And Selena Gomez Is Banging Justin Bieber Again God F*cking Dammit!

Because getting swatted at by Orlando Bloom (for a good reason) makes you look like a sad puppy, Selena Gomez is apparently over banging European dudes and/or Cara Delevingne at the same time and back to thinking Justin Bieber won’t screw whores behind her back. So here’s the two of them leaving Bible study Wednesday night in a since-deleted Instagram photo he posted with the caption, “Right now everything else is a blur.” The Daily Mail reports:

‘The pair sat next to each other while partaking in Bible study and seemed very close. They then left together in Bieber’s car.
‘Justin looked really comfortable with Selena as he still thinks their bond is unbreakable and knows that Selena will always love him.’
He took to Twitter later to post: ‘God is good’, which was retweeted by his fans 68,000 times.

God then replied, “Oh, I’m good alright. Good at hating Selena Gomez! Amirite? High five! Anyone? — Ah, you guys suck. JESUS! Tell your mother to get me a beer.”

Photo: Instagram