Yup, Lupus Makes You Retarded

January 6th, 2014 // 35 Comments

Welp, that answers that. Can someone forward this to Johns Hopkins? They’re gonna want to look at this.

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  1. Me

    WTF is wrong with you people!!! Lupus is a lifelong disease THAT KILLS PEOPLE. Would you make the same joke about Cancer? Horrible, insensitive and offensive!!!!

    • JC

      Take it easy, Selena. We’re not really making fun of your lupus–we’re making fun of your abysmal taste in companionship. (Notice I didn’t say “taste in men.”)

      • Me

        No, you’re making fun of intellectually challenged people by referring to them as ‘retarded’. AND you’re making light of a horrible disease that kills people, and makes their life hell while they’re alive. Lupus affects various organs of the body, including the brain, to the point that can render someone incapable of functioning. LMAO. Not. It’s not funny, in any way, shape or form. Period.

      • Polk

        But lupus is also overdiagnosed, often claimed by hypochondriacs

      • retarded: adjectivecharacterized by a slowness or limitation in intellectual understanding and awareness, emotional development, academic progress, etc.

        So, people can be retarded and referred to as being retarded — if, indeed, they are retarded.

        The word takes on a new and extremely offensive meaning when it is used as a noun, i.e. that guy is a fucking retard.

    • And it’s first thing Monday morning. If you are not being facetious, I’m afraid you are not going to like it here.

    • People are so sensitive *when they want to be* Americans are especially good at it. Look to the Dutch – they love a good bit of disease profanity –

  2. elizabeth

    Please stop using the word retarded in an offensive manner. No humor in that.

    • Polk

      I thing he was using retarded in a humorous manner. It’s offensive if it directed to a person who is actually retarded. It’s like saying calling someone “really stupid” when they actually aren’t permanently stupid.

    • Me

      I’m beginning to wonder if the writer was using the word ‘retarded’ in an ironic sense. Only an intellectually challenged person would write this kind of crap and think it’s funny or amusing in any way. What happened to this site? It used to be so funny and witty, now it seems it’s been taken over by 12 year olds.

    • Weren’t moron and idiot once clinical terms for what would eventually come to be called retarded? Now, nobody bats an eye if you use either of those words to insult someone’s intelligence. If I’m not mistaken, retarded is no longer acceptable, and developmentally disabled is the PC term du jour; so why not let retarded join its buddies, moron and idiot, at the “stupid” party?

  3. elizabeth

    Disagree. Retarded is not a synonym for behavior you find objectionable.

    • Polk

      But it is a synonym for behavior you find to be something a very stupid person would do. Which is was how it was used – the author was saying Selena was acting stupid, not objectionable.

  4. Gen

    I’m so glad the commenters from Jezebel got on this thread…

  5. I was wishing with hope that they had Degue fever.

  6. malaka

    the world was better off when people could all laugh at the word retarded.
    pull that stick out of your ass and get over yourself.
    acting offended over what essentially amounts to nothing is asinine.
    its totally gay and it makes you sound retarded.

    words are just symbols. they have no power over us.
    they have no meaning until we give them meaning.

  7. I rented a condo upstairs from a weird ass bitch that claimed she had Lupus. Weirdo bitch was 100 pounds overweight, pale as a ghost, and every time I went out to my car or into the condo, bitch would peek through her blinds, holding her giant fat cat, because wtf, nobody could com or go without crazy Lupus bitch eyeballing their every fucking move. I was only using the condo one or two weekends a month while I was working out of state, this bitch would call the fucking cops on me for a noise complaint because I was walking around my apartment without shoes on – the sound of my footsteps was too noisy for her! Third time she called the cops on me, I read the sops the riot act and said if you don’t go down there right now and straighten this bitch out, I’m following you back to the police station and filling out a complaint for harassment against her for the bullshit noise complaints, and also another one against you cops for harassing me when you’ve known this bitch’s noise complaints are a load of crap. They went downstairs and politely explained to the bitch if she ever called them again for another noise complaint, they were just coming to her apartment to arrest her for filing false reports. Anyhow, now I hate all people with Lupus and they can all go fuck themselves.

    • That didn’t happen. You’re a regular internet commenter. If you had actual backbone, you wouldn’t be here. You’d be out living a fulfilling life. As would I. As would we all.

  8. JimBB

    Man, a lot of you people really need to get laid. Am I the last person left who doesn’t walk around just TRYING to be offended?

  9. Just when she was starting to be attractive to me. Oh well, on to the next one.

  10. Swearin

    What is it with girls under 25 breaking up and getting back together with their exes at least 2 times? I’ve seen this so many times before; young ladies, there’s a whole population of other attractive young people to date and/or screw, you don’t have to settle!

  11. now why the fuck are you all surprised? Selena was groomed by the Disney ho production line after all. they have been producing bat shit crazy little stars for years now. remember Britney and Miley? Jesus

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    Even a little ass when packaged just right….looks so good

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    I’d gnaw on them buns

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    now that she has left him , now she needs something big thick and back to stretch that little Latino pussy

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