Stiffler’s in Rehab

Seann William Scott checked himself into a treatment center yesterday for vague, undisclosed reasons that I’m going to assume was a nervous breakdown after realizing he’s Seann William Scott. THR reports:

“Seann William Scott has voluntarily admitted himself for proactive treatment to address health and personal issues,” the rep says of the American Pie star.
“He appreciates the support of his many fans at this time,” adds the rep, who did not disclose the nature of his issues.

In Stiffler’s defense, it’s probably hard going through life only being remembered as Stiffler which is something Stiffler said he didn’t want to happen when he took the role of Stiffler. But at least Stiffler can take pride in knowing he banged Jessica Simpson when she was hot. Not many people can say that, or ever will again for that matter.

(Did that cure Stiffler? Because I was pretty sure that would work on Stiffler.)

Photos: Splash news