Selena Gomez Got Implants (Probably)

July 9th, 2014 // 64 Comments

A few weeks ago, there was a rumor flying around that Selena Gomez was getting implants so Justin Bieber would finally stop banging her friends, random models, and overly fertile female fans. And now here she is in New York looking depressingly more chestier. And I say depressingly because Jesus Christ, woman, you put them in the wrong place! The kid likes asses. Big, giant, gross asses. For God’s sake, his dipshit mom let him near Kim Kardashian before he even hit puberty. You don’t come back from that.

Photos: AKM-GSI


  1. There sure have been a lot of nipple pictures today.

  2. Selena Gomez Implants Nipples
    Commented on this photo:

    Looks like shit now. At least before, she had the young thing goin for her.

  3. Air____s for the Douche-____.

  4. Marketing Mike

    The nipple on the left looks a little off center, but tits are tits.
    She made them big enough for motor boating, why complain.

  5. gumbypokey

    She could almost pass for 17 now.

  6. Helena Handbasket

    it looks like they stuffed them in upside down and backwards

  7. Selena Gomez Implants Nipples
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    The desperation is soaking through her shirt. And another cute, relatively stable one bites the dust.

  8. Mike Walker

    They’re leaking!

  9. bonerspunk

    This is nothing but the start of some serious internet win!

    And by internet win, I mean the nudes!

  10. Careful, Fish. It’s posts like these that set off so many of your readers to accuse you of misogyny.

    What’s that? They only bring out the misogyny charges when you go after someone for racism? But on posts like these they join in on the objectification, up to and including jerking off to titties? Ahahaha, that’s the most ridiculous thing I ever heard.

  11. damn, did the drunk cosmetic surgeon play pin the nipple on the breast? it’s all crazy-town in there.

  12. Selena Gomez Implants Nipples
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    ah, high-waisted stonewash mom jeans and underboob and tummy sweat. these are the triggers for unquenchable lust.

  13. Short Round

    She had a nice natural body and was just coming into it. If she got implants then I have lost the little respect I had for her. Let’s hope this is just a delayed allergic reaction to Dengue Bieber.

  14. Roco

    She only needed to fix that Rhianarria Biscuit Size Forehead to look normal no Hale Berry screwed up T I it job she has penny nips with saggy balloon t its like her. NOT COOL

  15. Selena Gomez Implants Nipples
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    I don’t think those are implants. I think she’s gained weight and is a six pack away from developing a beer gut.

  16. Selena Gomez Implants Nipples
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    Doesn’t look like implants. Looks like she’s got some bra on that’s squishing her little bits against her chest and shoving them up, giving the impression of cleavage that she doesn’t really have. Look how flat her boobs are under her shirt now.

    • Beer for thought

      That would be the case IF she was wearing a bra, she clearly is not (does this person even know what bras look like? ladies?), hence they are implants. w/o a bra, real tits do not just simply decide to disobey the laws of gravity and suddenly appear to be pushed upwards, as if they are actually upside down, while said woman is standing upright……..not running, not laying down, just walking…uh those are implants ladies and gentleman! At least they’re not huge or anything, still look dumb though, why ruin your boobs and get slightly larger than your natural tits implants? the old ones were better dumbass!

    • She’s not wearing a bra, believe me.

  17. Selena Gomez Implants Nipples
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    Possibly brand new implants??? They look like half-cantaloupes with nipples on them. Who has push-up cleavage when there’s nothing there to push them up? There are laws of gravity, you know? I hate plastic boobs and am no longer a fan of hers. She was beautiful before, not she’s got saline bags buried in her chest

  18. Selena Gomez Implants Nipples
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    Let’s see — no push-up bra or bra of any kind … and they look like half-cantaloupes with nipples on them. Cleavage that is never seen in real life on any planet with gravity, unless saline bags are inserted in one’s chest. I agree with the first and 2nd comments — looks like shit now and reeks of desperation for a younger male named Justin Bieber who she once said was like a baby brother.

  19. Selena Gomez Implants Nipples
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    If she actually has implants now, and actually got them in hopes of “keeping” JB, well… if those two points are true… she’s nuts. OK? Just freakin’ nuts. JB isn’t all that. Heck, he’s not even a bowl of soup.

  20. Selena Gomez Implants Nipples
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    If those are implants, at least she got some that aren’t too big.

