Selena Gomez Ain’t Ever Gonna Roll On #BBare

Dare seems to be a recurrent theme dat Selena Gomez will one day roll on my boy B-Bare bringin’ down his criminal empire when he ain’t even begun to rule dis world like iron-fisted gangsta he was born to be. Except nuny’all are takin’ into account that my boy called her an elegant princess. ELEGANT. PRINCESS. Her panties done squirted to the moon, and she is now his foreva. Bonded together by da most bootiful words ever spoken by one one man to one woman in da heat of passion. Bitch done hopped on a plane and flew right to his dick not even a day later. Mothafucka’s like a pussy hypnotist which is why dese lawyers and judges are out of dare minds if they think B-Bare’s princess will ever stop riding dat throne:

Selena Gomez allegedly knows all about Justin Bieber’s predisposition for violence — especially violence directed at paparazzi — and that’s why the lawyer for the photog who’s suing the singer asked about her.
Attorney Mark DiCowden, who grilled Justin like a cheeseburger last Friday in Miami … claims in new legal docs he asked Justin about Selena because she had witnessed Justin attacking a photog in May, 2012.
It’s pretty clear the lawyer claims the attack is relevant in showing Justin’s M.O. … so he says the questions about Selena were appropriate. As you know, Justin went nuclear, ripped off his mic and walked out of the deposition after Selena was mentioned.

You’re gotdamn right my boy dropped that mic and told y’all to fuck yo’selves. Nobody axes him questions about his princess. NOBODY. Plus y’all think she’s gonna open dem legs if she finds out he’s out dare crackin’ skulls and straight up regulatin’? Shit’s none of her damn business, so why y’all messin’ up his swerve game? Does B-Bare come into your house and tell yo’ girl all da stupid shit you do when she ain’t around? No, of course not. He ain’t ever been about dat. So he gonna make y’all a deal: Just fo’get all dis Selena Gomez business and maybe at the next Johnny Deppsition he won’t lawyer your dicks off right in front of your cracker faces. And before y’all say, “wait, brothas can’t be lawyers,” dat shit’s racist. B-Bare won’t have it. He didn’t go to community college with Stringer Bell to put up with it. He won’t.

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Photos: Fame/Flynet, INFphoto, Pacific Coast News, Splash News