God Wants Selena Gomez Dead

A 46-year-old Seattle man is apparently receiving instructions from God to murder Selena Gomez, so just assume she got to close to the truth about the His fling with Aunt Jemima and the resulting love-child. Big G love that dark maple syrup. TMZ reports:

According to the declarations of Selena and her lawyer, Blair Berk … Brodnicki told the shrink he traveled from Chicago to L.A. to meet her, visited her workplace at least 3 times and has told people he had conversations with God about killing her. Selena says she is in “extreme fear,” believing he will carry out his death threat against her if he isn’t stopped.
Selena and her lawyer claim Brodnicki was picked up for mental evaluation last month after he allegedly threatened to “scratch people’s eyes out on the street.” Brodnicki allegedly made the threats against Gomez during his mental evaluation.

Maple Child jokes aside, it’s probably not a coincidence these death threats happened shortly after Selena released her promo for the 2011 MTV EMAs (after the jump) because Jesus Christ. I dare you to watch this thing and not hear the Lord’s voice beckoning you to kill each and every person responsible starting with YouTube’s face. I’m actually religious now. Bring me a gay person and I’ll whip this Bible at them so good. So good.

Photos: Splash News