Sean Combs has poor manners

August 2nd, 2006 // 53 Comments

Sean Combs (I’ve forgotten what I’m supposed to call him so I’m going with his real name) was five and half hours late to his own party in St. Tropez because he had been up the night before partying past dawn to promote his new fragrance Unforgivable. The party started at 2:30pm but Sean didn’t show up until 8pm, and a bunch of weird moments occurred during the the festivities including:

Ivana Trump and daughter Ivanka were flanked by burly bodyguards all night, with a spooked Ivana telling Page Six she’s been receiving chilling death and kidnapping threats from the Russian Mafia. “I’m terrified for my life,” she said.

Ivanka was looking so terrific that jealous tongues were wagging that The Donald’s 24-year-old daughter may have had a little surgical help. Sources say she “went to Mexico for a business trip” and came back with curves in all the right places. Ivanka’s representative, Catherine Saxton, was unavailable for comment.

Another odd scene erupted as the paparazzi followed Victoria Silvstedt to Diddy’s big finale at the Club VIP. The Playboy pin-up from Sweden erupted when she noticed that some snappers were admiring X-rated photos of her on their hand-held computers. Defiantly, she marched up to the leering lensmen, yanked her shirt to flash her boobs and then stormed off.

A few feet away, Russian billion-heiress Anna Anisimova sashayed by with an army of security toughs protecting the $5 million worth of diamonds adorning her bod.

I’ve never been to a Sean Combs party but they sound like a damn good time. People afraid of being kidnapped, Playboy models flashing for the paparazzi, and sordid rumors of billionaire plastic surgeries. Throw in a few midgets in cowboy costumes and you’ve got yourself a diddy of a good time. See what I did there? Diddy? Clever!


  1. tits_on_snack

    Seriously what’s with St. Tropez, and why is everyone there lately.

  2. Kg

    Haha… diddy…

  3. Midgets in cowboy costumes? Would they bring the sexy like the Russian mafia does? I think not!

  4. Doxes

    “Defiantly, she marched up to the leering lensmen, yanked her shirt to flash her boobs and then stormed off.”

    Oh, yeah! That’ll teach those pervs. You *go*, Victoria!

    And models wonder why they’re never confused with rocket scientists.

  5. missykissy

    I could have used a little more cowbell.

  6. Hopeless_Screenwriter

    3rd!!!!! or 4th!!!! or maybe 5th????

  7. Jester

    where are the pictures of a curvy don princess and of those boobies! this place is going downhill faster than Mel Gibson’s career! oy!

  8. CoJo

    Okay, first, I thought it was common knowledge that rich people all have plastic sugery – because it’s not enough that they are rich, but they have to be beautiful too. Second, why were there paparazzi at the party and third, where are the effin’ photos, then?

  9. biatcho

    Was this another one of his Hamptons’ Style All-White, Gatsby-wannabe-but-never-will-be-because-he’s-a-hood type of parties?

    If so, I’m sure someone is lying dead at the hands of diddy somewhere.

  10. Linnea

    “Defiantly, she marched up to the leering lensmen, yanked her shirt to flash her boobs and then stormed off.”

    Something tells me this would have been more effective if she just picked up a club and beat them into bloody pulps of death while screaming, “I AM RAGE.”

    And funnier too!

  11. Hopeless_Screenwriter

    Damn 6th!!!! and gay as a 2 dollar bill. Don’t you just love the sound of French Horns????


  12. clarknova

    isn’t St Tropez a Pink Floyd’s song? That reminds me, I have to smoke my first joint of the day…

  13. jrzmommy

    Hmmm….compare to the other big St. Tropez party this week, this invite list seems a little more, um, un-white-trashish? Except for the whore who flashed her tits–she must have gotten the party locales confused. Tit flashing was over at Pam and Kid’s thing.
    5–more cowbell. hilarious.

  14. Hopeless_Screenwriter

    #10 Biatcho, I think there is someone at the other thread stealing your identity, and the next time you attempt blowing yourself think of me will ya, you perverted suck pump!!!!!

  15. clarknova

    I think this is actually yet another CIA conspiration. Imagine, sending Kid Rock, Pam, and P diddy to a country, that’s the perfect vengeance against France.

  16. Is this the newly proportioned Ivanka Trump the superficial guy was eluding to?

  17. Ivana Mandalay

    “curves in all the right places”. Meaning the bitch got some bolt-ons. Nothing screams sexy like balloons tied to a stick.

  18. Sounds just like my parties.

  19. huhwah

    George Bush probably hates Sean Combs.

  20. RichPort

    I wonder why Lohan didn’t show up in her 287th bikini?

  21. Oh, Superfish guy DIDN’T go there, diddy?

    Ha, I’m punny

  22. 16 Suicidal (love that band)

    Just checked that pic you linked, and when I was fucking her last night, she said her name was Annie. I couldn’t remember that either, so I just called her “slut” and pulled her hair.

  23. Lush

    Uhhh could the word “erupted” be in there one more time?

