Sean Penn and Robin Wright Penn call off divorce

April 10th, 2008 // 63 Comments

Love is truly in the air. Beyonce and Jay-Z tied the knot, Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz got engaged and now Sean Penn and Robin Wright Penn are deciding to tough it out and continue growing further unattractive together. The two did not attend their scheduled divorce hearing yesterday and the divorce has been dismissed. The AP reports:

The dismissal came a day after they attended an Eddie Vedder concert at the University of California at Berkeley, where the actor reportedly went on stage to dedicate a song to Wright Penn.

The couple filed for divorce in December and since that time Sean was linked with Sienna Miller and Petra Nemcova. But it looks like requesting a song at a concert never fails to win your true love back and make her forget you banged some chicks half her age while you were “on a break.” Huh. Okay, let’s say you didn’t so much as cheat as your girl as much as you had sex with her sister who had your love child which you hid in the attic: Should I request two songs or am I in mix-tape territory? I want to do this just right. The kid sort of crawled out of the AC vent the other night during dinner. Wow, awkward.

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  1. Jumpin_J

    1st!!!! (I think)

    Man, I can’t believe there was a time she was hot.

  2. Jumpin_J

    I’m still claiming first. Spammers don’t count.

  3. alex troy

    When did Sean Penn start dating Chelsea Handler?

  4. ph7

    She’s got nice legs for a 40 year old…and being old, she’ll work harder to keep you interested in bed….

    Just hope Sean got his fill of the young blood in the interim…

  5. Whatever indeed

    @5. We don’t care if you’re interested. It’s not like it takes a lot to get guys to climax.

  6. Puzzled

    How could any man possibly prefer an older woman?

  7. Princess Buttercup will always be my first

  8. havoc

    Sean Penn is a world class prick.


  9. hyper69

    #9, Amen brother. Maybe they can celebrate their anniversary at Hugo Chavez’s house.

  10. Ted from LA

    He must have watched Message in a Bottle again. She was smokin’ hot in that movie. I hope they live happily ever after (that ones’ for you Randal).

  11. tina

    It’s said he is super rich. He is a playboy, I saw his profile with some photos on, where pro athletes, celebrities, beauty queens, super models and wealthy singles mingle. The profile looks sincere and attractive. Maybe sometimes they really need a soul mate rather than a rich buddy. It’s said some celebs have found their perfect match there.

  12. Ted from LA

    They look so happy together.

  13. Ted from LA

    It’s sad Tina is a cunt.

  14. dude

    “@5. We don’t care if you’re interested. It’s not like it takes a lot to get guys to climax.”

    It takes even less to make women bitter.

  15. edgar suit


  16. Whatever indeed

    I’m not bitter. I’m realistic.

  17. Whatever indeed

    Sean Penn is pretty cute…….. in a weird ugly way.

    I actually might care to take the time in pleasing him. Slut? Me? maybe. If he’s worth the time.

  18. nipolian

    First this liberal fuck gets to tap Madonna in her prime then he pulls the Gump girl……Mr. Hand should have kicked his punk ass back in ’82.

  19. Whatever indeed

    @19. Madonna was NOT hot in her prime. I wouldn’t be proud of that if I were him.

  20. dude

    “I’m not bitter. I’m realistic.”

    That’s exactly what bitter people say.

  21. Warren Piece


    Robin Wright Penn is flippin’ gorgeous. Beautiful bone structure, can get away with no makeup, great gams, and look at those knees – probably the nicest knees I’ve seen on any actor ( I have a thing for nice knees ). AND no cankles. Keira Knightley and that Ghost Whisperer chick both have cankles, but those legs in that shot… “Ay Caramba”! She’s perfection even without factoring in the age. Loved her ever since Princess Bride.

  22. Misty

    Why are these guys always so late w/ their news? You people should check out X17 and Perez Hilton for the REAL latest.

