Sean Combs has poor manners

August 2nd, 2006 // 53 Comments

Sean Combs (I’ve forgotten what I’m supposed to call him so I’m going with his real name) was five and half hours late to his own party in St. Tropez because he had been up the night before partying past dawn to promote his new fragrance Unforgivable. The party started at 2:30pm but Sean didn’t show up until 8pm, and a bunch of weird moments occurred during the the festivities including:

Ivana Trump and daughter Ivanka were flanked by burly bodyguards all night, with a spooked Ivana telling Page Six she’s been receiving chilling death and kidnapping threats from the Russian Mafia. “I’m terrified for my life,” she said.

Ivanka was looking so terrific that jealous tongues were wagging that The Donald’s 24-year-old daughter may have had a little surgical help. Sources say she “went to Mexico for a business trip” and came back with curves in all the right places. Ivanka’s representative, Catherine Saxton, was unavailable for comment.

Another odd scene erupted as the paparazzi followed Victoria Silvstedt to Diddy’s big finale at the Club VIP. The Playboy pin-up from Sweden erupted when she noticed that some snappers were admiring X-rated photos of her on their hand-held computers. Defiantly, she marched up to the leering lensmen, yanked her shirt to flash her boobs and then stormed off.

A few feet away, Russian billion-heiress Anna Anisimova sashayed by with an army of security toughs protecting the $5 million worth of diamonds adorning her bod.

I’ve never been to a Sean Combs party but they sound like a damn good time. People afraid of being kidnapped, Playboy models flashing for the paparazzi, and sordid rumors of billionaire plastic surgeries. Throw in a few midgets in cowboy costumes and you’ve got yourself a diddy of a good time. See what I did there? Diddy? Clever!


  1. AmberDextrose

    Holdy on a second… I was at a party on Sunday with midget cowboys! Damn that I only got a pic BEFORE they changed into their outfits. I post it on Flickr tomorrow.

  2. Peaches2133


    I totally agree with you. Tou took the words right out of my mouth. I instantly thought of Tupac who went to an ivy league college and raps about being from the ghetto…..

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