Scott Disick Wants His Own Show Now

“I already told you Mason, Grammy won’t pay to fix Mommy’s nipples until you have a viral moment like Penelope. Now, put down the box and take it like a man!”

Since our foreseeable future is going to be about Lamar Odom dying at that brothel, here’s a slightly related story because it’s about another guy who unfortunately put his penis in a Kardashian. Scott Disick is begging for his own show. Via Radar:

Whether or not the father to Mason, 5, Penelope 3 and ten-month-old son Reign will be getting his own spinoff show is still up in the air, but the source says that Disick “would be willing to do anything in order to stay a part of the KUWTK brand.”

And while “willing to do anything” of course means “bring Khloe’s feed bucket into the pit,” it seems like Scott’s bargaining position may have improved since Lamar went full future Charlie Sheen. But it begs the question: Would you rather watch a show about Lamar’s humiliating return to the Kardashians after spiraling out of control on drugs or one where Scott Disick gets drunk at Vegas clubs and cries into hookers vaginas? Honestly, before I wrote that question I didn’t anticipate the choice being so hard. Can we have both? Shit! I just thought of another one – Rob Kardashian identifies Lamar’s body then vows to eat Lamar’s weight in nacho cheese as a tribute to his fallen friend, so the show follows him across the country as he makes his way to every single Taco Bell. Jesus, how am I coming up with these?! *glances in mirror, sees Kris Jenner nodding with hand on my shoulder* GAH!

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Photo: Fame/Flynet