  23. SLASH

    can’t find a better man…

  24. Whatever indeed

    21. Listen DUDE, I don’t really give a fuck if you ‘think’ I’m bitter. And frankly don’t give a damn.
    I’m just saying that men are easy to get off. Do you really disagree?

  25. nipolian

    #23 – Fuck you and the Perez Hilton you rode in on.

  26. ch474

    Robin is hot. Sean must be hung like a horse to bang the women he does. Maybe he’s just a cunning linguist!

  27. momo

    Man what an old bag she is!!!!


    I’d PLOOK her all day

  28. Great gams, I’d have a meal in her vagina diner…


  29. dude

    #25 – bitter chick – yeah, you care. You jumped on the original poster of a comment about KEEPING a guy interested, which is a separate question that leads to the opposite answer of yours, which is why you made the substitution. But in any case, I’m sorry that guys always lose interest in you, after that first low-effort quickie. I wonder why?

  30. bitter chicks do it all night long

    Sorry 30. You lost my interest in the first sentence.

  31. half her age? not at all

    With chicks half her age? Are you kidding me? Petra Nemcova is almost 30 and so is Sienna Miller (actually Sienna Miller is younger than Nemcova, Miller will turn 28 this year, but funny enough, looks 10 years older than she is, no kidding, I thought she was close to 40, and I was shocked to find out she’ll be turning 28 this year, pretty sad, how will she look like when she’s Sean Penn’s wife age?). Robin Wright Penn is 42. That makes it ‘chicks like 10 years younger than her’, not half her age, geez. If they actually were half her age, wether they’d be 21 (and they got past that age loooooong ago) or Robin would be almost 60.
    Do you think time won’t go by for those two overrated bitches anyway? Sienna Miller is looking really rough for her age, and Petra Nemcova isn’t exactly the cutest or youngest looking thing around. In much less time than these overrated bitches imagine, we all will be laughing our asses off them when we see their boyfriends/husbands cheating on them with girls half their age.

  32. LL

    3. Jumpin_J – April 10, 2008 11:24 AM
    I’m still claiming first. Spammers don’t count.

    I for one am super impressed by people who post “First!” So exciting. I wonder how posting “First!” compares to the moon landing in sheer drama. I’d say they’re just about neck and neck. I get a real thrill every time I see “First!” in a comment thread. I mean, the moon landing, who cares about that? But “First!” is the pinnacle of human achievement. Madame Curie? Dumb bitch. Jonas Salk? Fucking worthless. Bill Gates? Lazy-ass. But people who post “First!” are heroes for the ages. We should all follow their example. Next time I’m at the bank and get to the front of the line, I shall shout “First!!” loudly and proudly to indicate the greatness that is proclaiming oneself “First!”

    RE Sean Penn: she could do better. She’s still gorgeous (hotter than Sienna, as hot as the other chick) and surely she can get someone who isn’t a) ratlike in appearance and b) a giant, pretentious, patronizing douchebag.

  33. mamadough

    i want to ram a steel girder into his face…

  34. dude

    #32 – and…another relationship ends quickly.

  35. Binky

    Which reminds me – I can never find the right pen.
    I find those ‘Bic sticks’ ™ usually dry up before you actually use them.
    You look at and say to yourself.
    “Gr’8 – plenty of ink still left.”
    But you try it out and f’ all comes out.

  36. Erica

    Those are pretty legs.

  37. Whatever indeed

    Silly Dude. Just come on over and I’ll show you how easily I can make you happy. I’m just saying…… It won’t take much. And I promise, you’ll love it.

  38. Gerald_Tarrant

    Sean: Robin, we should divorce. I’m cheating on you with hot pieces of ass.

    Robin: Yes, divorce is the only thing you bastard.

    Petra/Sienna: Sean sucks in bed, one time is all he gets.

    *and word of Sean’s lack of prowress in bed spreads through the slut world.*

    Sean: Robin, I’m so sorry, I never should have cheated on you. I love you, nothing else had meaning, let’s boycott the Chinese Olympics because of their human right issues.

