slowly die in front a millions of eyes for no reasons but our spoon fed media sicknesses. Or let’s see some anal fakes.

  6. JC

    +100 internets for Eyes Wide Shut reference.

  7. All I got from this is that Amanda de Cadenet and Victoria Mahoney are stoner high school students. How else do you explain the video running in reverse? Only stoned high school kids and the French think that shit is cool.

  8. This is so creepy and she does not look remotely sexy in it, just a battered, soulless, child prostitute.

  9. the one who knocks

    This is fucking creepy. I dont care what her age is. SHE LOOKS 12 OKAY. Do people Understand that? She Looks like she just entered puberty.
    Her Face looks like a Middle School kid. If I saw her in the street I would think she still goes to middle school.
    HER BODY is not even that Grown up. Her shoulders and Her hips still look like she has not develop fully yet.

    This is so fucking CREEPY! Pedobears everywhere probably came to this site to watch this shit

  10. kery

    She is ugly. Not sexy at all. We can see that Selena is desperate ’cause now she does’nt have Justin to be on the spotlight, sorry but true.

  11. She looks like a 4 year old maid.

  12. Innit

    This was creepy! She looks 12 in this video, and to make things worse, she doesnt even look comfortable in it…so it looks like she’s just been raped.Is that what they were going for?

    Very bad video…unless you’re a pedophile.

  13. Alright she has the face of a 6 years old toddler but that body is clearly an adult young woman. However, lotsa people confuse Katy Perry or Jennifer Aniston with an attractive woman which positively requires to never once take a look at their buttfaces. So that she has a toddler face should in theory not be an issue.

  14. Jay

    pass… one here really seems interested in this girl besides fish

  15. diversity hire

    she grew out of her cute kid look about a year ago. The bod is still on point

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