Scott Weiland arrested for DUI

Scott Weiland the lead singer for Velvet Revolver and Stone Temple Pilots was arrested for DUI after crashing his car on an LA highway, according to TMZ:

While the California Highway Patrol was investigating the non-injury wreck, they noticed Weiland appeared to be impaired. (Um … ya think?) According to the police report, Weiland failed sobriety tests and refused to take a blood or urine test.

Scott Weiland was arrested for driving under the influence of a drug which makes this his third freaking DUI. And yet he gets to hang out with Slash while I’m stuck playing Guitar Hero naked in my living room. Lame. Slash and I should be filling a hotel room full of strippers, instead of me sitting here wondering why if my penis can learn how to play the guitar. It can’t be more difficult than driving me home from the bar every night.

Photo: Getty Images