    Robin: Ok sweety, but I’m going to bang Gerald for a while and give you none.

    True story. I’m just saying…

  39. Harry

    Yes. “Half her age”. You see, it’s a scientific fact, proven by the greatest minds at Cornell and MIT, that after a certain point (I’d say after 35), women start aging in dog years. So, you see, a 40 year old Robin Wright is like 60. Which would make Petra Nemcova “half her age”.

  40. Jrz

    I’d make a good husband, Jen-nay.

  41. Auntie Kryst

    She was (and still is you fucks) also really hot in a lesser known movie called The Playboys, it’s pretty good. #8 Yup me too. If Robin asked me to put down this douchefucker/plastic paddy for his adultery, I would reply “As you wish”..

  42. well

    #24— hahaha! that’s great.

    I don’t know about their marriage, but I’ve always liked them both.

    And she is still gorgeous. To those of you who don’t think she’s hot… you’re crazy.

  43. Toolboy Gump

    sometimes there just ain’t enough rocks in the world…..

  44. Grunion

    Poor Princess Buttercup. How anyone can even stand to be in the same room with this self-righteous, arrogant, know it all liberal cocksucker is beyond me.

  45. crabby old guy

    Great they can hang out again with Tim Robbins and Susan Sarandon while visiting Hugo Chavez. Useless, dumb-assed, commie fucks.

  46. sameshitdifferentyear

    Between Princess Bride and Forrest Gump, this chick’s face literally went through a transformation.

    I don’t know what else to call it, it’s so fucking bizarre, I’ll call it a “female slave face”, a look that started to creep in on her visage by the time of that second movie.

    And now, her bone structure is very angular, so aging ain’t doing miracles for her anyway (a lot of time the most beautiful 20′s women have angular features particularly jaw that look mannish by 40′s), but her eyes are now literally drooping with defeated submission.

    I don’t know if she was always like that to begin with, her upbringing or whatever the fuck, or just being around a person like SPenn makes a broad that way, but go back and just watch both movies, the scenes with close-ups on her face.

    It’s an extremely noticeable change.
    End of my fucking useless observation.

    Yes I saw Princess Bride, a hot chick and great swashbuckling fight scenes so fuck you. And the Billy Crystal scene was hilarious.

  47. Joe C

    #4 That’s exactly what I thought. She looks just like her in that pic. Don’t ask me why, but I would do Chelsea in a minute even though she is not my type. Maybe it’s that foul mouth of hers.

  48. Ted Mosby

    He’s Gump to her Jenny. Glad they are staying together.

  49. poonmoon

    I bet they fight a lot cause he’s jealous of her manly jaw. Nothing like a big fucking nut caracking man jaw to immasculate a guy. Of course she’s jealous of him cause the last good thing she ever did on film was fuck a retard. So you know they’re just really bitter and miserable, but you know what they say about misery; it’s the key ingredient in any on again off again Hollywood sham marriage. You see in Hollywood misery doesn’t really love company rather it depends on it like a needy fucking codependant girlfriend/boyfriend who calls you ever hour to ask you what you’re thinking and what you meant by maybe we should take a time out. Well I’ll tell ya what “we need a time out” doesn’t mean, it doesn’t mean call every fucking hour and profess your undying love to me and threaten to commit suicide.

  50. eye-dish lass

    He is a Hollywood Elitist, and they are just another miserably married couple. He makes Charles Sheen probably look like Ward Cleaver as a husband. U KNOW he’s verbally abusive and probably physically. He FACTUALLY tied Madonna up in a chair so she couldn’t go out. Now no one will tie her up. Awwww. Anyway, Sean Penn sux out loud. He’s a wife-beater who probably KA’s Bono so he can do Amnesty International ads. And the Weenie brings cameras so he can film HIMSELF in the Hurricane Katrina disaster. Publicity WHORE.

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