And Selena Gomez Is Banging Justin Bieber Again God F*cking Dammit!

August 15th, 2014 // 36 Comments
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Because getting swatted at by Orlando Bloom (for a good reason) makes you look like a sad puppy, Selena Gomez is apparently over banging European dudes and/or Cara Delevingne at the same time and back to thinking Justin Bieber won’t screw whores behind her back. So here’s the two of them leaving Bible study Wednesday night in a since-deleted Instagram photo he posted with the caption, “Right now everything else is a blur.” The Daily Mail reports:

‘The pair sat next to each other while partaking in Bible study and seemed very close. They then left together in Bieber’s car.
‘Justin looked really comfortable with Selena as he still thinks their bond is unbreakable and knows that Selena will always love him.’
He took to Twitter later to post: ‘God is good’, which was retweeted by his fans 68,000 times.

God then replied, “Oh, I’m good alright. Good at hating Selena Gomez! Amirite? High five! Anyone? — Ah, you guys suck. JESUS! Tell your mother to get me a beer.”

Photo: Instagram


  1. You really need to stop reporting on these two. Their publicists make it look like they break up/ get back together every Monday morning. They never broke up in the first place.

    It’s really the only thing keeping them in the public eye right now.

  2. her going back to that douche nozzle over & over just shows you how bad Selena’s career is going post Disney, because for a fact if her career was sky rocketing with movie roles and music hitting the charts, Justin would’ve been a distant memory & a learning experience for her by now.

    • Swearin

      I have to agree. Ariana Grande is now where Selena Gomez was a couple years ago, except she’s getting way more airplay and media attention. She put away her douchebag white boy and started dating a black rapper to help her career.

      “Bieber IS a black rapper” – your next thought, shut up

  3. JC

    Let’s be honest, there’s no real loss to the world here. Selena may be a moderately sexy chipmunk, but assholes date other assholes. The fact that Selena hangs out with this spoiled little lesbian means she probably doesn’t deserve a decent girlfriend.

  4. Bryan

    Selena has been dead to me for a couple years now.

  5. Bible Study? I’m going to puke

  6. Cock Dr

    They deserve one another.

  7. RichPort

    What’s with the prosthetic finger? Creepy…

  8. cc

    Let’s just accept that these are two of the dimmest bulbs in the world of celebrity and move on.

    Or report that he gave her the clap. One or the other.

  9. I guess it would be a story if she was hot, but god damn – she looks like a 12 year old chipmunk. just STOP Fish.

  10. Girls with LUPUS evidently do not make the best life decisions.

  11. I just read on CNN that Blake Lively has been trying to stop TMZ from releasing that sex tape between her, Bieber and Hillary Duff. This kid gets around.

  12. There reaches a point where it’s totally fair to judge a woman based on the type of guy she chooses to date. A woman who chooses to be with an epic douchebag, is herself an epic douche.

    I’m looking at you Mila Kunis…

  13. Max

    I wonder if in their studies of the Bible they’ve noticed that it says premarital sex is a sin. Just wondering.

  14. Swearin

    I’ve got some advice to all the young men out there – want to know the secret to getting a loyal girlfriend? Tell her you love her constantly (and do it in public too, social media is great for this), make sure you are the one she loses her virginity to, and keep talking Jesus with her, good Christian girls love that shit. Then, no matter how shitty you are as a person, no matter how many skanks you openly admit to banging, she will always come crawling back to you because in her crazy, barely post-pubescent brain, you are the best thing for her.

  15. At least if she is with Bieber, she can’t procreate more idiots.

  16. beer for thought

    Hold on a sec….forget about all that Selina and Justin back together nonsense….BIBLE STUDY!? that is the funniest thing I’ve heard all day. So basically studying the Bible turns you into an insufferable douche and or an insufferable douche lover or at the very least does nothing to stop it…religion, not helping anything since the begging of time.

  17. So glad my early 20′s are a distant memory. Dating in your 40′s sucks, but at least it isn’t the “pick the most self-destructive option” method we all used at 23.

  18. My guess is that the plan is to marry him, then get a huge payday in the divorce after he comes out.

  19. At least it’s not someone in-shape or hot. just this dumpy has-been that only morons find attractive. Dump-da-dump-da-dump.

  20. anonymous

    Who cares? Besides her neverending quest to bag JB, she rarely makes any headlines and is pretty boring.

    Even her career has flatlined. She’ll be showing tits soon but even that won’t resuscitate it.

  21. Hmm

    Good Lord she is an utter imbecile. I agree though she has no choice but to keep going back to that loser to hold on to what career she has since she can’t sing, can’t dance and can’t act to save her life and her body is a few Big Macs away from blowing up to the size of a beach ball.

  22. Michael Buble

    She is past adolescence, so the much-exercised cop out of teenagers being stupid decision makers is no longer available – she’s just stupid.

    • Ripley's Believe It Or Not

      In principle I agree with your thoughts, except to say 30 is the new 20. These 2 will be teenagers for years to come yet.

  23. ElCartero

    Selena Gomez? The chick who looks like an 8-year-old with boobs? Who cares.

  24. tlmck

    What’s that old saying, “Stupid wants what stupid wants”

  25. Look, we’ve got OJ Simpson stalking Kim Kardashian. We can’t have everything.

  26. Ripley's Believe It Or Not

    This is good news. These Latinas are as fertile as f**k. I wanna see these 2 get pregnant; it’s a bomb that’ll blow both of their scenes to pieces.

  27. Marketing Mike

    Let’s see, Bieber released his “hot new album” last Xmas
    and sold 5,500 copies (to date). His previous album sold
    2,450,000 copies in 3 weeks. Selena did a very forgettable
    babe-buddy beach movie last summer, that was pulled from
    theaters in 2 weeks. Neither of them will ever tour again,
    or make big money. They are 100% done in the industry.
    Enjoy them while they last…

  28. damn, I knew I should have got stocks in Valtrex…

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