Scott Stapp and Kid Rock make sex tape together

February 16th, 2006 // 120 Comments

As if being arrested hours after his wedding wasn’t embarrassing enough, a preview clip of Scott Stapp’s sex tape has been released and it features a special guest appearance by Kid Rock. The preview doesn’t show any actual sex, but it does feature Scott Stapp getting his nipple licked which probably isn’t safe for work. Or eyes for that matter.



  1. tits_on_snack


  2. Jezabel

    That is the MOST BORING sex incident I’ve ever witnessed…

  3. inspector11

    It’s still better than anything Creed ever put out.

  4. suburbanlegend

    Remember how Creed was a “Christian Rock” band?


    Somehow I don’t think he’d get blown by groupies in a bus.

    Or put out shitty music. But now I’m just nit’pickin’.

  5. Violet

    Look, it’s the white trash version of Brokeback Mountain!

  6. LaydeeBug

    Pretty dull, but it’s amazing how ugly the big-tittied groupie sluts usually are.

    God, I’m soooo glad I was born with a brain. Because I’m smart enought to know that the only time you give Stapp and Rock head is if they were gonna give you free drugs. I mean, a girl has to have her standards, right?

  7. xavierout

    Does Stapp get all intense and emotional like he does in the videos for his butt-rock band? Creed may not be the worst band ever, but they’re pretty close. Total ass clowns.

  8. Zanna

    You know what’s funny about this though? Think of Kid Rock in the song Bawitadaba where he belts out, “My Name is Kiiid..KIIID ROCK”…think about that for a second.

    Now watch the video again and listen to him go, “hi…I’m bob.”

  9. Tracie

    Doesn’t Kid Rock look a tad uncomfortable at first? He looks over and sees a naked chick, then quickly turns away. He actually seems sober and modest. And, of course, his simple introduction to the lady who gets first honors, “Hi, I’m Bob”.
    I don’t think that Scott Stapp was welcome, was it he who Kid said “No” to when he asked if he could come in the bus? Seems like he’s just glomming onto Kid’s action here.
    Any idea of when this was made?

  10. Kelly

    Not a looker in that bunch!!!! That was some boring shit, atleast RKelly peed on them. Scat would been hot on Scott while singing with arms wide open.

  11. What exactly is that girl doing to “Bob”?

    She might be sewing a pocket on the back of his jeans.

  12. How do you go from being a Christian rock band to getting bj’s on a bus with Kid Rock…I wonder how much Satan paid for his soul? Scott, I hope all the herpes infested mouths sucking your dick was worth it.

  13. Just what I was hoping for out of my next superstar sex tape…Kid Rock and Scott Stapp. Maybe the next one will be for David Spade and the frontman for Blues Traveller…cause that would be WAY hotter!

  14. Tracie

    I just heard this tape is almost 6 years old…so it’s prior to Kid and Pam being together and during the height of christian Creed, hence the “King” comment. Blech!
    I know that Pam wanted us to believe that she got the Hep C from Tommy, but here’s a solid case for Kid.

  15. debs

    Personally, I blame Pamela Anderson for getting “Bob” hooked on fake titty hooker types. It’s good to know that even born agains get head now and then. Go Scott!

  16. Devil Is Chrome

    I almost feel sorry for the girls who are hoping to be swept off of their feet by a rock star – who couldn’t be more obvious about not giving a sh*t about them.


  17. PKClover

    Trailor trash with boob and dye jobs does not a hot girl make. That brunette in the beginning, right side? The one with the horse teeth and greasy limp hair? You go you! This is YOUR time to SHINE. And Kid Rock looks like a white Urkle. That man would not get laid had he not put out an album.

  18. playahater101

    I don’t know what to say. I don’t know what bothers me more. The ugly whores or the fact that these 2 ugly ass guys can get head from whoever whenever. Cause you know if they weren’t famous neither of these guys would get a second glance. They’d be those ugly guys you and your friends avoid at the bar.

    I think I’d be creeped out having some girl suck me off after she just swallowed my friend’s man juice. Then again, I’m not a guy.

  19. playahater101

    It was definitely boring. I agree with #10. Someone pissing on those girls would have made that movie a whole lot more entertaining.

    #16 “Devil”, don’t feel bad for these girls even the slightest bit. They know they are hoes and get what they deserve. By the way, what DID Scott trade you for his soul?

  20. LaydeeBug

    #18 “I think I’d be creeped out having some girl suck me off after she just swallowed my friend’s man juice. Then again, I’m not a guy.”

    playahata, sometimes your eloquence just gets me all misty. Can I be your bitch just for today?

  21. billabong021

    Wat a bunch of red necks, i mean, was that shot in a trailer?!

