Scott Baio is desperate

July 26th, 2007 // 71 Comments

Scott Baio reportedly tried to get an invitation to the after-party for Anne Hathaway’s latest film, Becoming Jane, Tuesday at the Bowery Hotel, but was rejected because organizers didn’t think he was “the right celeb” to have at the event.

Can you imagine what it’s like to be Scott Baio? This guy used to sleep with Pamela Anderson, Denise Richards, Brooke Shields, and Heather Locklear, and now he’s trying to weasel invitations to after-parties. It’s like going from being the Emperor of Rome to the janitor at a 7-Eleven. I’d post his picture, but the sadness in his eyes would erode your human soul. So instead, here’s Anne Hathaway and her big ol’ cleavage. Yay!

NOTE: To make this a double whammy of people you don’t care about, Peter Greene (the guy who played Zed in Pulp Fiction) was arrested Monday night for possession of crack cocaine.


  1. Ali

    Fly like a butterfly! Sting like a bee! that’s me!

  2. Attapooch

    Those weren’t his pants, yo.

  3. wanks

    her mouth is really gigantic…which is only good for one thing and im not talking about smiling or eating…she gots a banging body though

  4. reciprocityjryan

    Poor bastard

  5. miss oblivious

    Scott Baio used to be such a little hottie when he played Chachee on Happy Days. I can see why he got so much hot tail. But now he’s a has been and looks like he’s been thru the mill. But you’ve got to still give the man credit where credit is due! He has had some of the worlds most beautiful women…but “Joannie”?!! Eewww! She was, and still is, SERIOUSLY disgusting!!! I never understood that one AT ALL. And his real life fiancee is pretty sad looking too…why don’t you get a little more botox honey! You can tell she’s totally trying so hard to look like one of his hot former loves. I guess those are big shoes to fill (though none of them look that great anymore, ha). I can’t believe I just wrote a big ol’ paragraph abt Chachee, and its the year 2007. I’m pathetic…and bored. Not a good combo.

  6. Manwhore

    Hey! She looks hot again!

  7. muffin is furry

    It is so refreshing to see pictures on an actress with class. Bummer about Scott Baio, he’s like the hot guy from highschool that is the biggest loser at the reunion.

  8. giromide

    Peter Greene was a heroine addict before he started showing up in films like Pulp Fiction, The Mask, and The Usual Suspects. Apparently, he’s fallen back into his old ways.

  9. Sprite

    like joanie is the only one who loves chachi lolz

  10. LayDeeBug

    Zed’s dead, baby.

    I hear Scoff Baio has a small winkie.

  11. gay4girls

    Something about this post makes me want to shove my computer in my ass.

  12. jrzmommy

    It’s like going from being the Emperor of Rome to the janitor at a 7-Eleven.


    TO: Service Employees International Union (SEIU):

    All inquiries regarding this post can be sent to Anti Clown Media.

    Good luck getting your trash cans dumped this month, Fish.

  13. Hollywood Agent

    I wouldn’t invite Scott Baio either. In fact, I would have a bouncer outside to make sure he never got in. He is the biggest loser in Hollywood. The only reason all those beautiful women ever dated him is because they thought all the things he did and said in ‘Happy Days” were cute. They forgot about all the writers that put the words in his mouth. He was just a puppet/actor.

    He is such a nerd. I guess that is why all the cute and not-to-bright actress dumped him once the drugs wore off—-they all must have thought —This guys is a such nerd, and I’ve never been so bored in all my life. Then I’m sure they all ran away from him like a bat out of hell.


  14. lambman

    Wow, she sure is a pretty girl……too bad she’s about as sexy as a mop, but a very pretty mop!

  15. Chauncey Gardner

    Hey, Peter Greene was fucking badass in LAWS OF GRAVITY and CLEAN, SHAVEN.

  16. It’s Float like a butterfy, Ali, not fly. You’re clearly an imposter.

  17. Guy is still pulling tail, there’s no doubt about it.

  18. flavio

    bitch is gorgeous!

  19. Allyson

    Scott was on Stern this week and he was so much fun. That party probably sucked without him and his awesome stories!!

    He kicked a chick out of his car b/c she thought Bob Dylan was in The Who. He’s freaking hilarious!!

  20. jrzmommy

    Zed’s dead baby….Zed’s dead.

  21. Dirty Sanchez

    This girls face scares the living daylights out of me.

    The rack ain’t bad, though.

  22. pointandlaugh

    hey fish, did you know Scott Baio has a reality show on vh1? called “scott baio is 45 and single.” It is SO BAD, and that’s why it is entertaining.

