Scott Disick Went to The White House

Considering the current state of affairs in the White House, I am not at all surprised that Scott Disick, Baron of Puss and Lord of the Disickheads, got a private tour of the White House. TMZ reports that the alcoholic-turned-bigger-alcoholic father made special arraignments to swing by Donald’s ‘Grab em’ by the Pussy Palace’ to compare cocktail swords.

Sources close to Disick tell TMZ … after he hosts the grand opening celebration of a Sugar Factory in Arlington Thursday at 6 PM, he’s making the 5-mile trip over to the White House for a private tour. We’re told Scott and his kids — along with another friend and his kid — will be taking the tour, which Disick organized earlier this week. (from TMZ)

Looks like Scott brought all his kids except for Sofia Richie, who probably wasn’t allowed on the trip because she’s in time out. It’s a rare occasion to see him do things with his kids, and, judging by this picture, he was only mildly hungover. I don’t know who would want to buy candy from a place endorsed by Scott Disick, but Sugar Factory is a bullshit franchise that uses words like “haute candy couture,” so I fucking hate them anyway.

I’ll take a melted, half sat-on snickers bar over this orgy of diabetes any day…

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