  24. Justin Igger

    a black man showing up to something late now thats news i do that shit all the time and i dont get no shit wrote bout me thats part of our style yo we late for everything shit i bet if it was a crack party he wood have ben there on time i no i wood have cuz i love me some crack and i no puffy do to

  25. MultipleSpaceys

    #8 no offense but since when is Ivanka beautiful? She has a permanant double chin.

  26. Berrylicious

    Typical Diddy party…freaks and famous chicks showing there tits!

  27. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    Are we sure this was a real party and not an episode of Deparate Housewives they’re thinking of? You know that episode where Teri Hatcher shows her tits to Eva Longoria, and then that redheaded bitch puts the champagne bottle in her ass? Oh, those nutty gals of Wisteria Lane…

  28. 22 Somebody was pulling MY hair last night!!!!!!!!!

  29. Justin Igger

    yo i forgot to tell you how dope the party was and the watermelon was off the chain but the chicken was grilled not fried but tupac did his new rap for everyone so that made up for the chicken thing

  30. CoJo

    @25 – She’ll only have that double chin until her next “business trip” to Mexico. Besides, she may not be stunning, but she’s not ugly – I mean it’s not like she walks around in public with puss bags hanging off her face or anything…it could be worse, she could look more like her dad…ehhhg.

  31. jrzmommy

    20–I think Hohan and Diddy are still mad at each other. But you’re right, if they weren’t then Hohan would have shown up in one of her skankinis and really added that extra je n’est c’est quoi to the affair that only an underaged drug addict whore in a swimsuit can add.

  32. Doxes

    #31 Skankini. I like it.

  33. Arch

    Well, at least his situation looks moisturized.

  34. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    Justin, you know if Mama Jan Igger heard you using that bad grammar she’d slap the taste out your mouth and tell you to get inside. And I saw your cousin June at the synagogue yesterday… she told me to say “Wasssaaaaaap” – like that guy from the beer commercial/ Martin Lawrence.

  35. DancingQueen

    For the love of GOD can’t this dumbshit close his mouth??? Freaking mouthbreathing racist bastard. Also, don’t they know he was on CPT? I mean DAYUM.

  36. jrzmommy

    35–mouthbreathing bastard. I’m fucking dying at my desk at that one.

  37. MR_DG

    DAMN!! NOW THATS A PARTY! I would love to go! And hell, I would even bring the (little) people in cowboy outfits!!!

  38. RichPort


    They should have invited Lohan anyway. Then they could have assigned a seat in the front and made her move by giving her the ‘gangsta’ stare. Besides, I’m sure there were a whole lot of people promised bjs that didn’t get them…

  39. Italian Stallion

    I was at that party and believe me, no one cared that he was late. Little John showed up on time and brought some crunk juice and we all got wasted. Everybody was getting pretty drunk and the party was getting a little boring. Then, out of no where, MeganHarris showed up with some Parkay and we were all up and alive again. Damn, that ugly bitch sure does get some good butter. Of course we made her leave right when all her butter was gone, but we partied late into the early morning. I never had a better time, I even Brooked Burke, good times I tell you………….

  40. It’s my belief that “doo ya diddy diddy dum diddy do” is gay. Much like that guy on the Geico commercial talking about:

    mashed potatoes…
    and cranberry sauce

  41. nc72

    Don’t forget about the prostitutes…

  42. Man, some people have TOO MUCH MONEY!.

    While these FAT CATS are sitting in their parties surrounded by security (or Imperial Guards), there are poor people outside digging in dumpsters filled with half-eaten Tofu sandwiches and leftover Cristal…

  43. That crazy Diddy with all that money. He is so talented! Hey-yo! Get it? Uhh…does anybody wanna buy a hot dog?

  44. Nikki

    If you’re a fucking hojillionaire, why the fuck would you go to fucking Mexico for a $20 boob job? Fuck, her boobs are probably filled with refried beans.

  45. Designing your own clothes and having your own perfume is so street. I fully believe the rumors about Puffy being bi. I love how these hardcore rap moguls get into fashion and fragrance the minute they make a million bucks. Show me a guy who wants to design his own clothing line and you’ll be showing me someone who likes his “girlfriend” to cram his poopshoot full of strap-on madness. All these phony hoods make me sick. They rap about the street and guns and bitches, then go home to their mansions and stay up all night designing waistcoats and blending citrus and spices to concoct a killer scent. Ganstas my ass, somehow I can’t picture Al Capone fretting over whether or not his pimp coat should be lined in ermine or cashmere.

  46. Nikki

    and guacamole.

  47. ImSuicidal

    What did you expect, he’s Justin other knuckle draggin Igger.

  48. Justin Igger

    @48 u fucking racist i resemble that remark and my middle name is ‘african’ not ‘other knuckle draggin’

  49. AmberDextrose

    #46 lmfao
    #47 and sour cream?
    #49 I loves you, you da bomb. You can slap my honky ass any time baby.

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