  22. playahater101

    I think that WAS shot in a trailer. Or on a bus. Either is extremely classy! Good job, girls!

    LaydeeBug, you can be my bitch anyday.

  23. maiira

    That is the most boring sex tape I’ve ever seen. ‘Nuff said.

  24. mamacita

    Hork hork! That’s the sound of me dry heaving. God! Scott Stapp has to be on of THE most smarmy men alive. He makes me want to take a scalding shower and use my fingernails as a loofah. Hmm, on second thought, maybe I just wanted to say smarmy………….no, he’s gross.

  25. LaydeeBug

    Arf Arf! #24 mamacity, smarmy? If that means like smug, well, yeah, he does look like that.

    Someone posted his web-site recently (I guess he’s gone solo, or Creed threw him out, dunno) but the dude must think he’s some kind of Jerry Cantrell or something.

    I admitted recently that I liked Creeds first two albums, and I don’t retract that, but there has always been an element of Stapps voice that I didn’t like. The whole, “arrrrgh, I’m taking a mean crap” growl he does, is irritating.

  26. LaydeeBug

    Jerry Cantrell rocks!

  27. mamacita


    1 : revealing or marked by a smug, ingratiating, or false earnestness
    2 : of low sleazy taste or quality

    I’d say that shoe fits, eh? Seriously, that whole “It’s good to be the king” remark made me want to punch babies.

  28. LaydeeBug

    See, I KNEW reading the dictionary in my spare time was worth it!

    Mama, is that what he said? What a putz!

  29. playahater101

    What’s he the king of? Getting groupies and singing crappy songs? And being a hypocrit?

  30. LaydeeBug

    OK, I just played it again with the volume up (all work people have left office, I’m alone).

    I am going to erase all traces of Creed from my IPOD as soon as F**KING possible. I don’t own, nor listen to anything by Kid Rock so I’m ahead of the game.

    (‘cept for that Cheryl Crow duet, and that’s only cuz it’s on the radio.)

  31. KidMock

    I am sure that Stapp lactates high-proof alcohol, there’s no other reason for this.

  32. Zanna

    Those girls are gonna get a “stapp infection”..get it? Get it? I’m alone in my humor again, aren’t I…

    Anyway…looks like Kid likes pleasures of the anal persuasion.

  33. LaydeeBug

    #32, I get it HAHAHAHAHA. Oh and WORD on that Kid Anal Rock reference!

  34. downshine

    i wonder how his wife feels about all this wonderful media attention her hubby has been getting since their marriage. if it were me i would kick his ass out on the curb. alcholic and sex addict all in one, lets just hope she didnt sign a prenup. maybe she can squeeze every penny he’s ever made out of his bank account. and use the money to get herself tested for AIDS

  35. kuennen sux

    When are their 15 minutes going to be up?

  36. Oy, people are cockroaches. Why was I so sickened by this video? Usually I like sex as much as Scott, Kid, and the hoes, but today it’s just making me hurl.

  37. HollyJ

    LOL 32… Or maybe a strap-on-cockal infection

  38. MP$40

    I guess you can add this to the Hollywood 10 Ways to crash and burn and come back. This just proves that there IS NO SUCH THING AS BAD PUBLICITY! Kid Rock looks a SUPER MESS! UGH! YUCK!

  39. HollyJ

    Paparazzi later caught Kid and his nose sunbatheing.

  40. MeganHarris

    Too funny dude. Mateo had some funny comments to add at Useless Things

  41. LaydeeBug

    #34 – downshine. You mean he may STILL have money?

  42. Go Sip

    Stapp from Creed on the superficial clip,
    His cocks seen more action than P Hiltons vag lip.
    All of you losers who defend these ho’s,
    Should have your intestines ripped out through your pointy assed nose.
    In the video, He actually refers to himself as “The King”,
    You have to put a pinky up his ass just to see his thing,
    So let them go back home to the slum,
    And cough up the Stagg and Kid Rock cum.

  43. LaydeeBug


  44. HughJorganthethird

    I didn’t see the clip but does Stapp at some point say “Kid, I wish I could quit you”?

  45. HughJorganthethird

    Layne Staley R.I.P.

  46. spamnews

    Well, at least they were all intellectual peers. The witty repart

  47. Tracy

    I wonder what Stapp’s lovely new bride thinks of this video. Hmmmm….

  48. bitch

    Stapp is a lametard. What was his bride thinking of when she married this loser??

  49. pookiedoo

    Ugh, that was disturbing. Mommy, make the dirty men go away…

  50. JediKnight437

    Oh My God. That is the creepiest thing I’ve seen since Mikey Jackson. I will have nightmares. Its amazing how women will sleep with Kid Rock even when he has such a “sweet” mullet. Ewwww..

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