Sean Preston Spears falls on his head

So turns out the Department of Children and Family Services visited Britney Spears because Sean Preston fell from his high chair and smashed his head on the ground. Britney took him to a doctor six days later after noticing how groggy and tearful he had become, only to discover he had fractured his skull. The medical officials filed a complaint to the Los Angeles child welfare department and the couple were questioned by investigators who were escorted by police.

According to the official complaint seen by the Mirror Sean fell from his high-chair, banging his head hard on the floor, while eating at the family home on April 1. Sean’s nanny is believed to have been in the room. It is unclear where Britney and Kevin were.

Somebody needs to step in and just save the kid now, before we read in next month’s paper that Sean Preston was accidentally killed when Britney and Kevin used him as a substitute football.