Sean Penn files for divorce. For real this time.

April 30th, 2009 // 48 Comments

Sean Penn has filed for divorce from Robin Wright-Penn, and this time he means it. TMZ reports:

According to papers filed last week in Marin County Superior Court, Penn cites “irreconcilable differences.” The couple was married 13 years and has two minor children.
Penn wants each party to pay for their own lawyers. And, he checked the box saying he wants the judge to terminate the court’s power to award spousal support.
The couple announced they were divorcing in December 2007 — but recanted four months later after changing their minds.

Of course, if I had sex with Natalie Portman, I’d probably get a divorce, too. But then again, why bother having sex again after that? Everything else will just pale in comparison, so you might as well stay married and never have sex again. Stop me if I’m making too much sense.

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  1. Mike Hawk


  2. erika

    did u read that miss portman?


  3. amanda

    its ok, her westley will come for her

  4. PunkA

    Princess Buttercup or Princess Amidala. Tough choice, but I’d go with the medieval wench. She probably blows you better than the jewsih princess, too.

    Sean Penn = EPIC FAIL

  5. iamlemonfresh

    oooh! and madonna’s available again too! think sean’s way too old for her now?

  6. Ketielynn

    Good for his wife. The only way this could get better is if he moves over to his buddy Hugo’s. He is an Ass.

  7. p0nk

    all he needs are “some tasty waves, a cool buzz, and he’s fine.”
    hope she gets the rest.

  8. Take him for all he’s worth Robin. Sean is the biggest douchebag…….EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  9. brooklyn

    Maybe Robin Wright-Penn grew weary of the vapid embracing of oppressive Communist Dictatorships.


  10. xxxdeadgirlsuperstarxxx

    What a dickhead..

  11. Jason

    Well maybe this fucking traitor can finally go marry hugo chavez now!! I wish nothing but swine flu on this asshole!!

  12. Fati


  13. jewish princess

    PunkA – I can assure you that Jewish girls give the best BJs… ever hear of monica lewinsky? hahaha

  14. me

    “Uh, your honor…my husband is a huge left wing douche bag.”

    I RULE FOR ROBIN! 123 No appeals. JINX!

  15. mikeock

    Commie douchebag. I bet he’s already on a plane to suck off a Castro.

  16. @13 Monica has to be good at bj’s. It’s the only way anyone would ever get that close to her ugly ass.

  17. mikeock

    Commie douchebag. I bet he’s already on a plane to suck off a Castro.

  18. Dude

    #13 as I recall, Bill jizzed all over her black dress. How good could it have been if she didn’t swallow or take it in the face?

  19. Fidel

    I sure hope he tells me how to vote again. I need guys with their shit together, like Sean Penn has, to tell me how to vote. You see, I’m stupid. I think that Hugo Chavez is a communist prick who oppresses the masses with a red jackboot, but smart people like Sean Penn have shown me the light.

    Thank you, Sean Penn, for being the model we should aspire to… you ass-monkey.

  20. Websters

    You can dress up a rodent in an expensive suit, but it is still a pest that you want to eradicate.

  21. jazzhandz

    He’s a fucking donut. I don’t believe Natalie Portman slept with that hamster. He wishes.

  22. Run Jenny! Run!

  23. LenS

    I guess his fist got tired of hitting Princess Buttercup. He is getting older. From now on, he’ll need a woman who hits herself on command instead.

  24. Are you listening Madonna?

  25. Madonna, your first true love is available!

  26. mikeock

    too bad Katie Holmes is spoken for. She’d be the perfect drone for this communist jag-off

  27. Well well well, another one bite the dust, you know whos responsible for this right? yep you guest it ….other broads…

  28. AirMail56

    Perhaps “Milk” was not really an act…

  29. Color me perplexed

    Since when does this website like Natalie Portman. It used to equate her sexuality with that of a little boy, which it is.

  30. “CRAZYNESS” is contagious indeed.
    ………LOOK HERE, folks!!

  31. Vince Lombardi

    When finalized, I hope she changes her name to “Robin Wrong Penn.”

  32. livi

    doesn’t anyone remember when he was arrested for beating her?

  33. qwer

    Natalie Portman is about the only thing in the world that would make me stop staring longingly at Robin Wright.

    Sean Penn is big pimpin.

  34. mark

    I can’t believe anyone would sleep with that guy.
    He looks and acts like a wrinkled, saggy old penis. That is what he is, an old penis with ears. His movies suck, one dimentional, he is Jeff Spicoli in every movie and any hack can act like Jeff Spicoli. To top it off, he walks around with all of these rediculous opinions on everything. Its all rhetoric regurgitated communist crap that has been said so many times before him. We should send him half way back to Russia. I would say the whole way but the Russians don’t want that idiot either. What a fucking clown this guy is. I wish I could have a debate with this ass clown so I could show him how stupid he is. Asshole

  35. mark

    I wish he would leave our country and go live with his fag boyfriend Hugo Chavez. No way he slept with Natalie Portman. He was too busy bangin Obamas balls off of his chin while Raul and Fidel Castro were getting him from behind. Penn + R. Castro + F. Castro + Chavez = gay porn. He is a communist asshole. Assclowns

  36. BuffaloSixtySex

    I think it’d be hilarious if Natalie Portman started hoin’ around the shriveled pricks of Hollywood. I guess she does like meat after all…

  37. bleh...

    Congrats to his wife. I couldn’t imagine being married to that grumpy miserable old fool.

  38. gigi

    he looks very hot here… kinda dirty-might-hurt-you-hot… hmmm…

  39. Paula VIla

    I cannot believe what a phony he is. Going on and on about communism and the humanitarians that castro and chavez are, meanwhile he lives in ELITE Marin County. Getting on boats during the hurricane for the cameras! come on! he’s soooooooooooooooo full of shit. he wouldn’t last 5 minutes under castro or chavez, he needs his cappacinos in Marin too much.

  40. Not surprised about Sean…that’s some kind of omen when you don’t thank your spouse in your Oscar reception speech. I know he said he did that on purpose, so maybe they’ve been separated for awhile and just put on a show of being together for the Oscars.

  41. I love that this is the only picture I’ve ever seen that appears to be a candid taken behind the scenes perhaps even without their knowledge…and they could not seem less interested in one another. LOL. So perfect.

  42. Great Seller, Product, Shipping. Would totally protect you in Jail.

  43. Good topic. THANKS A LOT.

  44. I would say absolutely, but do not want that stupid Russia. This guy is a clown Damned. I wish I could argue with the Joker’s ass if I have to show him how stupid he can. Ass

  45. Thanks for your good topic. Good done.

  46. i peed in a horse once

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