Lord Disick Staged These Photos of Himself and Sofia Richie in Italy

They say that the saddest people are the ones who are constantly going out of their way to share pictures of themselves having a “great time.” Here we have Scott Disick and Sofia Richie having a “great time” in Venice, Italy. I’m sure that the vibes of their good timery was so contagious, that it reverberated down the romantic city streets and caught the attention of this intrepid paparazzo who snapped these opportune action shots.

Nobody knows why Blade the vampire hunter is third wheeling on this gondola date, but if there’s anything I’ve learned about covering celebs with histories of substance abuse and ties to Kardashians, it’s that you don’t look too deep into things. Perhaps this is just Venice’s version of Uber ride sharing and this unlucky guy was forced to take a boat ride with Scott and Sofia to get back to the Four Seasons.

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