  23. Cousin It

    Hey look, its Mortisha with teeth.
    Maybe you can get uncle Fester to plug a light bulb in your ass to brighten things up a bit.
    Its a shame they turned down Chachi – what a gloomy couple that would have made.
    Shes got the whole Julia Roberts black Sunday thing going on.

    I guess shes waiting around for a big Cisco left nut treatment.

  24. polypam

    Zed’s not dead?

  25. locdogg

    She gives me X rated thoughts during G rated movies.

  26. pancaketitties


  27. thedarktruth

    what a souless shit. i’m only writing this because i can, and she’s a souless shit

  28. Spell Chekr

    Cousin It or Idiot, it’s MORTICIA. (why are people so dumb?)

  29. ifuckinghateyou

    Anne Hathaway has a sweet rack & it was on full display in the movie “Havoc”.
    Nice to see the young talent graduate from crap like “Princess Diaries” to showing some sweet tits on-screen.

  30. Robert

    I think Anne is perfect, I love her brown eyes and her milky white skin

  31. Peek

    They should have let him come if he promised to bring a new tripod for their movie poster.

  32. Wow

    Scott has never looked better…

  33. MosesGabby

    Anne Hathaway and Jessica Biel are the hottest women in Hollywood.

  34. Geek Alert - Nerd Attack

    Spell Chekr – You answered your own question , geefer.

    Whats up with the grammar queens?

  35. The Great Bamboozler

    this chick is fucked up ugly, her body is great though

  36. sid

    Peter Greene: “So I got arrested. Big deal. What now?”
    Sherriff: “What now? Let me tell you what now. I’m gonna call a couple of hard pipe-hittin’ niggas to work on you with a pair of pliers and a blow torch. You hear me talking hillbilly boy?”

  37. Robert

    Quit saying she is ugly ! its her stupid ass eye make up that makes her look ridiculous. I’m guessing she did it herself and not a make up artist

  38. Pink Spatzi

    I don’t care what anyone else says – Scott Baio is still smokin’ hot at 45. His reality show IS very funny. He knows he’s a lucky bastard for getting all those beautiful women and admits he’s made MANY mistakes. He seems very sincere to this skeptic.

    Gotta say that the financee is pretty busted, though. I imagine she’d be a lot prettier if her face weren’t plastic or shot full of enough botox to kill a horse. Shame about that. He wouldn’t be with her if he didn’t love her.

  39. leelee

    Whose Zed?
    Zed is dead baby.

  40. jimena

    i don’t like this girl. she looks weird. and SUPERFICIAL…

  41. Lon Chaney

    Always good to see Anne Hathaway’s cleavage…

    Seriously though, here’s a gal that should be admired. Yeah, she shows her cleavage a lot, and she did that movie Havoc (not that I am complaining), but she’s really hot and she’s not like those sluts like Britney or Lindsay or Paris etc. This is what young female celebrities should be like. Great talent, amazing body, and not conceited. Take a bow, Anne.

  42. p911gt10c

    HAHA, nice one #36.

  43. I’ve heard he has also tried to crash bar mitzvahs. Such a shame.

  44. ashla

    whatever. scott baio is a loser and a half. he doesn’t give a shit about finding a good woman, he just wants her to be blonde with a nice rack and ass. he’s a fucking ‘tard if he thinks anyone wants to get with him now, ESP b/c of that stupid ass reality show. i can’t feel sorry for him. he’s a dick.

  45. whitegold

    Scott Baio…I really feel like I should know who that is…but I just don’t…

    On another note, I’ve always thought Anne Hathaway was rather unattractive…so where did these pics come from?!? She actually looks pretty damn good…and now I feel all confused and stuff…

  46. Chris Muir

    Scott Baio was awesome as the lawyer Bob Loblaw on Arrested Development. Plus there was the meta-joke of him replacing the lawyer Barry Zuckerkorn, played by Henry Winkler. I miss “Arrested Development”.

  47. caveman

    ya, i actually like the guy now, but joannie, she was godawful ugly when she was young & now she is somehow worse.
    joannie to pam anderson is quite a range of sex partners though, weird.

  48. God–I thought he was dead. Know I know he is.

  49. wedgeone

    #5 – The funniest part about your entire post is that you had no clue how “Chachi” spelled his name on the show. Dork.

    #11 – LMFAO. You should elaborate on why you feel that way.

    Scott Baio jumped the shark years ago (Charles in Charge?), while Anne Hathaway needs her bones jumped. I am glad to see some posts lately about chicks that aren’t nasty coke-binging sluts (add Jessica Biel being single to that thought).

  50. Donna

    anne hathaway is so PLAIN that it’s painful.

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