  21. If she really got fake tits for Justin’s sake, she’s fucked in the head. Every chance he’s got, he’s off banging some other girl just moments after he and Selena have broken up for the umteenth time. If he was actually into her, he wouldn’t run right to the next girl during their short breakups. She doesn’t seem to understand that. No common sense in this one.

  22. Cock Dr

    I hope that’s just one of those push up bras. I hope this cute little chipmunk didn’t mutilate her perfectly fine young body. I hope Justin Beiber is swarmed by fire ants, that’ll teach her to come down here and mess with our starlets.

  23. If you’ve ever seen photos of breast implants 2-3 weeks post-op (not that I’ve extensively Googled such things), there is weird swelling and bulginess that makes them look like shit. They take a while to ‘settle’ and look natural. So if she did get implants, you can’t really judge how good/bad they are by these photos.

    That being said, she didn’t need them, and surgery is not something you should ever get for anyone but yourself.

  24. Selena Gomez Implants Nipples
    Deacon Jones
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    Yeppers, those are definitely implants. They stay rock hard from the swelling, hence she’s not wearing a bra.

    Kind of disappointing though. The “teen girl lover” in me is confused.

  25. JimBB

    Too bad you can’t get brain implants. But, then again, that’s probably the only implant JBieb WOULDN’T want her to get.

  26. I want to say one word to you. Just one word. Are you listening? Plastics. There’s a great future in plastics. Think about it. Will you think about it?

  27. Selena Gomez Implants Nipples
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    Maybe adult tits will divert attention from the little girl face

    • Augmented breasts are NOT “adult tits”. They are tits of desperation and low self-esteem. Not to mention a downright stupid purchase and a total turn-off.

  28. Wally's Beaver

    Did she also get Reese’s chin?

  29. brick

    Not cool! Not sexy! Not smart! Not in my spank bank…anymore!

  30. Selena Gomez Implants Nipples
    Mel Gibson's Shrink
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    Those look pretty natural to me.

    • I gotta agree. In this shot in particular they do look real. I sure hope so. At first I was thinking First Bieber…now THIS…??? What a stupid cunt. Meant in an endearing, kind, and spiritual way, of course.

  31. Cate

    Now can we talk about that AWFUL weave??!!

  32. Good lord you people are retarded. Here’s a picture from February, where her tits are the exact same fuckin size:

    So, not only do they not even look like implants, they haven’t even changed in size.

    • anonymous

      Exactly that spanx material top of hers is just squishing her tits together. Plus it’s obvious she’s gained some weight in the past few weeks.

    • In the photo you provide, that small mole on her chest is well above the natural fall of her breasts.

      In the photos posted, that mole is now located on the enhanced portion of her breasts.

  33. cc

    I think she might have got a touch of ‘moron’ from the Biebs.

  34. Selena Gomez Implants Nipples
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    She’s got some nice post-surgical suppuration going on.

  35. Shoulda gone bigger. Double D at the minimum. If you’re gonna go big, go fucking big. That’s how Justin would’ve wanted it.

  36. Edvard Munch

    I for one think she got the size right and she needed them. But what she really needs are hips. She’s a stick. Beiber will still fuck around. I would if I were him. Who needs a serious gf before your 21st birthday and when your worth millions? No male, that’s who.

  37. Selena Gomez Implants Nipples
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  38. ChelSTD

    Always amazing how little people around here know about female breasts (you’d think after staring at them all day you would be borderline experts). She’s wearing a tight spandex top and the “crazy cleavage” shots are her tits at the peak of their upswing. Fake tits aren’t hard to spot and these are obviously real. Honestly, any suspicion that existed prior to these photos should have been erased – these pictures prove beyond a reasonable doubt that she didn’t get implants. You people are morons and continue to baffle me.

  39. Selena Gomez Implants Nipples
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    Geez they leaking already?!?!

  40. Selena Gomez Implants Nipples
    Ron Burgundy
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    She should have had them scrape off that nasty mole while she was at it! It’s going to grow to look like a third nipple by the time she’s 40!

  41. Phil Collins

    Not a fan.

  42. Selena Gomez Implants Nipples
    Kanye Breast
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    is it ok that the sweat marks gave me wood?

  43. Selena Gomez Implants Nipples
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    it is not implats, They look the same like in spring breakers movie. look Exactly the same fucking size! Like this –×580.jpg and also they look normal, implats doesn’t look like this.

    and don’t forget, she young she growing up

    and don’t confused she wearing a tight shirt, and she was walking.

    she’s natural.

  44. “Big, giant, gross asses”
    Don’t worry. It’s next.

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