Selena Gomez in a Bikini

June 25th, 2010 // 179 Comments

I’m assuming God wants to test just how depraved society has become* because here’s yet another almost-18 starlet in revealing attire. This time around it’s Selena Gomez on the set of Monte Carlo today and had I known this was going to turn into Underage Summer, I would’ve made sure all my forged passports are up to date. So thanks for not sending me the memo, Disney. It’s always been a dream of mine to Polanski it up one day. *puts on fake mustache* This is not the blogger you’re looking for….

*We’re doomed.

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  1. Kevin

    What do you people think of all the magazines out there that have teen models modeling swimsuits and underwear? You know in the magazines that every single girl buys? Should these magazines stop giving pedos material? *sigh* bitches…they see this stuff all day in the magazines they read but as soon as you see it on a website, and she isn’t even actually modeling shes at the beach, you flip out. And don’t even try and tell me you were not trying to get nailed when you were 17.

  2. stan laurel
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    Mess with that and the FDA gets on you for spoiling angel food cake!

  3. stan laurel
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    I would kiss the dog that pissed on the tires of the laundry truck that took away her tummy-flu soiled undies.

  4. Elle
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    If she didn’t want to bee seen this way she would be wearing a one piece or something similar and her bikini top would not be super padded – thats whats making her boobs look big. They know the paps are always lurking about so thats why she has spent the whole day posing. The color of her bikini is pretty.

  5. brook

    seriously? its a girl in a bikini. go to the beach you see alot of people in a bikinis.. what the fuck is she suppose to wear on the beach?!..

  6. Matt
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    Dude, it’s kinda creepy how you write sexually suggestive stuff about minors. How old are you, anyway? Gotta be at least 25. She’s 17, man. And even if she was 18, you’d still be the 25 year old douchebag creeping on a teenager. Do you actually watch that wizard show she’s in on Disney and hold yourself… seriously, bit of a pedophile vibe coming off you.

    Try women you’re own age. That’s right… women.

  7. hulkkis

    If a woman looks like that, she is old enough for me.
    Age is just a number.

  8. dond

    Funny how selena is laughing at the old balding man looking at her.

  9. Carole White

    I couldn’t/didn’t want to read all those raunchy comments. Selena is a typical 17 yr old. I just pray to God that she doesn’t get as self centered as Miley Cyrus. She looks like a sweetheart to me. If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything as you make yourself look like an a..hole.

  10. Kevin

    Retards…News Flash…Just read on another site that these pics are from a movie set. If that is true I guess they need to stop making pronos with little girls? I guess they need to stop giving pedos material? Maybe it should be illegal to show a girl in a movie wearing a bikini? Better rate that one XXX…dumbasses

  11. Gordon
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    I’d ram my 32 year old throbbing cock into her tight under aged pussy and thrust as she screams, wildly calling out for more! More!

    I like em young. Usually younger than this, but those titties are just shouting out loud that they wanna be fucked.

  12. Underaged Summer is inspired. Let’s hope fall never comes.

  13. Dave
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    yea this is the hottest pic of her but i love her she is so sexy and she got good sized tits but i dont sit her and wack my willy im not that pathetic

  14. jenni
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    She looks ugly i swear her body is deformed i
    mean hellow no ass &u could soo totally tell
    she has still a stomatch Fat eww

  15. sorry

    Why is it in life that all the pretty girls are famous and all the famous girls are pretty???

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  17. nag84

    all of the haters here fuck off she in more clean then venssa or miley will ever be

  18. nag84

    and another she is not showing nipples or anything like that so stop saying shit like that bitches

  19. jr23

    enough girls have bee wearing bikini in US for 50 yrs and in a lot of the world just the bottoms. and remember all humans have nipples
    It not bad to look but it is wrong to make nasty comment, stare, weird noises
    or touch them. Let them enjoy being a beautiful young women.

    and it is not pedophiles they want little children ,they are very sick or perverted

  20. StansAFuckingPro
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    Stan that was fucking badass right there.

  21. no
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    i would shove my dick up her ass and cum so much she’d be shitting cum for weeks!

  22. Double D
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    Bieber asked her to do anal. Gomez said yes and bent over. Bieber was very, very confused.

  23. Koowie Social

    So she is in a bikini? So what? This nothing to report on.

  24. hi
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    it looks like she has some stretch marks

  25. adfs
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    id fuck her like no tomorrow and then cum on her face and tits. and shove my dick up her mouth

  26. adfs
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    jizz everywhere

  27. Naineesh

    justin bieber suck’s,..!!!!!!!!!!!!!,………..

  28. Elizabeth

    It’s a bathing suit. Girls do wear bikinis you know? Every age, Every size, Everywhere! It’s not really something to freak out upon because she’s 18 it’s not like she’s gonna wear a one piece to the beach, really no one does that! Everyone just freaks out when ever a star does something when people everywhere are doing it

  29. Ky

    She is really hot

  30. Ky

    I would tap that

  31. Cetay Reptembera
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    Nice tits.

  32. Cetay Reptembera
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    flat butt, hey, I won’t complain when I blow my load in her face

  33. thorton

    Fuck me babe wont to fuck cause your hot

  34. Ohhh Yeah
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    I would love to shove my dick up her vagina and fuck her sooo bad she would never forget I did it.

  35. john doe
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    you are so so yummy & Gorgeous & i love you so very very much,
    you are like my little sister that i neve had Before & i Mean It baby-Cakes.

  36. pie

    get a life people and creep someone else out

  37. Selena
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    wow, i like her in all, but she kinda looks like a brat in this pics.

  38. superjohnman21
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    Selena is amazingly fucking hot and i would do anything to meet here in reel life and see her in that bikini 4 real

  39. Adekola
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    Why is everyone on youtbue so mean? You don’t feel guilty posting comments like these on people’s videos? So you don’t like them. Don’t watch them!

  40. Clara
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    Well, she knows that she is highly loved and retpsceed as a singer aswell as a person. Justin Bieber will never have that, as he will never make music on such a sentimental and emotional level. While Enya’s music opens a whole new world [...]

  41. Gabriel
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    iLovemybffChelsey / All u obsessed girks need yo xalm down srleousiy… and her stomach isnt flabby she just does have a 6 pack like justin … hello she ks a girl an she is probably skinnier than u

  42. Hell Yeah

    I would love to drive my cock to the hilt inside her pussy, hold her tight as i fill her pussy with load after load of cum.

  43. Selena impregnator
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    Who the fuck would waste a good load. I’m 35 and i would drive my cock as deep into her tight little pussy and possible and blow every last load as deep inside her pussy as i could.

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